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Understanding Essential Elements of Basement Waterproofing That Increase Your Home’s Value – By Hydrohelp911 in Gastonia, NC

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A couple of qualities are more crucial to the health of your home than its ability to remain waterproof even in the most humid of circumstances. First, whenever a home in Gastonia, NC, has a basement, those requirements are amplified due to the basements underground level and vicinity to the water table.

A consistently dry basement increases your living space, often doubling it. A finished basement or even an unfinished but dry basement raises the value of your home and ensures that the structure and top floor stay in a good situation.

Given the numerous ways for water to enter the basement, a leaky basement can be a real pain to deal with. That is why, before things worsen, it is critical to address the warning signs by visiting websites that provide basement waterproofing services.

Are you still debating whether foundation waterproofing is a good home improvement project? The basis of the matter is that there are numerous advantages to doing so.

Of course, the most obvious benefit is that it prevents water damage, but waterproofing your basement of foundation by waterproofing experts HydroHelp911 in Gastonia, NC, also increases the value of a property.

Continue reading to find out how foundation waterproofing by HydroHelp911 can increase the value of your home.

What exactly does foundation waterproofing by HydroHelp911 entail?

The method of preventing water from entering a basement from the outside is known as foundation waterproofing. It implies installing a system capable of preventing water damage into the structure and dealing effectively with hydrostatic pressure.

You must have a waterproofing system that keeps moisture away from the foundation walls and allows any water to drain securely. Several foundation waterproofing options are available in Gastonia, NC, each with its own set of systems and related products. To ensure comprehensive protection and satisfy insurance companies, you must merge two waterproofing methods.

Foundation waterproofing by HydroHelp911 benefits that increase a home’s value in Gastonia, NC.

It fortifies your property’s foundations.

A basement with wet walls and leaks would only make the house brittle over time. It may also cause other issues in the basement, such as mold growth. Foundation cracks and holes may form as a result of water intrusion and mold growth. Waterproofing your home’s foundation will make it stronger.

  • Potential buyers are turned off by basement moisture.

When potential home buyers detect an unpleasant moisture odor or see evidence of flooding in your basement during an open house, good impressions about curb appeal, stylish baths, and kitchen upgrades can quickly vanish. In addition, because many home buyers are hesitant to undertake significant home repairs, it is best to address your property’s structural deficiencies first before investing in cosmetic upgrades if you intend to sell it.

If your home is currently experiencing basement flooding or showing signs of condensation and high humidity on basement surfaces, foundation waterproofing done by experts like HydroHelp911 can guarantee prospective buyers.

  • Improves the amount of area in your home

Waterproofing a basement allows homeowners to use it much more wisely. You are aware that basements can take up a third or even half of the total area of most houses. It should not be squandered as a storage or laundry area. As long as there is no risk of moisture and dampness, it can become an additional comfortable space in your home with a bit of decoration. Interested customers of your home will appreciate the extra space as well.

  • It lowers the cost of renovation.

Foundation waterproofing by HydroHelp911 will provide you with more time to recover from water leaks. It’s a long-term remedy that will save you money on repairs in the future. Waterproofing your basement is also beneficial when renovating or remodeling your home. Identify basement water damage first, and you can be confident that any other renovations you plan to make to your property will serve the purpose of increasing the value of your home.

  • Removes health issues

When your basement is damp, it creates ideal conditions for mold growth. Mold allergen spores are responsible for many respiratory complications, such as asthmatic attacks. Because most of the air you breathe in your home comes from your basement, you must waterproof it and prevent mold growth. Nothing is of more importance to a home than making sure it is a safe environment for any family to reside.

Foundation waterproofing can alleviate prospective buyers’ concerns, such as:

  • Mold and mildew growth can create health concerns.
  • Insurance premiums are rising as a result of repeated claims.
  • High humidity causes damage to floors, woodwork, and furnishings.
  • After heavy rains, there is a need for repeated repairs and cleanup.
  • There is a chance that home values will fall in the future.
  • Concerns about the home’s structural integrity.

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The advantages of a waterproofed basement outweigh the costs. One should not be afraid to take on such a project because it will ultimately benefit a homeowner in the short term and provide a good return on investment in the long run. If you own a home in Gastonia, NC, with a basement and intend to sell it in the future, you should think about the benefits of waterproofing.

Don’t jeopardize the value of your home. Call waterproofing and structural repair experts HydroHelp911 to get the most enjoyment out of it now and the most resale value later. Schedule a free inspection to get an estimate for basement waterproofing, sump pumps installation, and other related waterproofing services in Gastonia, NC.


Is waterproofing the basement required?

You may be curious to understand if basement waterproofing is worth the money, but understand a leaky basement can cause significant problems. Although your basement has never flooded, there is always the possibility, so why not do everything you can to avoid this problem?

A wet or leaking basement can entice dangerous black mold and cause structural damage to your home’s foundation. By not waterproofing your basement, you are also putting your belongings and health at risk when your basement leaks, any item in this area could be ruined by water. 

What are the fundamental causes of a wet foundation?

The root causes of a wet basement are: 

  • Improperly Graded Soil: 

The ground next to your level or slopes can push water beside the foundation and permeate the house. 

  • Gutters and downspouts that are missing or improperly draining: 

Blocked gutters can cause water to cascade over the sides and next to the foundation. In addition, downspouts may be missing parts that are supposed to direct water away from the property. 

  • Window Wells That Aren’t Well-Designed: 

Window wells are the pockets of earth that surround basement windows. Water can accumulate in wells. 

  • Inadequately Installed Window Well Covers: 

Window well covers are intended to keep debris and water out of basement windows. However, water may reach and infiltrate basement windows if covers are loose or missing. 

  • Drain Tile: 

Drain tile is a buried drainage system that runs around the outside of a house. The term “tile” is misleading because it refers to the pipe rather than tile. This pipe has the potential to become clogged or crushed. 

  • Blockage of French Drains: 

French drains are buried drain systems that can become clogged with soil or roots. 

  • Sump Pump Not Draining: 

An inoperable or poorly operating sump pump in the basement could indeed discharge water. 

What are the indications of a basement leak?

Water pooling on the floor or running down the walls are apparent signs that you leak your basement. However, there are many less evident signs of water leaks. Keep a watch out for any of the following in your basement, as they are all signs of moisture infiltration:

  • Mold or mildew growth has increased.
  • There are solid and musty odors.
  • Wallpaper that is bubbling or paint that is peeling.
  • Rot caused by dryness.
  • There are wet spots on the walls and floors.
  • Walls or floors with cracks.
  • A white residue has accumulated on the walls.
  • Rust buildup on appliances and metal furniture.

What is interior basement waterproofing?

Interior basement waterproofing with coatings works well where condensation is the primary source of moisture. It is also efficacious if there is slight dampness in the problem. One of the most effective techniques to save your basement is to install a drainage system.

Some numerous approaches and materials can be used, like a French drain with a sump pump installation, rubber walls, water weeping tiles, and a drainage membrane. This system allows moisture to escape without causing damage to the walls quickly.

Check Basement Waterproofing in Lincolnton, NC

What exactly is waterproofing?

Waterproofing products are intended to “preclude” water penetration even in damp environments such as hydrostatic pressure in the soil following heavy rainstorms or spring thaws. Foundation waterproofing techniques in Gastonia, NC, by waterproofing experts HydroHelp911 ensures that the basement is free from moisture and that the waterproofing solutions increase the structural integrity of your home’s foundation.

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