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How to Get Rid of Moisture Under a House

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If you have a crawl space or basement foundation, you know how excessive moisture can become an issue. Crawl spaces and basements are prone to high humidity levels, leading to many issues throughout your home.

Any responsible homeowner will want to know how to get rid of moisture under a house. The good news is that this article will tell you everything you need to know about excessive moisture under your home. Read on to learn the causes, fixes, and much more on the topic.

If you have an area under your house that struggles with excessive moisture, this article is for you. Learn why moisture accumulates and how to get rid of it.

What Causes Moisture Under a Home?

There are several reasons why the area under your home becomes too moist. We have identified three significant causes of foundation moisture and explained them in the sections below.

Poor Drainage

The first reason you might find standing water or high humidity under your home is from a lack of proper drainage. Many homes have floor drains, drain tile systems, sump pumps, and more. However, when these drainage structures fail, you’ll likely find water puddling in your basement or crawl space.

Whether your drainage becomes clogged or breaks and begins leaking, water damage will undoubtedly be a problem. Unfortunately, these systems can break at any time and are especially prone to breaking if installed incorrectly.

Gutter, Downspout, and Grading Issues

Another typical problem resulting in a soggy foundation relates to issues with gutters, downspouts, and grading. For instance, if your gutters become clogged, they can deposit water directly next to your foundation. Similarly, if your downspouts lack extensions, they can cause puddling near or in your foundation area.

Grading can also be an issue for many homes. If the land around your house is flat or pitched toward your foundation, the odds that water will make it into your home are far more likely. Fortunately, as you’ll soon see, there are easy solutions to all these problems.

Direct Foundation Damage

Our final cause of water damage under a home is the most problematic. At times, direct damage to your foundation can cause excessive moisture in the area below your house. This damage can come in many different forms, all of which require attention from an expert.

If you notice cracking or significant deformation in the walls that comprise your foundation, there is an excellent chance that you are dealing with a foundation issue. In such cases, water damage may be the least of your concerns. You may also face issues related to differential settlement and extreme hydrostatic pressure. Regardless, having your foundation repaired and restored as soon as possible is crucial.

Fixing Foundation Moisture Issues

Identifying water issues is just the beginning. However, like most homeowners, you want to know the best ways to relieve these problems and restore your foundation to its original form. Below is an explanation of the most reliable fixes for moisture problems.

Repair and Replace Your Drainage System

If your foundation moisture arises from a faulty drainage system, the best approach you can take is to repair or fully replace your existing drainage structures. This process begins with thoroughly inspecting your existing drainage and any areas it might be lacking.

At times, fixing your foundation flooding may involve adding a sump pump, floor drain, drain tile, or some other form of drainage. In other instances, hiring someone to excavate and remove your existing drainage may be necessary to make room for a more efficient system. In either case, finding professional help to ensure your drainage system functions properly is critical.

Clean Your Gutters, Install Extensions, and Regrade Your Land

Do you have issues with your gutters, downspouts, or grading causing flooding in your basement or crawl space? If so, you will be pleased to know that the solution is relatively simple.

Start by giving your gutters a thorough cleaning. By keeping your gutters clean, they will capture and convey roof rainwater away from the foundation so that it does not pool near your home.

You should also address your downspouts. They may deposit water too close to your foundation, increasing the odds of flooding. Install downspout extensions to ensure that the water moves well away from your home, where it can cause minimal damage.

Lastly, ensure that the land surrounding your home has a distinct slope away from your foundation. As long as the land slopes away from your home, the water that hits it will flow away and won’t make its way into your basement or crawl space.

Fixing Moisture in Crawl Space

Fix Issues with Your Foundation

Our last resolution for keeping your foundation dry is the most involved. If you have foundation damage causing excessive moisture, the odds are that it arises from one of two sources: differential foundation settlement or hydrostatic pressure.

While a small amount of uniform settlement is normal, differential foundation settlement involves uneven shifts that can sometimes be significant. The best way to fix this is to install foundation piers, which extend deep into the earth and connect to your foundation. By forming this connection, a foundation team can lift your home and hold it in place to prevent future settlement and the water issues it causes.

Additionally, hydrostatic pressure can be an issue. Your foundation is already responsible for holding the weight of the soil around it. When that soil becomes saturated, the weight can be too much for your foundation to bear, causing bowing, cracks, and leaking water, among other issues.

If you deal with hydrostatic pressure, the best approach a foundation team will take is to excavate and resolve the pressure problem. They will likely install new and better drainage and patch the foundation wherever the hydrostatic pressure has caused it to break. These measures should prevent future water from entering your home.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation involves creating a complete seal between your crawl space and the outside world. This prevents moisture, air, and pests from entering your crawl space from the outside.

Another valuable way to ensure water does not become a danger is through encapsulation. Crawl space encapsulation involves creating a complete seal between your crawl space and the outside world. This prevents moisture, air, and pests from entering your crawl space from the outside.


Dehumidification is another reliable means to ensure your foundation area is dry. After addressing the sources of your foundation moisture, you can install a dehumidification system to ensure your basement or crawl space remains dry.

The right dehumidification system will allow you to monitor and manage the relative humidity in your foundation area to ensure it remains at an ideal level. Often, the addition of dehumidification is a perfect final step following an encapsulation service.

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