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Outdoor Sump Pump Installation

Sump Pump Installation: Outdoor Sump Pump Installation

The basement and crawl space aren’t the only places where sump pumps can be useful. An outdoor sump pump is something you should consider investing in if your backyard or another part of your property frequently experiences flooding or issues with water pooling.

What exactly is a sump pump for an outdoor space?

Sump pumps located outside your home remove unwanted rainwater that has pooled in your backyard and direct it to a location that is further away from your home’s foundation. This can be accomplished in two different ways by using an outdoor sump pump. First, they can establish a location to collect an excessive amount of rainwater and then pump that water into a storm sewer.

Is it necessary to connect a sump pump to the septic system?

It is not a good idea to put anything into a septic system that will cause there to be an increase in the amount of water that is being processed by the system. Because the performance of your septic system can be improved by reducing the amount of water that enters the system, you should avoid connecting a sump pump to your septic system if at all possible.

How far below the ground should an outdoor sump pump be installed?

In the majority of situations, the pit needs to have a depth of at least 24 inches and can be as deep as 36 inches. However, some builders opt to use a standard 5-gallon bucket instead. It doesn’t take long for a shallow pit to become completely submerged in water, which forces the sump pump to cycle on and off frequently, which reduces the pump’s lifespan along with that of its check valve.

How exactly do sump pumps in the outdoors function?

Following a rainfall, the exterior sump pump will then transport the water to a location that is outside of the region that is experiencing high water issues. Most of the time, the excess water is pumped to the curb so that it can flow into the street and then into the storm sewer system. If this is not done, the water will be wasted. It is also possible to pump water into a wetland or another area with a low elevation.

How does one go about putting in a sump pump in their backyard?

The majority of sump pumps located outside of a home attach to the sewer line or drain into the street. When installing an outdoor sump pump, determine where the low point is. Locate the sewer line. Dig a basin pit. Make electrical connections. Install the submersible sump pump. Connect drainage and test the system.

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