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Sump Pump Discharge Pipe Installation

Sump Pump Installation: Sump Pump Discharge Pipe Installation

The sump pump drain line is what removes the water from the sump basin in your basement once it has been filled with water. Your home’s sump pump maintains a constant vigil against the possibility of ground water penetrating the foundation or an inundation occurring elsewhere, such as a broken water supply line in the basement. Both of these scenarios pose a threat to the structure. As water accumulates in the basin, which is typically a pit with a diameter of 18 inches that has been excavated into the floor of the basement, a float switch activates the pump, and water is then drained out of the sump pump drain line.

What exactly is a discharge pipe for a sump pump?

The discharge pipe of a sump pump is the mechanism that enables the expulsion of the collected water away from the property and into the connected drainage system. This water is then removed from the environment. The discharge pipe is connected to the sump pump itself, and it is typically buried or protrudes slightly above the ground in order to connect to the drainage in your area. Alternatively, it may be completely exposed.

Where does sump pump discharge pipe go?

The recommended discharge size for the vast majority of sump pumps is 1.5 inches. The cable needs to be extended to the exterior of the building. Even though it is against the building code, many homeowners want the pipe to be connected to their sewer.

How far below the surface should a discharge line for a sump pump be?

The answer is going to be contingent on the depth of the frost line in your region. To achieve optimal results, the depth should be at or below the frost line. When it comes to installing an underground discharge line, most lots in our region do not allow for a depth of 5 feet, which is the minimum required for compliance with the local regulations.

Which kind of pipe should I use for the discharge from the sump pump?

The majority of sump pumps come equipped with a built-in fitting for a discharge pipe of a specific size, typically 1.25″ or 1.5″ in diameter on the inside. It is essential to measure the interior diameter of the sump pump discharge pipe, which is typically made of PVC. On the exterior, these pipes will have a diameter of approximately 1.5 inches and 2 inches, respectively.

How should the pipe for the discharge of the sump pump be installed?

A check valve should be attached to the discharge pipe. Get your measurements in order. PVC pipe should have an adapter attached to it. Check the float and the sump pump. Drill the hole for the weep. Remove the PVC pipe from the wall. Drop pump Into the pit. In addition, connect the check valve to the discharge pipe.

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