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Check Valve For Sump Pump Installation

Sump Pump Installation: Check Valve For Sump Pump Installation

A check valve is an apparatus that, whenever the pump is not in operation, prevents water from going back into the discharge pipe. It prevents your system from repeatedly pumping the same water out of the same reservoir. The process of installing a check valve for a sump pump is simple, but you should be familiar with what you are doing before beginning. A faulty installation could bring about the failure of your pump, which would then result in damage to the system.

What exactly is the function of the check valve on the sump pump?

When the pump is turned off, the water in the pipe is prevented from leaking back into the sump pit thanks to a check valve that is attached to the discharge line. Because it restricts the flow of water (or any liquid for that matter), a check valve is also sometimes referred to as a “one-way” valve.

What distance from a pump should a check valve be placed?

When it comes to applications involving submersible pumps, the first check valve should be installed either directly on the discharge head of the pump or a maximum of one pipe length and 20 feet above the pump. A certain amount of energy is contained within water that is being pumped and is moving through a piping system (weight x velocity).

When installing a check valve, how far above the sump pump should it be placed?

Two to three feet down from the top of the sump pit is the optimal height, unless the owner’s manual specifies something different. When the check valve is in the higher position, the motor of your sump pump does not have to work as hard as it does when it is in the lower position. Because there is less weight bearing down on it from the water above, it will open up more easily.

Can a check valve be attached directly to a sump pump?

Due to the fact that there will not be any discharge piping to drill a weeping hole into before the check valve, it will be directly attached to the pump in the form of a threaded check valve.

How does one go about installing a check valve on a sump pump?

Remove any standing water from the sump pump pit if at all possible. After that, make sure the electricity to the system is turned off. If you are going to unplug the device, make sure the cord is not near any water that is standing while you do so. After you have gathered the necessary components, figured out where to position them, cut the pipe, and replaced the check valve, you should test it.

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