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Increasing Your Home’s Value with Basement Waterproofing

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Waterproofing the foundation is required to improve the residents’ living conditions. However, for some, it may be an option to boost the market value of their property. Much of the time, working on upgrading the value of your property entails both external and internal renovations. For example, it is primarily neglected if your home has a basement. This is because basements are frequently used for storage and unnecessary items. 

Basements are not standard in all homes. However, having a basement enhances the value of your home when in comparison to other houses that do not have one. If it is well-maintained and waterproofed, your ROI (return on investment) will be higher, even though buyers will bid for a higher value on the property. 

For more information on waterproofing solutions, contact a professional foundation waterproofing company.

Foundation Waterproofing Methods


Interior basement waterproofing, or water drainage, is achieved by installing an enclosed square or round sewage tile (French drain) beside the footing, underneath the concrete slab floor. This sealed drain tile system can be coupled with a wall vapor barrier to let water vapor into the drain tile while allowing mold, mildew, and soil gasses out of the basement. The drain then pulls water from beneath the slab and drains it to the sump pump system which discharges the water outside. 

Interior basement waterproofing necessitates digging a hole around the periphery of the basement. This trench allows the French drain to be installed underneath the top of the footing. In contrast to “top of footing” drain systems (open back systems), these drainage systems can be slanted to maintain water movement while keeping moisture and soil gasses out of the living space.

The interior drain system is surrounded by a pure rock to sieve sediment while supporting an expansive passage for water to flow. This system is beneficial when under-slab water is causing concrete slab cracks and buckling. Some of the most effective strategies include access ports for cleaning out clogs or acknowledging drain lines from dehumidifiers. 

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When it is a matter of wet basements, the source of the problem is usually found outside the house. Therefore, it is critical to look beyond the basement walls when waterproofing your basement in Huntersville, NC. Exterior waterproofing by HydroHelp911 is generally a more extensive project than the simple sealing we use from the inside. When considering exterior waterproofing methods in Huntersville, NC, it is always good to consult a foundation waterproofing professional like HydroHelp911. 

Exterior waterproofing usually necessitates the extraction of the soil surrounding the home’s foundation. As you might expect, this is a time-consuming process that requires the use of massive tools and machinery. After all of the soil around the foundation has been separated, the exterior walls can be sealed with a waterproof sealant. This sealant has a polymer base and will last the structure’s integrity. This external waterproofing process should preferably take place during construction. 

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Basement Waterproofing by HydroHelp911 can Provide Numerous Benefits to a Home While the majority of home improvement projects are done to the exteriors of the house, most homeowners in Huntersville, NC, consider investing in the place as a way to earn a return. Locations that contribute to an upsurge value of the house are more likely to be preserved. So, when it comes to investing in it, the basement is likely to be overlooked; people who may not consider the basement a vital part of the house are making a mistake.

The well-maintained basement may often provide benefits and boost the home’s value. This necessitates the waterproofing of the basement; basement waterproofing can frequently offer a return on investment that is much greater than the initial investment. It’s also a great selling point for your home, and you’ll get your money back when you sell it.


A basement introduces another floor to work with. It’ll be used for more than just laundry and storage if this is waterproofed. Huntersville, NC, homeowners can convert it into a guest room free of moisture and dampness. Decorating and adding furniture will undoubtedly transform it into a comfortable space in your home. Foundation waterproofing by HydroHelp911 will let the home basements be used as entertainment and work areas. You can turn it into a recreation area by placing a home theater system, a pool table, or whatever you want. A waterproofed basement room by HydroHelp911 will provide a lot of extra space and significantly increase the value of your property. 


Mold and cracks in the home affect the indoor temperature by allowing outside heat or cold to seep in. Because of these conditions, your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system will require more power to maintain the desired temperature. However, by waterproofing your basement, you may decrease your energy consumption because the house will be better insulated from external factors that impact the interior temperature. Even though they are more expensive, home buyers favor energy-efficient homes. In the long run, the savings in energy costs more than offset the additional cost. 


Water that pours through the ground pertains towards the degradation of a home’s foundation. Over time, leaking walls will develop cracks and infuse molds and moss. These could jeopardize your family’s health and safety. The house’s foundation will be more robust if the basement is waterproofed. A relatively strong foundation will aid in preventing or avoiding these issues in the future. A home with a good foundation is more valuable than one with a damp and weak foundation. 

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Professional waterproofing companies frequently use a combination of techniques. The most effective basement waterproofing is often a multi-layered approach.
Water damage does more than wreak havoc on appliances. Water can wreak havoc on a foundation and even pose serious health risks. So don’t wait until a more costly repair is required.

If you live in Huntersville, NC, the foundation waterproofing experts at HydroHelp911 can assist you. The earlier you waterproof your basement, the less likely you will deal with expensive problems.

For a free consultation, contact HydroHelp911 foundation waterproofing and structural repair experts. Attempting to tackle the stress and work of waterproofing a basement without professional assistance can be intimidating.


How does interior sealant aid in the waterproofing of a foundation?

Cracks and pipe penetrations are the most apparent entrances for leakage in poured concrete foundations. These gaps can be enclosed from the inside. Epoxies or urethanes, which are strong adhesives, can be pressure infused into the openings, permeating the foundation through to the exterior and blocking the seepage route. Interior sealers help avoid high atmospheric humidity from absorbing into the porous masonry and causing debonding. Interior sealants are meant to keep the basement’s atmospheric humidity level low. Using interior adhesives to waterproof your basement inhibits moisture from being consumed by the basement walls and floors and moisture from leaking into other areas of the house. 

What exactly does foundation waterproofing entail?

The process of halting water from entering a basement from the outside is known as foundation waterproofing. It entails installing a system capable of preventing water leaks into the structure and dealing effectively with hydrostatic pressure.
You must have a waterproofing system in place that retains water away from your walls while also allowing any water to drain safely. Several foundation waterproofing alternatives are available, each with its systems and related products. To fulfill insurance companies, you must combine two waterproofing systems to complete protection.

Can I repair the cracks in my walls and floor that leak water after heavy rain?

Even though it is critical to repair the cracks to prevent water from entering the basement, you must secure the entire wall or floor surface with a few basement waterproofing products. Remember that you are just fixing the inside of the crack; it still extends to the exterior and will allow water in. If the adjacent wall or floor surface is not sealed, incoming water will skip the repaired crack and drench into the concrete surrounding it. The resulting hydrostatic pressure can also cause new cracks to form, venturing off the repaired crack so you’re just swapping one problem for another. 

Why should I renovate my basement?

There are several reasons for this. A healthier living environment, more living and storage space, avoiding further damage to your belongings, increased property value, and peace of mind are some of the more common reasons.


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