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Foundation Repairs & Foundation Jacking Guide

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The foundation of your home in Huntersville, NC, may begin to capsize due to various factors, including the age of your home, the architecture of your home, and any current weather in the area. It can take place in certain homes, but just because it’s not infrequent doesn’t mean you should overlook it. 

If any of the elements beneath begin to slip, you must stabilize your foundation structure. There are numerous reasons why your crawl space or basement may start to sink. Most of them usually indicate that it is time to seek professional assistance for foundation stabilization. 

Whatever is causing you to notice this issue, it’s time to consider your options. Continue reading to learn more about how HydroHelp911 can help you stabilize your structure with foundation jacks. 

Foundation Jacks Installation Process

Planning the Site 

Before we begin, our foundation jack installation team thoroughly examines the existing damage done by settling and shifting the foundation in Huntersville, NC. Our foundation stabilization crew takes measurements to ensure that piers are appropriately spaced. The area is then prepared by setting down tarps to preserve your yard. We will move any plants in the work area where the foundation jacks will be installed. 

In most cases, once the area has been cleared, we will initiate the foundation piering process. In some cases, the foundation stabilization team may use a different method, such as slab jacking. First, we cut through concrete and dig holes 3′ x 3′ deep below your home’s structural member. These openings are roughly the size of a doormat. Only tasks requiring interior pilings would then necessitate entry to your home. 

Driving Piles 

Our foundation jack installation team will use piers (also known as pilings) to help sustain the concrete foundation and rectify any settlement issues when driving pilings. Based on your home and the foundation issues in Huntersville, NC, we resolve them throughout our foundation repair process. We may use a variation of piling types. We generally use 12′′ tall by 6′′ diameter 4,000 PSI solid concrete cylinders. 

Foundation Raising 

The lower portion of the foundation is then elevated to as close to their initial elevations as potential using the pilings as support. Hydraulic foundation jacks are mounted on top and to one side of the piling cap, and also a cylinder is installed beside each jack. An experienced technician directs the raising while closely monitoring the structure’s reaction. After the raising is finished, steel spacers/shims are implanted between the beam and the cylinders to support the home’s design. 

Clean Up 

Thus, every hole is filled with soil following foundation raising, and concrete outbreaks are repaired. Plants or shrubs that have been relocated during site preparation are replanted. As needed, your yard, sidewalks, and driveway are cleaned, raked, swept, and washed. The bottom line is that the foundation repair process is finished, and your yard is just as lovely as it was when we first arrived. 

Benefits of Installing Foundation Jacks


This is a significant advantage of the foundation jacks over other solutions available. If your home settles or has extra fixing issues, you can adjust the foundation jacks. 

The stabilization jacks will ensure that your Huntersville, NC home receives the necessary support, whether it remains in its present state or settles ahead in the future.

Solution for Weak Soil 

How about if your home’s foundation is built on shaky ground? The foundation jacks also resolve that. Rather than relying solely on the weak soil you now have, you can substitute it with a more robust option. With this highly designed fill, you don’t have to worry about soft soil once you depend on something improved. 

This is significant because other solutions do not evaluate the identified problems of weak soil. If you have an issue with weak soil, your foundation jacks must compensate for it. You’ll be better prepared to deal with the issue of further settling due to poor foundational support if you use a weak soil remedy.

Large Capacity 

Homeowners in Huntersville, NC, we want to ensure that you don’t just have something to support your foundation. You want your system to be able to lift it back into place. That is the reason foundation lifting jacks are essential. If your foundation has recently begun to sink significantly, you need a solution that can elevate it strong enough to restore it to its original position. 

This is where the foundation jacks come into play. Our foundation stabilization support system is tested and proven to the required level of quality and has a legal load capacity of about 24,000 pounds per support jack. You don’t have to doubt if your foundation floor jacks are up to the task with this massive capacity because you know they are. 

A Long Term Solution 

Temporary house foundation jacks can exacerbate the problem because they are ineffective. Instead, they apply a bandaid to the problem. The situation will worsen, making it much harder for you to sustain your foundation over time. 

Conversely, the HydroHelp911 foundation jacks provide a straightforward long-term solution to manage and maintain. You can alter it to satisfy your present and future needs, and its resilience ensures that you don’t have to stress about the future. 

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If you are looking for professional foundation stabilization services in Huntersville, NC, contact HydroHelp911, an expert waterproofing and structural repair contractor. Book your free inspection appointment today! 

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Not all settling points to a foundation issue. In actuality, new homes frequently settle into the soil beneath them for a few years after they are built; this has no impact on the foundation’s stability. Settlement in incremental stages is average and does not necessitate contacting professionals. 

Even so, if the settling appears to be extreme or associated with visible damage to the foundation or your walls, doors, or chimney, please get in touch with a professional foundation stabilization contractor. The earlier you respond, the minor damage your foundation will endure and the less damage will be done to your most valuable asset, your home. 


The initial signs of a foundation problem are generally cracks in the walls or the need for repairs in the building’s ceilings. In Huntersville, NC, Foundation repairs are also indicated by open concrete floors or buckled or warped walls. Foundation problems can be caused by ground settling, earthquakes, floods, or even being hit by a vehicle. Depending on the nature of the damage, there are several methods for repairing a foundation.


Slab jack repairs entail putting caulk just below a beam or slab to raise a submerged concrete pad. This should, in theory, level the ground. It necessitates the meticulous measurement of the amount of sand and grout required for leveling and preserving the results and cautious house lifting techniques to ensure no extra damage is caused to the home during the repairs.


Pier jack repairs, also known as hydraulic jack, involve driving steel beams or posts into unstable soil and stabilizing the concrete slabs with hydraulic jacks. The piers protect the foundation of a house from further damage.


Drilling or pouring concrete piers is required for this method. Holes are made ten to twelve feet underneath the foundation and then backfilled and reinforcing steel. You’ll also have to cover the newly poured concrete with concrete shims and spacers.
Because the holes are embedded to depths of up to fifty feet, this is the most effective and stable foundation repair method. The foundation is then stabilized with steel piers.
When using any of these foundation repair methods, it is critical to hire a familiar contractor with foundation repairs and house lifting methods that will not cause further damage to the foundation.


While it is better to consult a foundation expert to confirm a suspected problem, sure signs indicate that you have a foundation problem. Please get in contact with a professional to avoid further damage if: 

  • Cracks appear in bricks or mortar joints. 
  • Your chimney is tilting or has separated from the house. 
  • You notice cracks in the garage floor or around the garage door. 
  • Following rain, your property has developed a new drainage pattern. 
  • Your water bill has risen, implying that a pipe has possibly burst. 
  • The floors are warping or buckling, or the slope has shifted. 
  • Your tiles are cracking or peeling away from one another. 
  • You’ve noticed cracks in your plaster or drywall, or your wallpaper is tearing. 
  • The walls of your basement are bowing or cracking. 
  • There is space between the fascia and the exterior walls. 
  • Your exterior doors are stuck, and your interior doors are difficult to open and close. 

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