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Is Foundation Repair Worth The Cost?

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Foundation repair is not a do-it-yourself project. Even if you believe you can do it yourself, you will need the assistance of professionals unless you are proficient and have knowledge of and experience with appropriate foundation repair methods.

The concern with DIY foundation repair methods is that you may overlook something that could lead to a more significant problem in the future. When this occurs, you will have wasted your time and effort and be obligated to pay for the expensive repair service – to not only fix the current damage, but to remedy the previous insufficient repairs. So, if you notice any symptoms of foundation problems in Gastonia, NC, such as cracks or leaks, don’t waste time thinking about doing the foundation repair on your own; instead, hire a professional foundation repair expert like HydroHelp911 to assist you. 

Types of Foundation Repair Issues in Gastonia, NC:

  • Interior or exterior wall or brickwork cracks are visible or growing in size. 
  • The size of cracks in the concrete slab around the structure of the building or house is growing. 
  • It isn’t easy to access doors and windows to open or close. 
  • Sloping floors are evident or have recently become more apparent. 
  • Openings are appearing around door frames and windows. 

All of these symptoms could indicate a foundation issue that needs to be addressed. Getting expert advice is the best route to find out exactly what caused the foundation damage. 

Why Gutters Are Important To Your Foundation? watch this video.

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Benefits of Hiring a Foundation Repair Expert

Suppose you notice foundation problems or notice any symptoms of them. In that case, you should contact a highly qualified foundation repair expert in Gastonia, NC, HydroHelp911, to inspect your home as early as possible. Here are the reasons why foundation repair should be done as quickly as possible: 


Because this type of damage is progressive, dealing with it relatively soon will substantially reduce the time it takes to repair the foundation by the HydroHelp911 team. In addition, professionals in foundation and concrete repair will notify you that even a few days can significantly save time. 


Like any problem or issue in the home, the further you get to repair a sinking or failing foundation, the pricier it becomes. What started as a less strenuous job could turn into one that necessitates heavier machinery, more piers, slabs, and more prominent crew members to carry the foundation repair work. 


Foundation problems can spread to other parts of your home, especially if left unaddressed. What commences as minor issues, such as clogged doors or windows, can escalate quickly into broader cracks in the indoor or outdoor walls or even parts of your home, causing a dissociation. 

Structural issues in the household, particularly those comprising the foundation, can gradually deteriorate and harm the property’s quality of living and value. If you’re experiencing foundation problems anywhere around Gastonia, NC.

HydroHelp911 provides free estimates and evaluations of foundation repairs. Our highly qualified and dedicated contractors will complete a comprehensive analysis of the situation and devise a feasible and cost-effective course of action. 

What Are the Advantages of Foundation Repair?

The home’s foundation is its base, which is responsible for bearing the load of the structure. As a result, any damage to the foundation will ultimately lead to damage to your home. That is why it is essential to keep a check on the foundation regularly. 

Here are a few perks of foundation repair:


One of the essential components of a house is the foundation. Residing in a home with a foundation that is damaged is dangerous. As a result, specialists recommend that you repair the foundation if you locate a minor problem. As an outcome, you can be ensured that you are living in a secure environment. 


Repairing methods are known to increase the product’s longevity. When you restore all of the cracks in the foundation, it will improve the foundation’s structural integrity. If you recruit the best foundation repair company, they will fix it so that your foundation will be safe from future damage. 


The value of your house will improve if your foundation is repaired. Everyone intends to invest in a well-kept home. As a result, houses with solid foundations are always valuable. Furthermore, once the foundation is restored, you will reap the benefits for many decades. 


A house with a weak foundation is unstable. The mandatory support will be provided by repairing the foundation with solid grade beams and piers. The contractors can place in as many beams as necessary to make your house stable. As a result, your foundation will be able to support the entire structure of your home. 


The faulty drainage system or the poor condition of the soil surrounding your foundation can cause damage to the walls of the foundation. In these conditions, a foundation repair is the only option. In addition, the cost of repair is reasonable and practical. 

Foundation repair is an essential step in ensuring your home’s stability and security. Therefore it is always a great idea to hire an expert foundation repair company in Gastonia, NC, who will provide the best solutions to fix your foundation issues. 

Why should you entrust your foundation repair to HydroHelp911?

The decision to repair your foundation is not one to be taken lightly. By providing a helpful, transparent, and trustworthy service, we at HydroHelp911, a foundation repair company providing services in Gastonia, NC, do everything to make your job a lot easier. 

To know about Things to Consider- Drainage. Watch this video!


What is the connection between plumbing and my foundation?

When you repair a foundation, there is a slight percentage chance that a plumbing leak would have occurred. As a result, HydroHelp911always performs a post plumbing test to detect any leaks in the house before commencing the foundation repair. 

Can old trees wreak havoc on foundations?

Yes, old trees with solid roots spread on large areas of land can cause foundation issues. However, old trees with solid roots underground can cause two different problems. 

  • Trees can dissipate soil moisture.
  • The trees may cause the foundation to heave, crack, break, or rupture the drainage system beneath the slab. 

What are the types of foundation cracks I should be concerned about?

Foundation cracks that are not induced by concrete curing – typically surface or hairline cracks are the types of cracks the owners should address. Vertical and diagonal cracks in concrete cast walls near edges are usually the result of lateral pressure, whereas a sinking foundation can end up causing vertical or diagonal cracks. These are the foundation cracks the owners need to be concerned about. Other types of cracks to be worried about in masonry foundations include horizontal cracks. 

As well, any crack bigger than 1/8″ in diameter or allowing water into your basement is a foundation crack to be concerned about. Contact HydroHelp911 when you notice these cracks; the foundation repair team will help you fix the issues. 

What exactly is a foundation upheaval?

When your slab foundation begins to move upward, this is referred to as foundation upheaval. It indicates a severe foundation problem and may suggest that your home structure is experiencing the exact reverse of foundation settling. 

Heaving usually affects the perimeter of your foundation, but it can also affect the interior. The most popular area of your home where you’ll notice this issue is the basement or crawl space walls.

I believe water is entering the house through a foundation crack. What am I supposed to do?

If water is entering your house from a foundation crack, the first step is to ensure that it is seeping properly into a floor drain and that the water is wiped down as soon as possible. Water in your basement can cause odor and mold issues. 

After this, look for drainage problems outside or surrounding to ensure water flows away from the house’s foundation. Eventually, hire a foundation repair expert to thoroughly inspect the source of the water that comes through your foundation crack to avert it from occurring in the future and repair the structural damage that has occurred. 

How long would it generally take to complete a foundation repair project, and how much of my yard will be interrupted?

With the proper assessment, trained experts, and the right equipment, a foundation repair project can usually be completed in less than a day. For repairs that necessitate some yard disturbance, a small area is excavated, the foundation repair team of HydroHelp911 tries their best to keep disruption under control. The more pervasive the foundation problem, the greater the repair system required, which takes more time to complete. All the excavated parts are returned to their original location and restored landscaping when the project is finished. 

HydroHelp911 will help in repairing your foundation and stabilize the rest of your structure. Contact us for a free inspection.

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