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The Benefits of Basement Waterproofing | HydroHelp911

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Have you thought about the consequences of repairing a flooded basement? Not to consider the health dangers it entails. The basement’s susceptibility to water is not new. Nevertheless, the majority of homeowners appear hesitant to put money into waterproofing their basement. And when you see the devastation that water causes, that trepidation can turn into a nightmare. It will ultimately cause serious structural problems. These are the reasons why investing in basement waterproofing is a good idea.

If you live in Gastonia, NC, with a basement in the house, you’ve probably already dealt with moisture problems. Because it is below ground, the basement is always colder and damper than the rest of the house, even if the owner has taken proper care to maintain it. Waterproofing your basement will not just reduce moisture and make the space more functional; it will also safeguard your basement from more serious dampness and flooding issues.

In the United States, only 15% of homeowners have flood insurance for their homes. As a result, homes can flood due to broken pipes, inadequate drainage, and blocked gutters. The basement is one of the most commonly flooded areas in a home.

If you’re not sure whether waterproofing your basement is a good idea for your house or property, keep reading to see why it is.

Benefits you will receive by professionally waterproofing your basement in Gastonia, NC by HydroHelp911

Improved Flood Protection:

If a pipe bursts or rainwater floods your house, your basement is the most likely destination to be affected. While this is the worst-case scenario, waterproofing your basement by professional waterproofing company HydroHelp911 will help protect it from flooding. If you store personal belongings in your basement, the last thing you want to cope with is water damage from a burst pipe.

Increase the Value of Your Home:

Most people consider the basement to be nothing more than an old, smelly storage space for keeping junk or this may be where the laundry receptacles are located; but the basement can be utilized as an entire floor. For most people, that’s either a third or a half of their total living space. In that regard, this is wasted space, and it’s not an area you’d rather devote to seepage, bacteria, and mold growth. Introducing healthy, usable space to your home will undoubtedly increase its value, giving you a competitive advantage if you ever plan to resell.

Low Energy Bills:

It may be difficult for you to consider that waterproofing your basement can help you save money by reducing the energy bills. The lower energy bills are due to the energy savings that occur when the cracks are sealed. These seals prevent cold air from infiltrating the basement during the winter. It also keeps excess moisture out of your home. As a result, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the house’s temperature at a comfortable level.

Maintains the Temperature of Your Home:

Your basement is essentially a large, cold chamber beneath your home. However, when HydroHelp911 waterproofing experts do the basement waterproofing of your home, it gets warmer, which means the rest of your house gets more generous as well. This is because there is no longer any cold air rising, making the rest of your home feel comfortable.

Structural Damage Avoidance:

In houses in Gastonia, NC, where water flows through the foundation can cause extensive damage to the entire structure. Water seepage can erode the edges and joints where walls and floors meet. It is possible that you will not recognize the damage until it is too late.

You can, however, avoid this problem by waterproofing your basement with waterproofing specialists HydroHelp911. There will be no structural damage if the edges and joints are protected.

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Avoid Potentially Serious Long-Term Health Risks:

We know that water and humidity can promote toxic mold growth, but you’ll be amazed to know how quickly and easily this can occur! Toxic black mold can develop in as little as 24-48 hours under the right breeding conditions! Some severe issues are responsible for hindering the health of the people living in the house. Molds and other types of bacteria cause health issues like asthma, skin rashes, etc. 

Improves Resale Value:

If you think you might be selling your home soon in Gastonia, NC, having the basement waterproofed HydroHelp911 will increase the resale value. Buyers would like to have houses with waterproofed basements as they don’t want to deal with the stress of doing the work themselves. If you sell your property after waterproofing the basement, you’ll find it much easier and can sell it for a higher price. 

Waterproofing a basement is critical for protecting your basement, and thus your home, against further damage in the future. It not only improves the value of a home, but it also protects the health and wellbeing of your family. Moreover, you must conduct thorough research before hiring a professional to do it. 

How Will HydroHelp911 Benefit You? 

HydroHelp911 Basement Waterproofing company is well-known in Gastonia, NC, and the surrounding areas for providing high-quality basement waterproofing services. Call HydroHelp911 today for a free inspection if you’d like a quote for new waterproofing services to prevent dampness issues or if you’ve noticed moisture problems and need expert advice. 


Will waterproofing my basement eliminate dampness?

If groundwater in your basement is the source of your moist issue, then yes – but you’ll need a damp survey to make sure that any water infiltration is rectified: 

HydroHelp911 advises on the best method for your basement waterproofing needs. Waterproofing a basement in Gastonia, NC, is used to prevent water seepage. Because basements are innately inadequately ventilated, a waterproofing system will frequently require improvements in airflow and heating. 

What Are the Different Types of Techniques Used by HydroHelp911 for Waterproofing a Basement in Gastonia, NC?

Interior Waterproofing

There are some steps you can exercise to keep water out of your basement from the inside. These techniques are frequently used after a pre-existing problem has been identified. This process includes the usage of sealants and coatings, as well as condensation prevention methods. 

Exterior Waterproofing 

These are methods that take place outside of your home, as you might anticipate. The primary objective of these methods is to prevent water from entering the basement. This includes installing exterior drainage systems and the application of a waterproof barrier to the exterior walls. 

Take a look at Exterior Waterproofing in Union Grove, NC. Watch this video.

Installation of a Sump Pump or French Drain System 

One of the most apparent reasons for basement moisture is a lack of drainage. This process can include repairing a broken drainage system or installing a new drainage system whose purpose will be to throw the water away from your home and prevent water saturation.

How do I know which is the best method to use to waterproof my basement?

While it may be enticing to hold on to your money now by avoiding the issue, delaying the repair of your basement waterproofing can result in much larger bills later. Basement waterproofing methods can differ tremendously. HydroHelp911 will inspect and find out what works best for your situation.

The best waterproofing method for your home may be different from others. When it comes to maintaining your basement, there are numerous aspects to consider. While each situation is unique, prevention is always preferable to repairing. Making strides to waterproof your basement before there is water present will guarantee the best results. Water damage can be disastrous, resulting in costly repairs and a slew of headaches.

What is the Cost of Basement Waterproofing?

When estimating the cost of repairing a leaky basement, numerous factors are to be considered. For example, the severity of the problem determines the estimation of waterproofing by HydroHelp911, the method of waterproofing a basement used, the size of the basement, and other factors.

Call HydroHelp911 today to set up a free site inspection and provide you with a reasonable price quote.

What Are the Symptoms of a Basement Leak?

Water pooling on the basement floor or running down the walls are clear indications that you have a leak in your basement. However, there are many less powerful indicators of water leaks. Take a look for any of the following in your basement since they’re all signs of moisture infiltration:

  • Mold or mildew growth has increased.
  • There are solid and musty odors.
  • Wallpaper that is bubbling or paint that is peeling.
  • Dry rot development.
  • Wet spots on the walls and floors.
  • Walls or floors with cracks.
  • A white residue has accumulated on the walls.
  • Rust buildup on appliances and metal furniture.

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