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Basement Waterproofing Tips and Tricks by HydroHelp911 for Residents in Hickory, NC

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Wet basements can be a nightmare for homeowners. Basements with dampness and water saturation can give rise to molds and microbes on the walls, floors, and ceiling, making the building unsustainable in the future and hindering your healthy lifestyle.

Basement waterproofing by HydroHelp911 in Hickory, NC, provides the best methods to protect your house from water pooling caused by changing seasons and faulty constructions. Waterproofing techniques will act as a barrier against moisture and water in the room and prove adequate to prevent damages caused due to moisture and water – like the growth of molds, decaying of wood, etc. In addition, waterproofing a basement from experts like HydroHelp911 will protect the interior and exterior walls, preserving the structure of your building.

To protect your basement from water and moisture, we will discuss tricks and tips that our experts at HydroHelp911 have suggested based on their years of experience.

Basement Waterproofing Tips by HydroHelp911

To not get into the hassle of damages caused due to moisture and water in the home, here are few pointers to keep in mind:

Pay Careful Attention to the Warning Signs:

It is wise not to ignore the warning signs that your house shows. The earlier you acknowledge the potential of moisture and presence of water, the quicker you can solve the issue, producing less hassle and lower costs.

Peeling of paint, a musty odor in the room, moldy patches, and water accumulation on the floor indicates a need for waterproofing your basement. A few more signs by HydroHelp911 that indicate the basement needs waterproofing are:

  • A white and powdery residue on the walls of the basement
  • Bend in the basement walls
  • Decaying of wood

Roof Waterproofing:

When the owner opts for basement waterproofing, they often feel the job is done here; they ignore or do not give importance to another source that can cause water leakage and moisture growth problems. Another reason for water damages that the HydroHelp911 waterproofing team suggests to repair and prioritize is roof waterproofing. The roof of your building or home is another source where the water can enter.

Faults in the roof structure can cause water accumulation, and eventually this water seeps inside the roof’s structure, thus damaging it and increasing safety concerns.

Properly Grade the Soil Surrounding your Building:

It is often an overlooked concern; owners need to make sure the garden soil around the structure of your building is graded appropriately. The rise in the groundwater level is a significant concern. Make sure the surrounding ground is sloped away from the structure of your building or home. Proper grading will therefore reduce the chances of building water pressure against the foundation and basement walls.

Seal the Cracks, Even if They are Small:

Small cracks can grow into much deeper cracks and can lead to dampness problems. Repairing the cracks is an important piece of ensuring your moisture and water accumulation remains under control. The cracks are caulked with concrete and sealed with the best waterproofing sealant material by HydroHelp911. If the cracks in your wall are already too big to repair yourself, then you must consider contacting waterproofing professionals like HydroHelp911 as soon as possible.

Fix Faulty Gutters:

Drainage systems play a vital role in maintaining your structure and keeping the surrounding area dry and waterproof. Unfortunately, faulty pipes, improper gutters, accumulation of debris and waste lead to water leaks or overflow from the gutters.

Also, make sure the downspouts do not discharge water next to the basement walls or structure. Must throw the water at a distance away from your home.

Regular Maintenance of Basements:

Make sure the basements are waterproofed properly and periodically check the gutters and drainage systems. Consider installing gutter guards for gutters. The guards will help keep debris like leaves, stones, etc., away from the gutters.

Service Holes:

Check if the areas where you have installed chimneys, pipes, electrical wires, exhaust, etc., are sealed and insulated correctly to ensure the water does not leak inside your building.

Basement Windows:

Ensure that the basement windows are adequately sealed and that they do not have any types of cracks. There are chances of water seeping through these cracks.

Tips on Prevention of Basement Flooding:

HydroHelp911, a basement waterproofing company in Hickory, NC, has the safest and best solutions to prevent the basement from flooding. The waterproofing and moisture control methods available at HydroHelp911 are:

  • Installation of sump pumps, french drain system, dehumidifiers, and vents
  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Interior and exterior waterproofing

See how our basement waterproofing team at HydroHelp911 does the Moisture Barrier Installation In Catawba, NC.

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Apply Sealants on Roof Tiles:

If you have tiles installed on the roof of your building or home, then see that the tiles are seals with sealants like polyurethanes. The sealants will help seal all the gaps between the tiles, which have high chances of water seeping through them.

Waterproofing Methods by HydroHelp911 During the Construction Phase:

Basement waterproofing is one of the critical areas of concern as damages to the basement structure mean damaging your foundation, which raises safety issues for the whole house.

You can hire a professional and an expert basement waterproofing company like HydroHelp911 in Hickory, NC, to carry out all the waterproofing work during the construction phase. A solid and durable foundation increases the lifespan of your building. Here are few techniques which our waterproofing team at HydroHelp911 uses to maintain the integrity of the basement:

Application of Exterior Paints:

Paints not only give you a visual appearance benefit but exterior paints also work as a barrier against moisture and water, and other external forces.


The basement windows can have small gaps or cracks that can let the water come inside your house. The HydroHelp911 basement waterproofing team will seal all these gaps and cracks during the construction phase.

Application of Waterproofing Paints:

It is suggested to use enough volumes of waterproofing paints on the interior and exterior of the walls so that it is impossible for water to enter the structure.

Signs that Your Basement Needs Waterproofing:

The HydroHelp911 team has noticed the following common signs that indicate that your house or building needs waterproofing of the basement:

  • Mildew and Molds: There is a growth of molds, mildews, and different kinds of bacteria and fungus due to moisture in the basement.
  • Peeling of Paints and Wallpapers: The presence of water in the wall dues to leakage, and water seeping through cracks causes the paints and wallpapers to peel.
  • Leaking Walls: Damp spots on the walls of the basement indicate water in the walls. It can be caused due to leakage in the pipes or water seeping from the surrounding soil.
  • Dry Rot on Wood: Dry rots are a blackish-brown kind of fungus. They usually occur in woods that decay due to water or moisture presence.

The Conclusion:

Although the basement leakage signs may seem less critical initially, the owners must get their basements repaired in a timely manner. Waterproofing basements on time will make the process easier and save you money, and most importantly, protect your home from further damages.

Basement waterproofing by HydroHelp911 provides efficient results which will keep the foundation structure durable for a more extended period.

If you are seeing a specialist and well-experienced basement waterproofing expert, then contact HydroHelp911 today. HydroHelp911 is a waterproofing and structural repair company in Hickory, NC, which provides free inspection.


What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a waterproofing technique that involves a machine that draws water away from the basement of your house. The device will detect the rise in the water level in the basement, and the pump will move the water away from your home.

What is Exterior Waterproofing?

The exterior waterproofing service by HydroHelp911 involves excavation along the outer perimeter of the house to the depth of the foundation wall. Then a pump-like external French drain is placed at the bottom of this channel which will expel the water away from your home. 

What are the Common Signs of Basement Water Leaks?

Some of the common signs of water and moisture present in your home are:

  • A musty odor
  • A rapid increase in mold and mildew
  • Damp spots on the walls
  • Cracks in the walls and floor
  • Presence of dry rot on wood
  • Uneven floor
  • Bubbling and peeling of wallpaper and paints

What Causes Leakage in the Basement?

Below is the list of some causes of leakage in the basement:

  • Weak spots such as mortar joints around your basement
  • Tie rods that reinforce masonry
  • Cove joints the junctures where the walls meet the floor
  • Faulty top of your home’s foundation
  • Faulty window frame
  • Leaky plumbing issues

Can I Do the Basement Waterproofing in Winter?

It depends on the basement waterproofing service by HydroHelp911 you choose. Some techniques can be applied in winter, while some are not suited for the winter season. For example, we can do a crack injection efficiently in winter, but if the technique involves digging, it is hard to do it in winter due to the frozen grounds.

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