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What to Do When Your Basement Floods

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A flooded basement is a problem that no homeowner looks forward to dealing with. However, if this issue arises in your home, you must know how to act quickly to prevent costly damage.

There is plenty to consider when your basement floods. Fortunately, we have organized your ideal basement flood response into a few distinct phases, which the sections below will describe in more detail.

Remove Standing Water

You’ll probably find standing water on your basement floor if your basement has flooded. Unsurprisingly, one of the first steps when responding to a flooded basement is removing the standing water as soon as possible.

The removal of standing water can occur in several ways. However, using a wet vacuum or some form of pump is the most efficient way to achieve this goal. It can also help to run a dehumidifier to dry out your basement more quickly.

A flooded basement is a problem that no homeowner looks forward to dealing with. However, if this issue arises in your home, you must know how to act quickly to prevent costly damage.

Repair Damage the Flooding Caused

If your basement has flooded, there is a good chance of some form of water damage. Water can harm both the structural elements that comprise your basement and any items you store in it.

Start by assessing the state of any belongings, furniture, or other items that were in your basement when the flooding occurred. You’ll likely find that many of these items require significant repairs or replacements depending on the severity of the flood.

During this stage, you should also take a close look at the structural components of your basement. It is essential to address any wooden structures, as they are most susceptible to rot when excessive moisture or standing water is present.

It is crucial to repair and replace any rotted joists, beams, or other structural features that the flooding damaged to ensure that the structural integrity of your home remains intact. Once you have made those repairs, you’ll be ready to move on to the next step.

Resolve the Cause of the Flooding

After evaluating the state of your basement’s structures and any water damage to your stored belongings, it’s time to address the root cause of your basement flood. Below is a list of common factors that lead to basement flooding and a quick explanation of how to resolve them:

  • Improper grading: When the land around your house is flat or slopes towards your foundation, it encourages groundwater to drain towards your basement, where it’s more likely to seep in. The simple solution here is to regrade your land to have a distinct slope away from your home.
  • Faulty gutter systems: If your gutters become clogged, it becomes easy for rainwater to overflow and puddle near your foundation. This makes it more likely that water will seep into your basement. Fix this problem by cleaning your gutters regularly. It can also help to install downspout extensions that convey water well away from your home before release.
  • Hydrostatic pressure: Poor drainage around the foundation can cause hydrostatic pressure to build up and push against the basement wall. Hydrostatic pressure is strong enough to push water into your basement through invisible cracks in the wall. The best way to prevent this issue is by improving drainage around the foundation. Installing a drain tile system is one way to do this.
  • Drainage system failure: Sometimes, you may have a drainage system intended to prevent basement flooding. Unfortunately, flooding can still occur when this system becomes clogged, backed up, or damaged in some way. The best remedy in this case is to repair or replace the elements of your drainage system that have become faulty.
  • Leaks in your plumbing system: Leaks in your plumbing system are also a common cause of basement floods. Hiring an experienced plumber allows you to diagnose the cause of your flooding and find the most appropriate solution.
  • Foundation cracks: Regardless of the cause, if your basement foundation walls have cracks, there is a chance that water and moist air can get in. Patching your walls and addressing the cause of the cracks are sure ways to prevent water from leaking in.

Prevent Future Basement Floods

The final step in our process is to prevent floods from being a problem for your basement in the future. One of the best ways to do that is by enhancing your basement’s drainage system.

A complete basement drainage system includes several components that capture and convey water away from your home. These components include drain tile systems, floor drains, and sump pumps. The best way to determine which elements are necessary for your basement is to consult a basement drainage expert.

Along with improving drainage, you should also consider a basement waterproofing service. Basement waterproofing involves creating a complete seal between your basement and the outside. Once this seal is in place, it will be incredibly difficult for water to seep into your basement in the future.

Get Help with Your Flooded Basement

Dealing with a flooded basement can be an overwhelming experience. Since that is the case, finding a foundation professional you can trust for advice and guidance is always most helpful.

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