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Structure Foundation Repair

Basement Foundation Repairs: Structure Foundation Repair

An unknown leak has caused many homes to have cracked concrete slab foundations. Pipes, plumbing fixtures, and fittings should all be thoroughly inspected for leaks to avoid costly foundation problems. A water meter’s readings should be checked as the first step in tracing any leaks.


What causes foundation issues in houses?

Dry soil can cause foundation shifting, which is a factor to consider in times of drought. According to Groundworks, trees and shrubs that are planted too close to residences can be a nuisance to residents. The movement of roots can cause foundations to shift physically. During a dry spell or drought, they can also remove water from the soil.


What can I do to safeguard the foundation of my house?

If you have a plumbing problem, you should have it checked on a regular basis. Invest in the installation of a root fence. You must take precautions to keep large trees from destroying your foundation. Inspect the slope of your property to ensure that it is properly sloped. Set up a reliable drainage system for your home, and keep the moisture level around your foundation consistent.


What is the best way to repair foundation issues?

Slabjacking and hydraulic jacking are the two most commonly used methods of this type of repair (also known as piering).


When it comes to house foundations, how deep should they be?

The most common type of house foundation is the concrete slab foundation. These foundations are made of poured concrete that is typically four to eight inches deep and reinforced with steel bars known as reinforcing steel.


Is a  house that has cracks in it susceptible to collapse?

Yes. Indicators of structural failure include cracks in the concrete. Even if the building does not collapse immediately, the cracks will cause it to lose its structural integrity over the long term.

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