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The Importance of Structural Repairs for Your House – A Complete Guide by HydroHelp911, Hickory, NC

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The importance of the maintenance and rehabilitation of your existing structures has grown significantly in recent years. There are an innumerable number of old designs in dilapidated conditions and which need repair attention. Such systems which are damaged can pose a massive threat to the safety of the people’s lives. The repair and rehabilitation of the structures need an expert’s attention, like HydroHelp911 in Hickory, NC, to safeguard the system and make your house or building a more vital place to live. 

Structural strength is the most pivotal factor as it is responsible for affecting the sturdiness of your house or building. Small leaks during rain, rainwater stains, bulging or cracking of bricks in the wall, etc., may seem to be just an aesthetic fault, but these can be warning signs of damages to your structure. Furthermore, the issues can raise serious safety concerns; and it’s important to rectify these problems in a timely manner in order to protect yourself from even more costly repairs down the road. 

Signs That You Have Structural Issues

Look out for these common signs of structural issues in your home:

  • Internal or external cracks in the walls of your building or home 
  • Water leaks 
  • Rust stains on the building 
  • Cracked or leaking balconies 
  • Concrete breaking off the structure 
  • Gaps around the door and windows 
  • Uneven floors 

Guide to Structural Repairs

Several factors are responsible for the damage of the structure of a building. From natural damages to the damages due to humans, the reasons vary from physical disturbances, poor quality construction material, and water leaks.

  • Extreme weather conditions 
  • Soil expansion and shrinkage 
  • Water saturation 
  • Water leaks 
  • Improper drainage system 
  • Faulty gutters 

One of the largest reasons homeowners overlook that causes the need for structural repairs is water leaks. Water leaks and water saturation in the house creates a massive threat to the integrity and quality of the structure of the building. The presence of water gives way to weaken your house structure. Moisture in and around the walls creates suitable conditions to decay the design of the walls, which will eventually collapse. 

Check out the video to see how the proper installation of gutters helps in protecting your foundation structure. 

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The Process of Repairing Structural Damage

When you come across any signs of structural damage in your building, it is advisable to get in touch with an expert like HydroHelp911, a known structural repair company in Hickory, NC. The professional structural repair company will appoint a specialist who will conduct a survey of your building and monitor the situation thoroughly before giving any recommendations. 

The correct diagnosis will give you the best solution to fix your structural damage problems. In addition, the answers to fix the structural damages are less complicated and disruptive than the past methods. HydroHelp911 has all the latest technology and equipment for improving structural damages. 

Structural repairs by HydroHelp911 are hassle-free and less disturbing, as the techniques involved are cost-effective and suitable for the environment compared to the demolition or reconstruction process; this eventually protects and preserves the surrounding buildings.

 One of the significant reasons for damages to the structure is water leaks; HydroHelp911 has the best waterproofing and structural repair solutions to the water leakage and saturation problems which will protect the structure of your house from further damages.

It is challenging to complete the structural repair work all while protecting your building during the repair. Therefore, the owners need to hire a knowledgeable contractor to ensure proper safety measures are considered and executed during the process.

Once the root cause of damage is detected, a solution to rectify the damage should be drawn up, keeping in mind the purpose of the building, the materials used in the construction of the building, the implied loads, and the feasibility of the rectification work that is necessary. Hiring a specialist who has a thorough understanding and knowledge of these issues will eliminate any future problems that would arise from inexperienced and ill-knowledged contractors.

Tree Roots Can Cause Significant Structural Damage

The trees need moisture to live, so they gather moisture from the surrounding soil, drying it out. In addition, the roots make the soil less compact, which affects the structure of the home. The expansion and contraction around the structure of your home damages the structure more, making it weaker. When planting trees around your house, make sure you plant them away from your home so that the roots do not disturb the structure. 

You can also consider installing a root barrier. If you already have giant trees around your house, you can avoid structural damage by installing these root barriers around the property. The root barriers will keep the roots away from the foundation structure of your home. With the obstacles inserted, the roots of the trees are driven away from the foundation. 

Economic Viability of Repairs

The owner must undertake the complete structural repair, keeping in mind the total life-cycle of the cost right from the initial to the last step of repairs, not just the initial capital expenditure. While some repair options may cost you less, it may provide you with temporary benefits. Keep in mind that any short-term repairs will need to eventually be re-done, typically at a more expensive rate with the potential of more damage incurred.

Get Expert Advice

While you are considering repairing your structural damages, besides acknowledging the time and cost estimation of the repairs, consider other structural concerns – like if a load-bearing wall needs to be removed in order to complete the repair. Check for the position of the slopes and bends in the walls. Before carrying out any remodeling projects, first, see that you get it approved by an experienced structural engineer. 

Why Choose HydroHelp911

Our expert team at HydroHelp911 will assess the damages and suggest appropriate actions that need to be taken for the structural repairs. 

Our structural repair expert will personally assist each repair withy HydroHelp911 in Hickory, NC. Every restoration and repair of the structure will be customized according to the customer’s needs. The team knows the techniques for structural maintenance and thus recommends the best course of action. 

HydroHelp911 comprises a team of experts with years of hands-on experience who carry out structural repair work by using the best and the latest techniques and methods. 



Several factors are contributing to the structural issues. A few of them are: 

  • Use of incompatible materials during the construction 
  • Poor workmanship 
  • Damaged slabs 
  • Cracks and gaps in the walls 

Installation of any type of equipment like AC, tv, etc., causes damages in the area due to the drilling work carried out. It can create gaps or cracks in the walls that allow the penetration of water through them – mechanical wear and tear.


The structure usually holds the load of your building. Regardless of how big or small the damage to your structure is, these issues render unsafe, unworthy, and useless homes. Also, houses or other spaces with damaged foundation structures will not be easy to sell in the future. Any delay in needed structure repairs can severely impact the safety level of your home or building.


HydroHelp911 will visit your location for inspection, and according to the nature of the structural damage, we will provide you with options for structural repairs. The recommendations are made based on the type of damage and methods for repair, and final approval is taken from the structural engineers before any proceedings.


According to the local statute, the owner needs to mention the repairs they have done in their space during resale. These structural issues are considered material defects, and depending on the rules and regulations, the cost of your home is evaluated.


To prevent your building from any structural damages and maintaining the quality of the structure, you must follow the following pointers- 

  • Maintain the level of moisture consistency around your structure 
  • Regular inspection for damages, insects, or cracks 
  • Installation of a sound drainage system 
  • Make sure your home is positioned appropriately on the slope 
  • Check your plumbing issues regularly 

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