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The Importance of Fundamental Repairs for Your House – A Perfect Guide by HydroHelp911, Gastonia, NC

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While most homeowners don’t give their foundation much thought, its strength and structural integrity are dependent on it. Without a solid foundation, the house is highly improbable to reach its full potential. Furthermore, having to carry the weight of the entire structure, if the foundation begins to break or weaken, not just the property is at risk in addition to its value diminished. Still, the residents’ safety is also jeopardized. 

Foundation structural repairs by HydroHelp911 can take a variety of forms. Repairs include repairing damaged pier and beam foundations, sisson linings, and floor slab repairs.

Many of these structural repairs are required to keep your home from becoming unlevel and sinking into a lower level. This can result in structural damage, flooding, and other costly problems.

What are the causes of the foundation's problems?

There may be several elements causing problems with your foundation; however, most of these appear to have a prevalent root problem. The soil: when there is an excess of water in the ground, from rain or leaking pipes, it swells; when there is insufficient moisture, the soil shrinks. Cracks and other damage are caused by the foundation’s constant shifting and movement.

When it comes to avoiding foundation problems, proper drainage is essential. For example, suppose your property lacks gutters or water is not directed in the

appropriate direction.

In that case, the soil beneath the house will become oversaturated, causing it to expand and apply pressure to the foundation, eventually causing damage. Not only that, but poor drainage can result in standing water, soil erosion, bug infestation, and mold growth.


The causes of foundation problems are the soil and its water collection, lack thereof, or improper installation by other contractors. These cause a slew of issues that affect the structure of your entire home. 

Here are a few examples of the problems that will arise: 


-If you notice cracks in your foundation, floors, walls, or exterior, your foundation is most likely damaged. When your home’s foundation is subjected to soil pressure, it shifts, resulting in these cracks. Small cracks in the foundation are expected after a few years, but if you notice horizontal or 45-degree angled cracks, you should contact a structural repair professional like HydroHelp911 right away.


-Particularly with pier and beam foundations, if you observe that your floors aren’t balanced, this is clear that your foundation is deteriorating. This problem will only worsen over time, so it is critical not to overlook it. 


-Another sign that your foundation needs to be repaired is if you notice gaps around your window frames or doors or if they don’t close properly. This could indicate that your foundation is settling and experiencing foundation failure and that you need structural repairs to be done.


-If your structure appears to be sinking, this is an apparent cause for concern. If one side of the house seems to be lower than the other, or if the center of the building appears to be sinking, it is a sign that your house’s foundation structure is damaged.

Benefits of structural repair by HydroHelp911

It adds to the structural integrity of your house. You can identify the source of the problem and correct it before it enhances a significant issue for your foundation if you detect it early enough. 


However, a poor drainage system can cause soil erosion and stagnant water, in addition to making your foundation unstable. This can result in a soggy lawn and deprive your children of a safe place to play. 


If your foundation is cracked, water will be able to enter your crawl space or basement quickly. However, repairing the cracks and any other issues with the foundation can save your money on mold remediation and flood cleanup. 


This is one of the several evident and meaningful advantages of foundation structural repair. Foundation repair ensures that a structure is free of damages and cracks, allowing it to last for a long time. As a result, foundation repair should be considered if you want to extend the life of a structure. 


If you plan to sell your house in the future, you should know that foundation issues are always included in a house inspection report. This means that a cracked or damaged foundation will depreciate the value of your home and deter potential buyers. 

Foundation Repairs Can Aid in the Prevention of Injuries and Property Loss:

Foundation issues in Gastonia, NC, can result in injuries or losses, mainly if they cause a building to collapse. Foundation structural repairs by HydroHelp911 performed on time will eliminate any potential foundation issues before they generate losses or injuries.

Nevertheless, you must be sure that the problem is resolved by reputable structural repair professionals like HydroHelp911, who understand how to resolve the issue in the best way possible.

There are numerous reasons why structural repairs by experienced and competent foundation structural repair professionals are a good idea. Regardless of the type of foundation, structural foundation repair is essential. If you’ve never considered foundation repair or if it’s been a long time since your building’s structure has been repaired, it might be time to do so now. First, however, you should make sure that reputable professionals repair it. 

Check the video What It Looks Like After Helical Piers Are Installed for foundation structural repair. 

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What are the symptoms of foundation issues?

Most foundations settle over time, but issues arise when the settlement is irregular or severe. 

The following are some of the common signs of structural repairs of a foundation: 

Exterior Signs 

  • Rotation of the wall 
  • Distancing around the garage door, windows, and walls. 
  • Bricks that have cracked. 
  • The foundation is broken and cracked. 
  • Moldings that have moved. 

Interior Signs 

  • Doors and windows that are misaligned. 
  • Sheetrock that has cracked. 
  • Cracks in the floor 
  • Uneven floors.  

What causes foundation problems?

Water is the primary cause of the vast majority of the damage. Variations in moisture cause soil components to swell or shrink, resulting in movement beneath your foundation. 

  • If your house was built on expansive clay, it might be more prone to foundation damage. 
  • It was built on fill soils that had been improperly compacted. 
  • The drainage around the foundation is poor. 
  • You live in a country with extreme seasonal variations. 
  • You discovered a plumbing leak beneath your house. 
  • Tree roots are encroaching on your property. 
  • The structure was weakened by an earthquake, flood, or drought. 

Soils with the highest clay content are generally more vulnerable, while those with the lowest are least affected. In some places, the movement is negligible; in others, it is pretty noticeable. 

Check the video!

What are Slab Jacking and Hydraulic Jacking or Piering Types of Structural Repairs?

A slab jacking system for structural repairs in Gastonia, NC, by HydroHelp911 involves pumping grout beneath a slab or beam to create a lifting force that returns the member to its original elevation. 

Piering involves driving steel posts through unstable soil and using hydraulic jacks to raise concrete slabs affected by changes in the underlying soil. The type of distress being treated determines the kind of repair method used. 

How Frequently Should I Have My Home Foundation Inspected?

When you notice problems such as gaps, uneven floors, or doors that no longer fit their frames, you should have your foundation inspected. Neglecting these red flags puts your home at risk of structural instability and damage over time. 

What Exactly is a Push Pier, and How Does it Work?

A push pier is a foundation bracket used to repair the foundation structure. It is installed along a building’s footing to prevent sinking. Push piers are implanted after the ground around the foundation is excavated and are anchored deep into stable soil to provide additional support for the structure. A sequence of push piers is frequently used to distribute a load of a building onto the regular ground that anchors it. 

What steps should I take to get my basement ready for finishing?

First, check for any signs of moisture, such as leaks, pooling water, condensation, or dampness on walls or other surfaces. Second, make sure that the basement walls are plumb and that the floor is flat. If these are out of place, it could imply deeper structural issues that need to be addressed.

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