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Sump Pump Installation Services in Charlotte, NC Keep Your Basement Dry!

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Sump Pump Installation Services in Charlotte, NC

Fitting a primary sump pump might sound like a responsibility best left for the experts, but it’s an easy task to do so.

With simply a few hand tools, a bucket, and some PVC fittings, you can have your replacement pump fixed in less than an hour.

Introducing a sump pump and waterproofing system is the least disruptive and most efficient way to keep a basement dry – and have it dry all the time!


First, a sump pump pit is dug for the basin and pump to be installed. That protects your sump pump from the mud and debris around the pump pit. The sump pit must be long enough but not excessively large. When placed in a shallow hole, a sump pump can pump water out quicker than it can fill the liner, letting it turn on and off swiftly and burn out promptly. On the other hand, substantial sump pits tend to go too intensely into the ground, pumping out water far below your home and creating unnecessary work and electricity usage.

Sump pumps are most useful at removing water from below your basement floor when located in the most profound spot of the foot. Your certified waterproofing specialist will decide where that spot is by using a laser level or zip level if not immediately obvious. If the sump cannot be established in the low area, a PVC feed line should be run through the floor from the weak point to the sump pump position.


A unique terminal joins the drain to the sump pump system, and clean gravel is backfilled throughout the sump pump liner.

These pebbles help keep your sump pump system as clean as possible, withholding silt and sediment from penetrating the liner.

An airtight sump pump cover, including rubber grommets encompassing all pipes, including wires, keeps odors and moisture from spreading out of the sump pit while limiting items and trash from falling in from the basement floor. Possessing an airtight, tight lid on your liner is also best in preventing animals and kids from attempting to play in the water!

  1. The method begins with establishing the sump basin upside down on the foundation floor and marking its outline.
  2. Following, use a demolition hammer to bust into the concrete floor and dig a trench broad to set the sump container inside it, clean the deck.
  3. Before placing the basin in the hole, cover its exterior base with filter fabric, if needed. It will stop silt from clogging the pump machine.
  4. Later, after the basin is set inside the hole, put sparse layers of pebbles inside the hole.
  5. A discharge pipe will need to be joined to a PVC pipe to run up the wall and out of the basement. As the design of this pipe will vary from home to home, its general function is to move water up and furthermore out of the house. When drilling a hole for the discharge line in the house wall, use a hole saw and seal the space around the pipe with hydraulic cement. It will provide a watertight seal. The PVC tube should extend outdoors and escape through a downspout or other means of getting the water away from the foundation. This may entice some homeowners to run a drain line from their sump pump into a local storm drain; nevertheless, most local ordinances won’t allow this. Before placing a sump pump, check with your town to see which drainage options are permitted.
  6. Fill the opening around the sump basin with new concrete to finish the fitting, mixed in a trough with a hoe.
  7. Stuff in around the basin to the top with concrete and polish it off with a trowel.
  8. Next, power up your pump, test it by loading the basin with water. Assume you ever need to replace the pump. In that case, you can do this by quickly switching off the power to the unit, detaching the old model from the demobilization device, reconnecting and leveling a unique pump, and examining it the same as you did in the initial connection.


To complete the sump pump installation, the basement slab is restored flush for a clean, beautiful look. The method we use does not transmit a gap around the edge of the foundation floor, which can gather dust, debris, and other items that can hinder your waterproofing system. Instead, it helps assure better drainage and an extra reliable system. Our method also provides a clean, neat, and expert basement repair.


Our sump pump fitting crew takes extra care to keep your basement clean, neat, and clear of trash for you at the end of the installation. Dust is blown from the basement floor, and the outward discharge line is inspected to ensure that the water is discharged to an appropriate location.

Will Standing Water in my Crawl Space Go Away?

We clean up all debris we create, and on most occasions, customers comment their basement is cleaner than before we started!

HydroHelp911 will install several “ports” in the drain to enter a hose or dehumidifier drainage line to allow future trial or inspection. At the same time, annual checkups and sump pump maintenance help us with examination and review.

Here are some FAQs:

Do I need a Sump Pump?

Some people query whether sump pumps are needed for their homes. After all, do you require a sump pump if you don’t live in an area prone to flooding? But there are many reasons that every home should possess a sump pump.

  • Overall Foundation Waterproofing
    First off, you need to pay attention to your foundation waterproofing methods as a whole. Foundation waterproofing is a complex process that requires paying attention to several various elements of your basement. In addition, you necessitate making sure that you have a sump pump as part of that foundation waterproofing process.
  • Interior and Unexpected Floods
    You never understand when you might have an interior leak in your home. Interior leaks can be a huge problem because they’re essentially inevitable. For instance, having a pipe burst is something you can try to avoid as much as possible, but you’ll never be capable of ensuring that it never happens. Instead, it can quickly commence to basement flooding. However, when you have a sump pump, you’re prepared even if something happens unexpectedly.

Why You Should Have a Battery Backup for Your Sump Pump?

  • Your sump pump is plugged into your electrical system. So, if there’s a power outage, your sump
  • pump won’t work unless it’s connected to a battery backup. Since power outages are often amid
  • heavy rains, it’s important to be sure your sump pump can function during power outages.
  • If you don’t have a battery backup, even the simplest sump pump within the world goes to be useless if a storm knocks the power out.

Where should a sump pump drain to?

Sump pump water should discharge to a specific area on the property to ensure that it cannot make its way back to the foundation of the home. Ideally, the sump pump discharge line would discharge a minimum of 20 feet away from the home into a drywell, creek or pond, or to the city street. Once the water is discharged, it should continue to flow away from the home.

What Size Sump Pump Do I Need?

The overall cost of your replacement or installation project will be determined by the sump pump size: How much water are you pumping, and how high are you pumping it? To bypass drainage problems and get the most for your capital, you must guarantee the sump pump fits seamlessly into the sump pit and plumbing system. With enough capacity and motor power, your new sump pump will remove water quickly and retain your home dry and free of moist situations, water damage, and mold growth.

How Many Years Does a Sump Pump Last?

If you take good care of your sump pump and your overall plumbing operation with regular maintenance, you can have a basement sump pump that lasts for 10 to 15 years. The engine in pedestal sump pumps can also make it for 20 to 25 years when cleaned routinely.

Even if you have a battery substitute, thorough pump preservation is vital to keep all the check valves and motors operating at the highest level and capacity. The expenses of installing a sump pump can quickly add up, and if you can avoid sump pump replacement for at most concise a decade, it will benefit your home renovation budget and leave room for other project costs.

Whether fitting a primary sump pump that needs to be installed one reality remains – only qualified contractors have the expertise and capability to do it correctly.

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