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How to Install a Crawl Space Door – A Perfect Guide by HydroHelp911 for Hickory, NC

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A crawl space is an unfinished, narrow gap between the ground and the building’s first floor. Anything larger than roughly 1 to 1.5 meters (3 ft to 4 ft 11 in) would be a basement. When a basement is impracticable or too expensive to create, a crawl space is often built instead. A crawl space can also replace a concrete slab foundation, making construction inspections significantly less challenging.

The crawl space serves various purposes, including allowing access to repair plumbing, electrical wiring, and heating and cooling systems without digging up the ground. Crawl space insulation is also possible to install. In addition, the crawl space can act as a barrier between the moist earth and the wooden portions of a house, and it can also aid with radon mitigation if adequately sealed.

A flooded and filthy crawl space is more than an eyesore. It has adverse effects on one’s health, safety, comfort, and house resale value. This occurs because a moist, filthy crawl space provides a home to mold, mildew, wood decay, insects, and pests. Who wants these problems just beneath their living quarters?

The good news is that with our crawl space services, a filthy crawl space may be converted into a clean, dry, attractive, and energy-efficient place.

Your home’s crawl space has a significant impact on the quality of life that occurs inside the house and the health of the home’s infrastructure. Because of this, homeowner’s need to do everything to keep the conditions of your crawl space in good standing, and your crawl space door is the first line of defense.

Because most people don’t spend much time in their crawl spaces, it’s easy to forget about the crawl space door. As a result, it may appear to be a minor component of a more extensive system, or it might not even cross your mind.

However, correctly securing the entry to your crawl space is critical and an essential element of the crawl space restoration process. For more information on crawl space encapsulation, you can watch the following video.

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The most exemplary Crawl Space Door Installation service in your area is HydroHelp911. We can install any style of crawl space door and provide free estimates. We’ll work with your schedule and get the job done perfectly the first time.

Crawl spaces are dark and damp environments where mold can quickly grow. They’re also vulnerable to leaks caused by rain or snow entering through fractures or gaps between the foundation and the house’s walls.

When installing a new crawl space door, you can count on experts from HydroHelp911 to take care of everything.



You can move the opening if you want to. However, because the present architecture of the crawl space ceiling and how it bears on the walls are unknown, we recommend that you make the new entry a mirror replica of the old one.


The floor access holes must be at least 18 inches by 24 inches. A perimeter wall’s openings must be at least 16 inches by 24 inches in size. If any part of the through-wall access is below grade, an area-way of at least 16 inches by 24 inches must be provided.

Crawl Space Door Location Options


An exterior crawl space door is often used to access the crawl space from outside a house. However, installing an outdoor crawl space door is not advisable since it usually offers considerable safety risks. This entryway is most frequent in mobile homes with an underground space solely for storage, but it is also popular among homeowners who wish to optimize their vertical living area.


The interior crawl space door is a stair or an adjustable frame attached to rod brackets put into the foundation or floor. The joist nearest to the door opens parallel to the beams and supports it. This sort of door gives you direct access to your crawl space from inside your house, making it simple to get in and out. They also provide some protection against tiny animals like rats, bugs, spiders, and snakes from entering your home through this ground-level aperture without passing through any other parts of the house before coming into touch with you.

Crawl Space Door Materials


Plywood is used to make a lot of crawl space doors. Wooden doors have the advantage of being easily trimmed to size, although not being as sturdy as metal or plastic doors. This enables the installation of a tightly sealed door. If your crawl space door is made of wood, we recommend painting it to help protect it against decay caused by moisture exposure. With green wood, it is imperative that you allow enough time for it to dry completely before painting it.


Metal doors don’t deteriorate as easily or as quickly as wood doors, but they do rust. They’re also more difficult to cut to size and, as a result, don’t always provide as good of a seal.


Of the three materials, Plastic is the most resistant to the elements, but it is also the most expensive. When it rains and snows, it will not decay or rust.

Crawl Space Door Functionality


Swing out doors are available in two styles: double and single. A double swing-out door swings away from the center, whereas a single swing-out door opens to either side of your unit, allowing easier access to others on that side of the house.


Because slide-away doors only have one point of access, they can be installed in places where there isn’t enough room for both an entry and exit point from outside the crawl space, such as under steps or in homes with low ceilings.


Insulated crawl space doors are used to provide access to the space beneath your home’s foundation. They can be installed as a “walk-in” trim, allowing you to walk right down onto the dirt floor or as a one-step drop to stand while accessing the truck compartment.

The insulation is long-lasting and resistant to dampness, ensuring that any standing water after a rainstorm does not leak into your home through the door. In addition, it keeps the air cool in the summer and warm in the winter, keeps mosquitoes out, and deters rats that see the door as an easy route into your home.

Crawl Space Door Installation Process

Here is our process for installing a new crawl space door:

  • Choose the correct type and size of the crawl space door for easy access to the crawl space.
  • Set up the door frame: it includes the latch, frame, hinges, and a key lock.
  • The latches and hinges are fixed after working from the bottom to the upwards while assembling the crawl space door frame.
  • Attach the crawl space door to the frame.

Benefits of Crawl Space Door Installation

  • Keeps Out Critters
  • Protects From the Weather
  • Saves You Money
  • Allows Necessary Access
  • Helps Stabilize Crawl Space Environment

The above and crawl area doors are composed of solid PVC that will never rot or degrade on-site. This material will hold up to everyday wear and tear. The crawl space door can be sealed shut with a sturdy metal locking latch for added security and safety. Our team can help install a fully customizable crawl space door: The crawl space door is available in various sizes to fit your crawl space entry perfectly. The crawl space door is white and can be painted to match the house’s exterior color.

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It can be challenging to install a crawl area access door. The dimension of the aperture is crucial in ensuring that your new door fits perfectly and functions properly for many years. Airflow issues, water leakage, insect entrance, and other issues can all be caused by a poorly installed or sized door.

Call a professional if you’re not sure how to measure for a crawl space access door. For a range of reasons, the size of a crawl space access door is critical. It must allow entry in the appropriate direction, that is, with your head toward the ground and your feet toward the top of the aperture.

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