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How to Fix Uneven Floors by HydroHelp911?

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While you might think an uneven floor is evident, many homeowners don’t notice till they drop something and it moves to the other side of the room. Aside from that, common warning signs of uneven floors include separations between the floor and the wall, difficult to open and close doors, and sections of the foot that feel groovy or unsupported. Most of the time, the problems are caused by the foundation and soils rather than the floor itself.

Uneven floors are typically caused by settling concrete slabs, foundation heave, and failing crawl space joists. If the bed mentioned above is your crawl space, we will provide HydroHelp911’s best uneven floor repair solution, which provides additional support by raising and leveling the floor with crawl space support jacks. If the problem is with your foundation, foundation piers can be installed to restore and stabilize your floor.

HydroHelp911’s Uneven Floor Repair Solutions

If you have a crawl space with the floors above, not on a level, you may have a structural problem. Crawl space jacks can help with structural issues.
If a concrete slab is uneven, it can be due to foundation heaving or settlement. Foundation piers can be used to solve foundation settlements.

Foundation heaving can be tricky to assess only a highly experienced waterproofing specialist. If you notice that this is the case with your home, you should contact uneven floor repair and waterproofing experts at HydroHelp911 for assistance.

  • Push Piers

The best solution for an uneven floor repair or a slanted floor by HydroHelp911 is to reinforce the foundation so that it is no longer jeopardized. Push piers are used to lift the weight of the house off the unstable foundation and elevate it back to the proper level. These piercing devices are pushed deep into the earth beneath the foundation’s settling portion. The piers are used to sustain the structure’s weight while raising the foundation to the appropriate location once they are installed into the load-bearing soil. These levels out the foundation and provide a more secure foundation for the entire house.

  • Wall Anchors

Another option for repairing uneven floors by HydroHelp911 in your home is to use wall anchors to pull shifting foundations back into place. The first step in installing wall anchors is to sink an anchor into the ground near the affected wall. The anchor is then attached to the wall via a rod driven laterally through the floor, and a plate installed on the wall’s interior anchors the rod to the wall. The rod is then gradually tightened to pull the border back into place.

  • Waterproofing

Waterproofing solutions may also aid in the prevention of sloping floors by diverting excess water away from the foundation. Water will be rerouted before it reaches your home by exterior drainage and basement drainage systems.

Common Causes of Sloppy and Uneven Floors by HydroHelp911

Do not ignore foundation problems if you suspect them. Simply claiming that these problems do not exist only makes matters worse in the long run. Other warning signs to look for include misaligned windows, wall cracks, ceiling cracks, bowing or leaning walls, settled porch, leaning chimney, or foundation cracks.
The following are the most common causes of sloping floors:

  • Poor drainage.
  • Construction flaws.
  • Older homes.
  • Settlement of the house.
  • Failure of the foundation.
  • Rotted wood or damage to the floor sill, girders, or joists.
  • Damage caused by water.
  • Pipes that leak.
  • Problems with the plumbing.

If you come across any of these symptoms in your home, contact the waterproofing and uneven floor repair experts at HydroHelp911 right away. To determine the exact cause of your sloping and uneven floors, the waterproofing and uneven floor repair team will inspect the soil around and beneath the foundation.

Different Types of Uneven and Sagging Floor Issues and Solutions

Crawl Spaces Have Floors Above Them

The exterior walls of a crawl space foundation and a post or column-and-beam element extending below the center of the crawl space support the floor joists above a typical crawl space.

Although the perimeter walls of the crawl space can settle or shift, causing floor problems above and needing uneven floor repairs, the center support system is more likely to settle or sag because it was not built correctly in the first place.
Because moisture in a dirt-floor crawl space has caused wooden supporting components to rot and collapse, a center post-and-beam support system can also weaken and settle. As the crawl space structures sag, the floor above will also sag.
Interior wall cracks, congested doors, gaps between walls or doors, and the floor beneath them indicate a sagging crawl space or a basement.

The Solution:

With our heavy-duty crawl space jacks, HydroHelp911 Waterproofing and uneven floor repair services can accurately and thoroughly repair a crawl space structural issue. Crawl space jacks are steel posts adjusted to stabilize sagging crawl space structures.

We begin by preparing a foundation of compacted, engineered fill at all jack placement points located directly beneath the main support beam during installation. Next, we place a pre-cast concrete base on this fill and extend a crawl space jack between the base and the shaft.

When each jack’s threaded rod is altered beneath the post, the weight-bearing on the beam is transmitted to the soil below. This system also allows the contractor to force a sagging uneven floor back to its original level position.

HydroHelp911’s crawl space jacks for uneven floor repairs can efficiently stabilize your crawl space in as little as a day.

Settling and Sinking Concrete Floors

Because masonry is more likely to break than bend, uneven concrete floors are generally cracked or damaged as well. In addition, the concrete floor may be lifted as the remaining foundation moves if your foundation is settling.

At times, the slab floor can also raise or sink independently of the walls. When the soils beneath concrete slab floors shrink, settle, or wash away, the floors crack and settle.

The Solution:

A slab pier system can repair sinking slab floors independent of the walls. To keep your floor in place, these piers are installed in cored holes in the floor and extend down to competent soils. They can even be used to reposition a slab’s original level position. If the floor is cracked and uneven due to foundation settlement, your contractor will advise you to install foundation push piers or helical piers to stabilize the entire foundation. In some cases, foundation piers are used to repair the uneven floors by HydroHelp911 as it is used to lift the foundation back to its original position.

See Helical Pier Installation in Lincolnton, NC by HydroHelp911.

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Uneven and cracking floors can be a significant source of concern in any home. Damaged floors reduce property value in addition to creating tripping hazards, making the home uncomfortable and simply looking bad. Worse, these issues are frequently symptoms of a foundation problem. Hence it is essential to identify the reason for your floor damage that causes uneven floors and imply the uneven floor repair solution.


What causes uneven floors?

The most common cause of sloping and uneven floors is the settlement. As the soil shifts and moves, your home’s foundation and overall structure are harmed.
The leading cause of soil-related problems is:

  • Poorly compacted soils: Homes or buildings built on poor-quality soil can settle.
  • Inconsistent soil moisture levels: Changes in the moisture level beneath the foundation can impact the soil. When there is too much water, it puts pressure on the foundation walls. Conversely, the ground shrinks and weakens due to a lack of water.
  • Weak bearing soils: The soil beneath and around your home becomes weakened and unable to support the structure’s weight.

What Are the Symptoms of a Slanted Floor?

It is critical to inspect your home regularly for signs of damage so that the issues can be addressed quickly and affordably. Look for the following symptoms of sloping floors in your home:

  • Walls that are bowing or leaning.
  • Doors or windows that are stuck.
  • Cracks in the floor.
  • Water in the yard.
  • The basement is wet.
  • Cracks in the wall.
  • Foundations that are sinking or settling.
  • Cracks in the foundation.

If you notice any of these concerns, get in touch with HydroHelp911’s uneven floor repair team right away. The longer you leave problems like a slanted floor unrepaired, the worse they will become.

What Is the Source of Basement Water?

Basement floor cracks, massive plumbing flooding, foundation wall cracks, water heater floods, sump pump failure, and hydrostatic pressure are the most common causes of water in basements.

Our basement waterproofing contractors at HydroHelp911 can determine what is causing the water in your basement and assist you in finding solutions to keep it dry.

If you reside in North Carolina and need a highly skilled foundation repair, basement waterproofing, or crawl space repair company, look no further! HydroHelp911 is ready to restore the life of your basement or crawl space!

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If you reside in North Carolina and need a highly skilled foundation repair, basement waterproofing or crawl space repair company, look no further! HydroHelp911 is ready to restore the life of your basement or crawl space!