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Recognizing Foundation Problems and When to Call an Expert

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How to Recognize a Foundation Issue in Your House?

Your house is your most valuable asset. As a homeowner, you need to keep it well maintained throughout every season of the year. You clean your house, patch and paint interior and exterior walls, renovate plumbing, fix electrical problems, winterize your window panes, check your gas detector periodically, and much more.

Another area to maintain and best care for your house is your home’s basement. Settling and change in your home’s basement can be complex and challenging to detect. Here are some signs that can be indicative of a potential problem with your house foundation:

Door Problems

All interior and exterior doorways in your home should open and close instantly without rubbing or jamming. If your doors are misaligned, or you may have a foundation difficulty if you notice oblique cracks in the upper edges of your entries.

If you hear a door in your house popping or creating a sound when it is closed, or you feel air leaks from below or on top of a door, your foundation may be settling.

Floor Problems

Floors in your house should be flat and should not lean or warp. They should fit smoothly against your walls and baseboard frame without any noticeable gaps or warping. If you see that the floor in your home is making sounds when no one is walking on it, your foundation may be shifting.

Wall Problems

Look for cracks in your drywall that develop and evolve. You can get wall cracks near doors or windows or at any point where your walls reach your floors or ceiling. Cracks can start as hairline cracks and grow more intense and noticeable if you have sustained foundation difficulties.

Window Problems

If you notice that the windows in your house are becoming tough to unlock and close, there may be a change in your house foundation. Windows in your home should open and close smoothly, and you should be able to quickly fasten your windows with the locking mechanism between the window panes.

Window panes should look solid within their frames. In addition, the vertical and horizontal components of your windows should fit comfortably without gaps or bends.

Plumbing Problems

Foundation problems can create your covered plumbing pipes to leak. Puddles can be noticeable in the soil around your home. Underground pipe leaks can also make visible moisture appear on your foundation walls. If the leaks are not fixed, they can cause your foundation walls to crack or distort.

Stair Problems

Interior and exterior stairs are also areas that can symbolize movement or decline in your home foundation. Be aware of all stairways to ensure that the stair walks remain flat on the risers, and the balusters and handrails are firmly attached and do not shift over time.

Check the exterior surfaces and foundation of your home for any indications of cracking or change of your home’s foundation. If you see any cracks, mark a perpendicular line across the crack with a strong marker. Keep watch on this line over time to see if the crack is growing or moving alongside. If you notice that the line on either side of the damage is growing; you may have a foundation problem.

If you notice any possible problems in your house, call HydroHelp911 Foundation Repair, or come into one of our offices. We will make a free site appointment to your home, alert you to any infrastructure problems that we find and give you a free estimate of repairs. So don’t wait to stop a foundation difficulty that could degrade your home.

Neglecting your foundation problems is not a great idea. Persistent problems will get worse; the problem will NOT fix on its own. For example, you may notice a hairline crack at first and ignore it, but with time, that hairline crack could become a worst-case situation costing you thousands of dollars in infrastructure repair. The most reliable defense on a foundation problem is a proactive approach to fixing your failed foundation. The earlier you address the problem, the more cost-efficient resolution.

We’ll design a custom-tailored resolution to your basement problem:

  1. We will describe in detail the difficulty and the solution.
  2. We will assign a written evaluation along with an exact price.

Here are some of the causes you should repair your foundation and why going with HydroHelp911 is your most significant advantage.

Reasons to Repair a Failed Foundation:

  • Resale Value – To keep the home’s value from dropping, you need to keep your basement in a healthy state.
  • Declaration (For Sale) – You need to disclose any foundation problems at the time of selling your house. When you’ve revealed a foundation issue, repair the work and make sure it has a transferable warranty.
  • Security Concerns – Keep your home secure and up to code, particularly your fundamental principle – including foundation, beams, pillars, sill plate, and any water drainage issues.
  • Health Matters – Keep your foundation or crawl space dry. Mildew and mold can increase and may cause health concerns.
  • Reduce Projected Cost – To bypass an expensive bill, tackle the problem the time you see a problem in order to stop future costly bills because the problem will only grow more prominent on its own left unrepaired.

How do I find a foundation repair contractor?

Do you intend to invest in a foundation repair plan? If so, you need to discover a basement restoration contractor. Here are a few things you should contemplate while locating a service provider:

Analysis Problem and Resolution

The Internet is your best friend in these times. You don’t have to ask other people about a problem you face in your home’s basement. Instead, turn on your laptop and explore Google. Of course, it would be great if you had a comprehensive idea about the condition in your home foundation alongside the solution.

This information lets you decide on a contractor. Then, of course, you will ask him about the resolution, and if he attempts to fool you, you know that he isn’t the best person for the job.

Know Your Budget

Before you select anyone, you must be precise about your funds limit. If you remain short on accounts, then you need to consider arranging a quick and affordable resolution. However, when the budget isn’t complex and you want to get a complete package service, tons of contractors can help you.

First, get quotes from the best contractor in your area, and then compare quotes to go with one that seems right and reliable.

Work with Local Contractor

A local contractor has full knowledge of your area’s soil and climate conditions. This is what elevates the need to hire local as opposed to hiring a reputable contractor from another state.


An extra thing you need to watch when finding a foundation contractor in North Carolina is transparency. An expert should adequately communicate with you what method he will follow in administering problems and the required tools and supplies. He will give you an entire plan categorization, and the transparency lets you get a precise idea.

Also, the most suitable contractor will tell you whether you want to stay in the house or look for alternative living quarters. His task is to keep you fully notified regarding the project, including the project’s timeline to perceive a clear understanding of what it entails.

Read Reviews and Guide

You are not the first to invest in foundation repair; many others have received the same service. So, it would help if you read other people’s stories and experiences. They will walk you through the foundation repair process. Then, it would help if you read reviews about foundation repair contractors.


Should I buy a home with foundation problems?

Many home users run for the hills when they see a house with foundation problems. The concern is that it will cost thousands of dollars to fix the house by raising and adequately supporting its infrastructure.

If you’re buying a house, keep an eye out for the general signs of foundation problems. Also, make sure to have a home inspection. However, sometimes the foundation problem is overlooked throughout this step.

To ensure that the house you wish to acquire is structurally sound, have it assessed by a foundation contractor or an engineer. They will also be capable of giving you an estimate of how much the renovation work will cost so that you can produce an offer with that in mind.

Should I fix my foundation before selling my house?

If you desire to get top dollar for your house, it should be in near immaculate condition. That involves fixing foundation problems if you can manage them. See typical foundation repair expenses.

Most foundation firms offer a lifetime warranty on their repairs that is assignable to the new buyers. It will give possible buyers peace of determination because they understand that the problem has been marked.

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