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Everything About Helical Piles by HydroHelp911

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A helical pile is a foundation that can sustain both light and large structures. Helical piles can handle compressive loads of less than 1kN (225 lb) or more than 5,000kN (1.125 million lb) and can be used for anything from a modest landing to a 32-story tower. Screw piles are another common term for helical piles.

A helical pile comprises a round steel shaft welded to one or more helical bearing blades. The thickness, length, and diameter of a shaft and the number, consistency, and diameter of helical piles are all dependent on various factors. However, regardless of dimensions, the spiral should be formed with a consistent pitch (plane or angle) to ensure a reliable design and installation methods consistent with generally accepted engineering guidelines.

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How are Helical Piles Designed?

When creating any foundation, it is best to practice engineering to the weakest link, typically the soil. Therefore, it is strongly suggested, to begin with, a geotechnical investigation and study. With soil data, a geotechnical engineer can build helical piles that meet design criteria utilizing empirical methods given in the DFI and Perko manuals and foundation engineering documents in various nations.

Because of an empirical relationship between installation torque and soil capacity, helical piles have higher performance predictability. The connection between installation torque and power is dependable, but it is not a substitute for a geotechnical investigation where liability is high.

Watch HydroHelp911’s video on Helical Piles.

We can assist you with HydroHelp911! Helical piles, which are steel cylinders placed into the earth to support your foundation, are one of our specialties. They work by shifting load from the structure to the soil below, protecting your home from further harm.

A fair analogy is that a driven pile is installed to withstand a particular amount of force, making it a trustworthy pile in terms of performance – nevertheless, the installation force is not a substitute for geotechnical analysis. When capacities and liabilities are minimal, such as on a home deck, it’s difficult to justify the expense of a geotechnical investigation; thus, an engineer could design helical piles based on installation torque.

Compared to helical piles, most pile choices are straightforward in design. For example, assume you’re in front of a board with dials that you can turn up or down. The only dials you need to construct a precast concrete pile are pile diameter and length; it’s that simple.

The board features numerous dials for a helical pile, including shaft diameter, shaft thickness, shaft length, number of helices, the diameter of helices, and consistency. As a result, helical piles are highly configurable. Therefore, a design engineer’s familiarity with the technology will be critical in delivering the most efficient pile to the site that meets the final design and the stresses faced during installation.


A bi-directional auger, hydraulically operated by an excavator or similar hydraulic powered equipment, rotates the helical (screw) pile into the earth. GTL keeps track of the installation torque and pile alignment throughout the procedure. Installation can be done anywhere that an excavator or hydraulic equipment, such as a crane or forklift, can fit.

A barge, floating pontoon, and an engineering platform, like the one we created for the Brighton pile, can be used to install across the water.

GTL monitors the installation torque for the following reasons:

To provide a qualitative evaluation of the soils being penetrated at different depths. A graph will compare the recorded installation torque and depth to the existing soil data. A correlation may be found by comparing the soil data to the installation torque, allowing for the development of a straightforward verification approach.

We maintain the helical (screw) pile’s integrity during installation and prevent damage to any of the pile’s components by exceeding torsional strength. Therefore, the maximum stress level for each helical (screw) pile must not be exceeded.

The Benefits of Helical Piles

Due to the numerous benefits they provide, helical piles are gaining in popularity at an exponential rate. In summary, helical piles are a very adaptable deep foundation that provides a large number of advantages, including but not limited to:

  • On a typical project site, installation takes about 30 seconds per lineal foot of pile.
  • Ability to load the piles immediately no curing, heating, or hoarding in the winter.
  • They are clean no pre-drilling or tailings/spoils are present, and the pile is buried.
  • Helical piles can be quickly uninstalled, reused, or recycled, making it simple to clean up the project site.
  • The installation is quiet and low vibration so that it won’t bother your neighbors or wildlife.
  • Installation with smaller, more agile equipment than typical piles results in lower mobilization costs and easier access to difficult project locations.
  • Building with smaller, more agile equipment than usual piles results in lower mobilization costs and easier access to difficult project locations.
  • Extending helical piles is quick and inexpensive rather than incurring exponentially higher expenditures to go deeper, helical piles are proportionally more costly.
  • Helical piles are a fantastic arrow for any design engineer’s quiver because of their adaptability and established engineering principles. As a result, helical piles are becoming increasingly popular, as is the general engineering community’s confidence in them.

Helical piles have a nearly two-century engineering history and a stellar performance record; nonetheless, universal criteria for helical piles are available but not enforced. To ensure that all of the benefits of helical piles are made available to your project, choose a strong helix pile team (install contractor, professional engineer, and renowned manufacturer).

It’s critical to know who to call in the event of a foundation emergency when time is of importance.

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Installation by HydroHelp911

The helical pile installation service provided by HydroHelp911 will assist you in avoiding further water damage in your home or business. We’ll even deal directly with your insurance carrier so you can focus on getting back on track after such a stressful circumstance!


Do foundation piles work?

The piles that foundation repair companies use are similar to the poles that support your desk. These foundation piles undoubtedly aid in the leveling of your home, but the same force that causes your foundation to shift will eventually affect those piles as well.

How much do helical piles cost?

The cost is determined by the structure’s design, size, weight, and surrounding soil conditions. The size of the helical pile shaft is determined by the load to be supported. The soil supporting layer determines the number of helices employed in the lead section. We offer free quotations and estimations for the costs once we understand the conditions specific to your situation.

How will the installation impact my yard and landscaping?

We usually cover the landscape and grass with plywood to protect it from our equipment, and we take great care around any building. However, some landscaping may need to be removed to access foundation trouble areas. We can identify any specific effects on existing landscaping when delivering a free estimate.

How long will helical piles last on the earth? Will they rust?

Helical piles are galvanized using the most up-to-date techniques available in the industry. This prevents rust and corrosion on the piles. Most soils have a life expectancy greater than 150 years. Each soil type has unique characteristics; thus, if a life expectancy number is necessary, a test for the specific soil on the project can be performed. A Geotechnical business may usually execute this test for a low fee.

Do I need a special inspector to confirm the pile installation?

A special inspector must witness the pile layout, installation, pile type, installation, testing equipment, and completed pile depth for all commercial projects. The inspector is usually hired directly by the property owner. However, the owner can perform a specific examination on a residential project. At the end of the project, the owner and the building inspector will receive the inspection report.

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