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Common Crawl Space Post Pier Repair Issues in Gastonia, NC

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Pier and beam houses in Gastonia, NC have a gap between the floor and the ground; this is called the crawl space. As the name suggests, the spaces are usually (sometimes not) so low that you can’t stand up and must crawl to get around. 

In older pier and beam homes, the ground around the foundation is frequently higher than the soil in the crawl space. Water gathers in crawl space as a result of this. The water problem will only worsen if tunnels are dug for access. When there are drainage issues in a crawl space, installing a drainage system in any tunnels after digging tunnels is necessary. 

When water enters a crawl space and remains there for an extended period or keeps the ground wet, the wood beams, joists, sub-flooring, sill plates, and other wooden foundation components can rot. Dry rot can occur in some cases. Dry rot occurs inside a wood beam or joist and may not be visible. However, when the destruction is critical enough, the floors will sag and inevitably crash. 

Crawl Space Post Pier Repair Issues in Gastonia, NC, by HydroHelp911 

A decaying substructure –  Because beam houses have a wooden substructure, they are prone to rot and quickly attacked by water, insects, and rodents. Therefore, it is best to repair foundations as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs. Unlike ordinary foundations built with concrete, pier and beam foundations have a crawl space beneath them where a lot of moisture accumulates. Moisture is a significant factor that can severely damage any wooden members used during building projects. Before you fix your house, you should learn about the pier and beam foundation repair costs. Crawl space post pier repair solutions by HydroHelp911 will offer you affordable foundation repair solutions in Gastonia, NC. 

Concrete piers that are not correctly spaced –  Concrete or steel foundation piers must not move (motion is a problem) and are installed close enough together to be effective. Piers are typically spaced about 6′ apart to withstand the weight of a house or other structure efficiently.

The greater the number of piers used, the better the structure will be supported and the fewer problems the homeowner will face. As a result, foundation repair by HydroHelp911 is frequently required to avoid costly issues with pier and beam structures. If your beams and piers are appropriately positioned, and you use an adequate number of foundation supports, your structure will be secure and will not deteriorate. To avoid sagging in the future, the placement of large girder beams is essential. 

Piers are being affected by soil movement –  Steel or concrete foundation piers can shift over time. Soil and water conditions cause movement. Pier and beam foundations became common in the late 1960s, and several homes you see today are old and damaged by soil movement. This is a common problem. Crawl space post pier repair solutions by HydroHelp911 will be recommended only after the foundation repair team inspects the cause of the situation in Gastonia, NC.

Water damage –  Because these foundations are not flush with the ground, water and moisture beneath them frequently lead to complications causing degradation. It is critical to have a drainage system in place that directs water away from the foundation. Water is a more significant issue in these types of homes than in those built on slab foundations. 

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Common Causes of Post Pier Foundation Damage 

The settlement, moisture issues, and flaws in original construction methods or materials are the main enemies of crawl space foundations. Let’s look at them to see how they affect pier and beam foundations in Gastonia, NC, in different ways.

  • Expansive Clay Soils Cause Foundation Settlement 

Expansive clay soils, like any other foundation type, cause problems. When wet, expansive clay expands and contracts when dry. These forces are more powerful than you realize, and they can shift the structure of your foundation with each passing season and year. 

Any upward push from the ground and shrinking and sinking of soil can affect the structure of a pier and beam foundation. This constant shifting from season to season can cause interior damage such as wall cracks, door misalignment, and other telltale signs of foundation settlement.

  • Moisture in the basement

A pier and beam house are prone to moisture due to poor drainage and insufficient ventilation. Excessive moisture under the house wreaks havoc on all the wood, from the sill to the subfloor. Water can cause the wood materials that comprise your pier and beam foundation to rot, mold, or completely disintegrate.  Any compromised piece of wood under your home can cause foundation issues for you. Because the pier and beam foundation are interconnected, a single piece of rotten wood can adversely affect the rest of the structure.

Having an open crawl space beneath your home presents its own set of drainage issues.

If you are having trouble with moisture issues in your crawl space in Gastonia, NC, contact HydroHelp911 for crawl space post pier repair solutions.

  • Inappropriate construction techniques or materials 

Because many pier and beam homes were built before the 1950s, not only were the building regulations different at the time, but the materials used could also become aged and deteriorate.

Spongy, bouncy, or wavy roller coaster floors are one type of problem for a pier and beam foundation. There are pier and beam homes with floor joists that are far apart to bear the weight adequately. There are floor joists and shaker window frames that have broken as a result of excessive use.

Contact HydroHelp911 for Crawl Space Post Pier Repair 

HydroHelp911 is the place to go for all of your foundation-related needs in Gastonia, NC. If you need foundation repairs or are looking for crawl space post pier repair experts, our highly experienced team of structural engineers at HydroHelp911 is here to help. In addition, we provide free foundation inspection in Gastonia, NC. So don’t delay getting in touch with us right away!

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Should I start with foundation repair or remodeling?

As a general rule, repair your foundation before remodeling it. If you have any remodeling plans in place and know you have foundation issues in your pier and beam home in Gastonia, NC, first take care of foundation issues to save yourself a lot of hassle and wasted money! 

If you remodel before addressing foundation issues, you risk damaging new finishes, paint jobs, and flooring materials if your home persists in settling and becoming unsteady after remodeling. Don’t risk squandering your hard-earned remodeling money. 

Is it possible to repair a pier and beam foundation?

pier and beam foundation repair company like HydroHelp911 can distribute weight more evenly and eliminate bending floors by adding more piers to the foundation. Conversely, repair or replace any that have become damaged over time. 

How can I tell if my foundation needs to be repaired?

Numerous signs of pier and beam foundation damage around your property will alert you to the need for professional assistance. If you notice any of the pursuing, please get in touch with the foundation repair team in Gastonia, NC, HydroHelp911

  • Foundations and sunken floors 
  • Your home has uneven floors and noticeable slopes. 
  • The patio is pulling away from your home. 
  • Walls and ceilings with cracks
  • Caulking gaps around doors and windows
  • Doors and windows become stuck or difficult to open and close
  • Gaps between the crown molding and the ceiling
  • Creasing or wrinkling of wallpaper 
  • Walls that have bowed. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pier and beam foundations?

Pier and beam foundations are used for a variety of reasons. They begin by elevating homes to protect them from moisture and flooding. They also create a crawl space in your foundation that allows you to access utilities, particularly plumbing. Pier and beam foundations enable your plumber to access plumbing issues in slab foundation homes without cutting open concrete floors. Furthermore, this foundation style brings a layer of insulation from the air under your home, which helps to cool your house during the summers, reducing your energy bills. 

The most significant disadvantage of pier and beam foundations is their high cost. Elevating your home is more costly because more work is required to ensure that it is adequately supported. It is also more inclined to sagging and wobbling floors, rain buildup, inadequate ventilation, moisture issues such as mold and mildew, and bug and rodent infestations in your crawl space. 

How much does it cost to repair my pier and beam foundation?

When you contact HydroHelp911 foundation repair expert to repair your pier and beam foundation in Gastonia, NC, we will furnish you with a free and fair estimate for your home after the inspection. To plan an appointment, please get in touch with our office.

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