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All You’ve Ever Wished to Know Regarding Crawl Space Vapor Barriers by HydroHelp911 for Huntersville, NC Region

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One of the realities of developing and restoring commercial buildings and houses is that moisture is always a threat. Water entering the building where it isn’t wanted can lead to rotted timber, mold, chipped paint, and other problems.

A single good leak might cost tens of thousands of dollars, and an already vulnerable area could be subjected to numerous rounds of damage if not appropriately addressed. As a result, the best way to safeguard structures from the damage that moisture might cause is to prevent it.

Moisture can infiltrate a commercial building in various ways, including a rotten roof and a large storm. It can also come from the ground up, inflicting harm that property owners may not notice until it’s too late.

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Damage that Crawl Space Moisture can Cause

The majority of people are unconcerned about the area beneath a structure. They may keep components, tools, and other miscellaneous objects down there, but other than when they need to get them, the crawl space is frequently overlooked.

Crawl areas, unfortunately, usually have dirt flooring, making them great candidates for moisture intrusion into commercial structures. That’s because moisture infiltration from the soil, in the form of water vapor, can progressively degrade your building from the ground up if it’s not contained. So we’re talking about structural damage, electrical shorts, pipe erosion, insulation, and fiberglass degradation. Not to mention there is a possibility of significant allergens (such as mold spores and dust mite droppings) infiltrating your home.

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Moisture, humidity, or water is one of the most common threats to a home’s structure, with the ability to cause structural issues. Moisture that is not regulated can cause rot and decay in wood framing and other materials and mold and mildew. For example, the quantity of moisture present impacts whether or not you can finish a basement. 

The type of below grade flooring you can install is also determined by moisture. Moisture can even decide whether or not a home or room extension can be built in the first place. Vapor barriers are built into the walls, ceilings, and floors where moisture is a known issue to prevent the effects of moisture.

But, even though it is not visible, moisture is more destructive in a crawl space. It’s no surprise that condensation can form in the crawl space because it’s in direct touch with the earth. It’s difficult to emphasize the complications that might arise due to dampness in the crawl space.

  • Mold and Mildew

Mold, mildew, and other fungus are among the most severe problems posed by moisture. Mold removal is complex, and entirely resolving mold-related issues is costly. Due to this crawl space dampness, mold can blacken floor cavity insulation and structural parts. In addition, because a crawl area frequently has little light and only moderate ventilation, the condition never improves until preventive or repair measures are taken.

  • Rot

Wooden joists, sills, posts, and beams make up the structural elements of your home. Being an organic substance, wood will rot if exposed to water for an extended period.

  • Vermin (Rats, Mice, and Other Creatures)

Water attracts a wide variety of animals, which can infest your home. Carpenter ants, termites, rats, mice, snakes, and even skunks and armadillos are among these pests.

Fortunately, a crawl space vapor barrier installation offers a relatively simple solution to all of this. Call HydroHelp911 today!

How do Vapor Barriers Work?

Laying out rolls of standard sheet plastic to regulate crawl space moisture is a straightforward and affordable project. Traditionally, this material has been referred to as a vapor barrier. However, the US Department of Energy has renamed this method a vapor diffusion barrier. This is a more true phrase because plastic sheeting cannot wholly prevent moisture movement even with seams sealed. The plastic, on the other hand, slows down the process.

Sheet plastic barriers, on the other hand, tend to aid only in the migration of gaseous water vapor up through the earth into the crawl space. When water pools in the crawl space, they don’t give a solution. The water that collects in the reservoir comes from one of two places:

Water may be pooling in the crawl space due to a high water table or precipitation runoff. You will need to engage a water remediation business in this scenario. In most circumstances, they’ll dig a trench around the perimeter, install a drainpipe, cover the pipe with drain gravel, and install a sump pump. In certain circumstances, simply installing roof gutters and downspouts, as well as rearranging the earth’s slope, may be sufficient to avoid pooling water.

Water may be pooling in the crawlspace due to leaking plumbing pipes, either water supply or drain pipes. Water leaking from above ground pipes must be repaired before installing a vapor barrier; otherwise, water will pool on top of the plastic sheeting.

But provided problems with pooling water are addressed, adding a vapor diffusion barrier can go a long way toward preventing ongoing issues caused by moisture in a crawlspace.

The Many Advantages of Installing a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier System Includes:

You will be able to regulate the temperature in rooms.

When there is moisture in your crawl area, it influences your home’s temperature, making it too hot, too chilly, stuffy, or dry. This occurs because the moisture in your crawl area absorbs or prevents all of the heat from your house from exiting. 

Keeping mold and musty odors at bay. One of the most prevalent issues with crawl spaces that don’t have a vapor barrier system is that they create a lot of moisture, leading to mold growth because dampness is the perfect habitat for mold to flourish.

Watch HydroHelp911’s video on crawl space moisture barrier

You may drastically reduce moisture levels in your crawl space by installing a vapor barrier system, which will control mold and foul odors from growing and forming.

Energy conservation.

Because excessive moisture levels in crawl spaces influence the temperature within your home, a crawl space vapor barrier system will work as a sealer by regulating moisture levels, making your home more energy-efficient, and minimizing your energy expenses.

Another perspective is that allowing moisture into your property causes it to become extremely cold, prompting the homeowner to spend more money on electricity by installing room heaters. Because more electricity is necessary to keep the heating appliances running, your electricity bills will skyrocket. You can save money on energy by installing a crawl space vapor barrier system.

Keep your crawl space pipes safe.

A vapor barrier system for your crawl space can help keep your pipes from exploding. Your crawl space is likely home to several pipes that serve your home with water and electricity. If moisture infiltrates these locations and reaches your pipes, they are prone to deteriorate, resulting in your pipes bursting or breaking. Installing a vapor barrier in your house’s crawl area keeps your pipes dry, extending their lifespan and lowering your repair expenses.

Many individuals have a crawlspace in their home, but they are unaware that it is one of the most critical components of their home. Water seeping through foundation cracks or incorrect drainage can cause flooding in a crawl space.

Homeowners frequently overlook crawl areas because they cannot perceive any damage. However, this does not exclude the chance of deterioration beneath the flooring. Even if you aren’t noticing any indicators of trouble right now, it will only be a matter of time until you do, and by then, it may be too late.

Hire a professional business like HydroHelp911 to do vapor barrier installation crawl space services on your property to solve this problem!


Is it Necessary to Cover the Entire Crawl Space with a Vapor Barrier?

Yes. You’ll need a vapor barrier in your crawl space. Furthermore, the essential minimum protection for your crawl space should be a moisture barrier. Finally, a vapor barrier might save you money on expensive repairs.

What is the Distinction Between an Air and a Vapor Barrier?

Air barriers are employed to keep air out of a building envelope and the moisture that comes with it. On the other hand, the main aim of a vapor barrier is to prevent water through vapor diffusion from entering a home’s construction envelope.

What is the Purpose of a Moisture Barrier Beneath a House?

A vapor barrier is a thick plastic sheet put in the crawl space. They come in various thicknesses, but most experts believe six mils are the best. 

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