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Foundation Issues: Causes and How to Fix Them

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It’s not surprising for homeowners in Hickory to encounter foundation problems. These difficulties most often occur because houses are built on clay and sand, which are less stable and supportive than thick rock. Luckily, you can fix even highly severe foundation problems with expert evaluation and appropriate repairs. Here, we’ll examine some of the most popular Hickory, NC foundation problems and how to solve these conditions.

Why Do Homes Experience Foundation Issues?

Although the excess of clay and sand dirt are often primary factors in Hickory’s foundation problems, they aren’t the only problems. The climate and weather conditions can also impact Hickory, NC homes. In recent years, Hickory, NC, has experienced catastrophic flooding. The waterlogged soil can move under the impact of flooding and massive rains. This shifting can cause solid foundation problems for a house. With its excessive heat and cooler winters, the climate can affect the moisture content in the soil, which can also play a role in foundation problems. A cold winter followed by a sweltering, dry summer season can change the durability of the earth in Hickory, NC, and other areas.


One of the usual common difficulties that many Hickory, NC homeowners face today are cracks that develop in their foundations during the wet season. When it rains heavily or floods, the clay in the Hickory, NC soil will absorb the water and expand. This expansion can cause cracks to develop in a home’s foundation. Connected to as “heaving,” these cracks that form in connection with moisture often create the formation of diagonal cracks; these cracks can weaken the stability of a home and usually require critical repairs to prevent further instability from occurring.

Experienced home contractors like HydroHelp911 Structural Repair specializing in Hickory, NC foundation repair, can assess the cracks in your foundation. Once they learn why the cracks occur, they can develop a plan to address and repair the situation.

In some instances, our contractor may advise stabilizing the clay soil with injections of polymer. Not only does this help to improve the soil, but it renders it with more excellent water-resistant properties so that there is less risk of further damage to the home’s foundation in the future. Unfortunately, heaving can sometimes cause disastrous instability. In such cases, our technicians may recommend draining your soil and completely rebuilding your home’s foundation. Although this is a significant repair, it will allow you to protect your home investment and maintain your home’s foundational integrity.


Seepage problems are much like problems related to flooding and heavy rains. However, seepage that gets into your home’s interior can lead to severe problems for the soil and your home’s joints and edges. Water in any form, whether exterior flooding or interior seepage, can necessitate Hickory, NC foundation repairs. Unless addressed quickly, seepage problems do tend to worsen over time. Remember, those seepage problems can lead to major structural issues that involve sinking or even structural collapse. 

The key to protecting your foundation and home structure from seepage is pinpointing where leaks are occurring and seal them. Waterproofing is a strategy that many homeowners are embracing. By waterproofing your foundation, you can block drainage and safeguard your structure. But, of course, suppose seepage has already caused damage. In that case, it’s essential to reach a company like HydroHelp911 Structural Repair so we can inspect your foundation and recommend the ideal Hickory, NC foundation repairs to restore the integrity of your home’s supports.


Although moisture can wreak havoc on a home’s foundation and the soil beneath it, the dry season can also harm your home’s foundation. A lack of humidity, in other words, can also negatively impact the clay in the soil beneath your house. Without adequate moisture, the clay can become dry and will contract. As the clay contracts, it leaves voids within the soil. These voids reduce the support for your home. The result is cracking in your foundation. Once the voids begin to occur, the wet season will not remedy them.

On the contrary, the voids can loosen the soil. When the storms do come, they can deteriorate some loose soil continuously, leading to more voids. Not surprisingly, your foundation can develop signs of strain at the reduced amount of support which shows up as cracks. Our technicians can assess the soil beneath your home to determine if voids are present. For instance, we can employ ground-penetrating radar which will indicate the presence of voids. If voids are found, we can recommend void-filling solutions for your foundation repair. It is a basic repair that requires the injection of polyurethane foam underneath the home’s foundation. As it does so, the foam expands and fills in the voids left behind by the contracting clay in the soil. In short, the foam allows us to create more stable ground that can more adequately support the home’s foundation and overall structure.


All homes settle, but it’s a process that can take years. When designing and building homes, engineers will make adjustments to account for eventual settling, but these adjustments may not be adequate for exactly how the house settles. Settling is associated with various factors. For instance, areas of the soil beneath your home may contract or erode at different rates. As it does and your home settles atop the affected soil, cracks can develop. When cracks appear, it’s always essential to consult structural experts to determine the cause. If your home’s cracks appear to be caused by settling, technicians will assess the situation and recommend custom solutions based on their findings.

In some cases, the best Hickory, NC foundation repairs for your situation might necessitate structural repairs like replacing floors or the addition of floor supports. At HydroHelp911, we base our repair plan on the home in question. Each condition is diverse and will need tailored solutions.


The shade of a tree can provide relief against the relentless Hickory, NC sun in summertime, but tree roots can be a severe nemesis to home foundations. Tree roots can travel under the home in their constant search for water. As a result, they can cause the foundation to buckle and crack. If tree roots have caused your foundation slab to lift as they sometimes do, you need a Hickory, NC foundation repair service to prevent your foundation from destabilizing. If tree roots have encroached on your home’s foundation, you may wish to install root barriers to prevent further damage to your foundation. After repairs, it may be wise to remove the offending tree so its roots can’t do any additional damage.

What Are Some Common Signs of House Foundation Problems?

Unless something significant occurs, like your home’s floorings or walls buckling or cracking, you may not know that your home’s foundation is vulnerable to a problem. However, the sooner you can address a foundation repair, the better. Dealing with foundation cracks quickly can prevent additional damage and even contain more substantial damage like sinking or structural collapse. If you notice some of these issues, you should invite a technician from HydroHelp911 Structural Repairs to evaluate the situation. Some of these issues to note are:

  • Diagonal cracks
  • Cracks that run across the concrete
  • Buckling of your flooring
  • Uneven door and window frames
  • Visible gaps beneath windows
  • Leaning chimney
  • Doors that scrape the floor when opened or closed
  • Sagging walls
  • Uneven floors

If you notice these issues, you should allow HydroHelp911 Structural Repairs to investigate.


If your chimney is leaning or has a crack, it could be because of a foundation issue. Cracks and chimney leaning often occur because the foundation has experienced movement. When the home settles or the foundation experiences other problems, the shift can cause cracks to develop in the chimney’s mortar. Therefore, our technicians view chimney leaning as a red flag for a foundation problem.


If you are witnessing soil problems near your home’s foundation, the issues could undoubtedly extend to the soil beneath your house–and that’s a problem for your foundation. The soil around your house should be well-compacted and dry. However, if you note standing water’s presence or experiences seemingly minor issues like small landslides or a bit of soil erosion, the problem may not be as minimal as you think. There are many different methods to tackle these situations that will enhance your soil and help you protect your home’s foundation. 

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