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Remove Mold

Crawl Space Mold Removal: Remove Mold

Thousands of microscopic spores are responsible for the spread of mold. They look similar to seeds, but they are invisible to the naked eye, and they float through the air before landing on various surfaces and forming colonies of their own. It is necessary for the temperature, moisture, and availability of nutrients to be ideal in order for the spores to germinate and form new mold colonies, which can then colonize the area where they have been dropped. Molds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but they all require moisture and a food source in order to survive and reproduce.


Do you know if it’s possible to get mold out of your house.

For the vast majority of people who are dealing with mold issues, it is possible to resolve the situation. Not to mention that the presence of mold can put you in a strong bargaining position when purchasing property, which in many cases can result in you receiving an even more favorable deal on the property.


Does it seem like I’ll be able to remove the mold on my own?

When faced with the prospect of discovering the presence of this potentially harmful fungus, it is understandable that one would feel compelled to clean up immediately. Mold remediation is a task that is best left in the hands of trained professionals to ensure that it is completed correctly and efficiently. Taking care of a minor infestation on your own is possible, though not recommended.


Do you think it’s possible to paint mold over?

Mold does not die simply because you paint over it, as is commonly believed by the general public. When it comes to preventing mold growth, the use of mold-resistant paint or the incorporation of mold inhibitors into your paints are the only viable options. When it comes to protecting your home from mold, early detection and prevention are absolutely critical steps to take.


Can a handyman remove mold from a building?

In addition to cleaning small mold spots for you, a handyman can assist you with the installation of dehumidifiers and the replacement of drywall that was removed during larger mold remediation cleanups, among other things.


How dangerous is it if you don’t put on a mask when you clean mold?

Without Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), you are inviting all of those mold spores to settle on your clothing, the area you are cleaning, your shoes (allowing mold to spread to other areas of your home), in your eyes, and up into your upper respiratory system if you are not wearing PPE.

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