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Floor Crack

Crack Repair: Floor Crack

It’s possible that you have a foundation problem if you find cracks in the floor of your basement, or even if you find cracks in the tile or hardwood on the upper levels of your home. Cracks in the floor may be an indication that the foundation has settled as a result of improper construction, uneven soil, or the weight of the home. When foundation settlement takes place, the resulting problems with the foundation can be catastrophic. Floor cracks have the potential to worsen over time, which could result in costly repairs costing you thousands of dollars. You might also begin to notice other issues, such as floors that are sinking, walls that are leaning or bowing, and cracks in the walls.

When should I be concerned that the cracks in my floor are getting bigger?

In most cases, the appearance of cracks in your floor should not cause you any cause for alarm. The only time you need to be concerned is if the cracks start changing vertically, which indicates that there is some settling going on. Other than that, there is no need for concern.

Is it normal for a tile floor to have tiny cracks here and there?

The bodies of the porcelain and ceramic tiles, as well as the glaze, are brought together in a kiln and subjected to high temperatures in order to complete the manufacturing process. The natural expansion and contact of these two materials at different rates is the root cause of crazing, which is microscopic cracks visible only under magnification.

Should cracks in a hardwood floor be filled in with anything?

In the case of normal gaps, repairs are not required. It is not a good idea to add filler because the filler will be expelled as the wood expands when it absorbs moisture. Call in a professional contractor who is able to properly repair floors if you have larger gaps in the floor that won’t close up.

When concrete floors crack, why does this happen?

After a building has been constructed, it is not uncommon for the foundation to develop cracks in either the home or the business. The majority of the time, the cracks are normal settlement cracks, which are not structural cracks. Nevertheless, there are a number of additional factors that can contribute to the cracking of a foundation, including the structure’s settling, concrete shrinkage and curing, stress, and subpar construction.

How can damaged floor tiles be hidden from view?

After you have your replacement tile, use a chisel to score a perimeter around the broken tile, and then pick up the pieces of the broken tile. After removing any residue that may have been left beneath the tile, apply new adhesive, sink the replacement tile into the hole, and then grout the joints with tile grout that matches the existing tile.

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