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Basement Repair

Basement Foundation Repairs: Basement Repair

Basement renovations can be a stressful experience at times. Attempting to do something on your own can be extremely stressful. The use of products that are thicker than paint and dry into a strong, rubberized coating can be beneficial when it comes to finishing basement walls. It can also aid in the sealing of air, water, and moisture, as well as being chemical and mildew resistant, making it an excellent choice for basement wall construction.


Is it possible to waterproof a basement from the inside?

Yes. Interior basement waterproofing is a very popular option because it does not require extensive exterior excavation and can be completed in a relatively short period of time and at a reasonable cost in many cases.


Which is preferable for waterproofing a basement, from the inside or from the outside?

The most effective method of protecting your basement is to waterproof the outside of your foundation. The use of interior waterproofing can help to keep water damage from getting worse, but having the repairs done outside corrects the problems that were created in the first place.


When is it necessary to waterproof a basement?

In an ideal situation, waterproofing the exterior walls of a basement should be completed during the construction of the building. Many state and local building codes require this procedure for new construction, but many older homes may not have any exterior waterproofing in place due to a lack of exterior waterproofing in place.


What is a French drain basement, and how does it work?

An effective basement waterproofing solution, the French drain (also known as a weeping tile, drain tile, perimeter drain, or sub-surface drain) is a popular choice. It is a trench that contains a perforated pipe that is used to divert surface water and groundwater away from the foundation of a building.


Is it common for basements to experience water damage?

Yes. A leaking basement is a very common occurrence in many homes, and it can be very costly.

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