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Interior vs Exterior Basement Waterproofing – Which is Right for Me?

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In terms of waterproofing a home or business, the end goal is the same – to prevent damage from water intrusion. Two methods can be used, one that controls the water that does enter a space and another that prevents water from entering in the first place. The method that is right for you depends on several factors outlined below. Read on to learn whether you should invest in interior waterproofing methods or and exterior basement waterproofing solution.

What is Interior Basement Waterproofing?

Existing homes or businesses experiencing water intrusion are often candidates for interior basement waterproofing. In this method, a drainage system is installed around the perimeter of the interior walls and filled with gravel and pipe. Weep holes are drilled into the basement walls that allow water coming from the outside to drain into the drain field, which is then directed to a sump pump and pumped to the space’s exterior.

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What Are the Drawbacks to Interior Basement Waterproofing?

Though interior basement waterproofing is a good solution, there are a few drawbacks to this method. First, the process is noisy, messy, and disruptive. If there are existing concrete floors in the basement, some of this concrete must be jackhammered and removed to install the drainage system and sump pump. In an unfinished basement the process is more tolerable, but if the basement is finished as a living space with flooring and furniture the dust from demolition may be more of a challenge. In a basement with finished cabinetry or built-ins along the perimeter walls, interior waterproofing is probably not the best option.

What is Exterior Basement Waterproofing?

Exterior basement waterproofing prevents water from entering the walls of the home or building in the first place through a combination of coatings, membranes, and drainage systems. In order to access the entire wall, all of the dirt must be removed from up against the wall. For this reason, it is mostly used in new construction or during major renovations, when the exterior foundation walls are easily accessible. Once the exterior waterproofing sealant is applied, the area is backfilled with gravel so that water can drain down to the foundation drain (also known as the footer drain) and be carried away from the walls of the home.

What are the drawbacks to Exterior Basement Waterproofing?

As mentioned, in order to treat the outside of a wall with a waterproofing coating, the entire wall must be exposed. Though this is a highly effective and long-lasting basement waterproofing method, it can pose challenges for existing structures. In places where there are shallow lot lines, or where there are utilities or large trees close to the house or building, then the large equipment required to excavate dirt around the house will not fit. If there are porches or decks that the homeowner does not want to remove in order to access the basement wall, then exterior waterproofing solutions are not an option. Also, the disruptive nature of the process may be off-putting for some owners. Even with the utmost care from the crew, large trucks and excavating equipment can be destructive to yards, roads, and sidewalks.

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