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Guide to Interior and Exterior Basement Waterproofing

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To best explain how to keep your basements dry, we need to have a thorough knowledge of what causes condensation to occur in basements in the first place. Sadly, for homeowners, water possesses a knack for getting its way into our houses. Due to the individual nature and development of basements, these areas are especially prone to wetness. The features below highlight some of the leading causes of basement dampness:


If rainfall and groundwater cannot flow away accurately, they can make their way into your basement. Improper soil and defective drainage systems are some of the most constant causes of basement wetness. If water isn’t steered away from home, it will expand around the foundation, wherever it will try to find a way below.


Gutters are designed to direct rainwater off from your foundation. However, water will drain around your foundation rather than away from it if they are improperly installed or too clogged to function.


The terrain around your foundation should slope away from your home, not towards it. If the slope is incorrect, water will gather around your foundation rather than moving away from it.


Rifts in your foundation walls, basements, and around windows or doors give the perfect boulevard into which water can pass. Water will always follow the path of slightest resistance, and those cracks make it manageable for water to get inside.


Hydrostatic force occurs when water accumulates around your foundation. As gravity forces down on that water, it will try to leave to relieve that pressure. As a result, the water will push its way through any cracks in your basement drywall and floors. The tension can get so strong that it will cause damages.


Basements are incredibly soggy places. When condensation occurs, it can bring decay, mold, and potential damage along with it.

Whether or not you use your basement, it would be great if you still did what you can to keep it secure, dry, healthy, and preserved from harm. Our team will be able to provide you with practical solutions. However, it implies that you can relax as your home will be in reliable hands with our crew.

Let’s look at various waterproofing methods, and resolutions asked mainly by our viewers.

What is Interior Waterproofing?

An internal waterproofing system will be designed on-site to address your particular problem. The internal system is composed of a series of drains and channels that will collect the water after it inserts the surface and diverts it into a sump pump to drive it from the basement without destroying your home.

The system is connected using the following process:

  1. Discharge concrete throughout the border of the basement.
  2. Drill weep holes in the foundation of the walls.
  3. Establish drain channels to accumulate water.
  4. Place a sump pump.
  5. Cover drain channels.
  6. Finish flooring after the system is connected.

Interested in knowing further – watch our special video on this segment here.


An exterior waterproofing system is designed to be placed around the complete home exterior during construction or in exceptional circumstances where an internal system will not be adequate to hold the water outside of the home. The installation of this kind of system is much more intense and needs more effort and time to establish.

The exterior system is installed utilizing the following process:

  1. Dig out throughout the entire outside of the house.
  2. Apply a waterproof cover around the bottom.
  3. Connect a waterproof layer on top of the sheet around the home.
  4. Connect a drainpipe around the foundation.
  5. Cover pipe with backfill rocks.
  6. Install landscape cloth over rock.
  7. Replace all dirt around the house and pack down.


Drainage obstacles are often the underlying cause of dampness in your basement. Having proper drainage throughout your home is crucial if you want to keep your basement dry. The purpose of these drainage systems is to direct water (whether it be groundwater or rainwater) continuously from your home’s basement. There are various drainage systems available to help manage the water around your home. To start, you should test the soil around your house—other types of soil drain in diverse ways. Next, be sure your home is environed by soil that dissipates quickly and does not retain dampness.

Each home is distinct, so be sure to check how the drainage around your home functions fully. Take a look at the inclination of the ground around your foundation. It should slope away from your foundation, not towards it. Depending on your situation, it may be essential to fit a sump pump to collect the inside water and pump it away. These enclosed drainage systems collect water from around your foundation and pump it out away from your foundation.

These methods should be designed to function in case of a power interruption. As one might think, installing a sump pump or a different interior drainage system can be quite the task. Therefore, it is desirable to consult a professional when considering this type of waterproofing method.


Before you schedule basement waterproofing in Charlotte, NC, it is essential to know how vital the process is. Numerous benefits come with possessing your basement water-tight, including:

  • Long-Term Investment – The first perk occurs when you contemplate what Waterproofing can do for your home. You can invest in waterproofing services now and use them for the foreseeable future. When you think how much your basement concerns the value of your house, this perk grows even more critical. You can get a more fantastic sales value if you can provide evidence of water-tightness!
  • Simple to Use – Added great perk of basement waterproofing is how easy it is to use. Most systems are designed for fast and easy installment. There is not much to be done and just a little time set aside to perform the job correctly.
  • Innovative Technology – The basement waterproofing in Charlotte, NC, that you pick will likely come with some new technology for repairing your foundation to a water-tight environment. Innovative improvements in basement waterproofing have executed it much easier and much more efficiently than in the past. Our experts will be ready to tell you all about the new technology available if you are interested, but any upgrade difference can help implement peace of mind!

Basement waterproofing is a vital investment in your home because it can conserve you from expensive repairs, structure damage, and costly mold replacement. Homeowners should think about getting their basement waterproofed by a professional as soon as possible for added protection versus flooding.

Contact HydroHelp911 for Basement Waterproofing

Your home is your most important investment. Therefore, it is necessary to take the steps needed and protect it. Taking preventative measures can help keep your basement dry and your wallet full.

Reach out to our expert team at HydroHelp911 for basement waterproofing and repair services. learn more about keeping your basement dry forever.


Do I have any perks of hiring an expert?

Basements are the most apparent spaces where moisture seeps into houses, which is why homeowners often need professional help getting everything shaped up underneath there. Basement waterproofing experts will inspect your basement and crawlspace to recognize structurally needed repairs or conversions. These specialists can use techniques to ensure your project’s success while making things easier on you.

How frequently should A Basement be waterproofed?

Basement waterproofing is a one-time fix, and it will last for as long as you own the property. Foundation water leaks can occur any time of the year, despite whether your area has been thumped by a hurricane or just endured heavy rainfall. Each homeowner should think of basement waterproofing assistance to ensure complete protection against water damage and mold growth.

Which Method is Best for You?

As we stated earlier, each home is distinct. Thus the best waterproofing arrangement for your home may be other than that of your acquaintance. There are so many circumstances that come into play when it comes to maintaining your basement. While each condition is different, the best policy is perpetually prevention rather than repair. Practicing steps to waterproof your basement before water is present is sure to produce the best results. Water damage can cause significant difficulties, appearing in costly repairs and lots of headaches.

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