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Does Basement Waterproofing Paint Fix Moisture Issues?

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If you’ve noticed your basement walls are damp or appear to have water coming in from the outside, you may be tempted to paint them in order to stop the moisture. While paint may make yzour basement walls look cleaner and fresher, at least temporarily, it will not prevent water from coming in. For a more in-depth explanation, view our video or keep reading below.
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What Causes Moisture in Basement Walls?

Water intrusion, or water that comes in from the exterior of a wall, has a lot of force. If you paint the interior of the wall, that coating is not strong enough to withstand the force of the water pushing in from the outside, and will eventually peel off the wall. Waterproofing paint is essentially an attempt to fix a symptom, not the cause.

The goal for any water issue is to find the source of the problem and fix it indefinitely. There are a number of ways in which water intrusion and basement humidity issues can be addressed. Identifying the actual cause is crucial, and we recommend having a professional perform a thorough inspection of your basement or crawl space. At HydroHelp911 we are available for free consultations so you can feel confident you are investing in the correct repairs to waterproof your basement walls.

What is Exterior Basement Wall Waterproofing?

The ideal option for controlling water is to prevent it from entering in the first place. With exterior waterproofing, the dirt is removed from against the basement walls and a waterproof coating is applied to the concrete block or brick walls. Pipe is laid at the bottom of the trench and the space is backfilled with gravel, allowing water to channel away from the walls.

There are some obstacles to exterior waterproofing that may not make it a viable option in some cases. The process involves heavy machinery, which can tear up yards, landscaping, and sometimes sidewalks. Utilities may need to be moved, as may porches or decks or other structures. The cost of exterior waterproofing starts at around $20,000, which may be out of the budget for some homeowners.

What is Interior Basement Wall Waterproofing?

Another option is to direct and control the water once it enters a space, which is what our industry refers to as interior basement waterproofing. This process involves creating a drainage system with a sump pump that will channel the water and pump it safely outside away from the home.

One of the advantages of interior waterproofing is that it not only controls water that may enter from the walls, but it also controls groundwater seepage, which occurs when the soil in the basement has excessive water that begins to seep through the foundation floor. The cost of interior basement waterproofing is generally around $11,000, a smaller investment than exterior waterproofing with a lot less disruption to a home’s curb appeal.

Skip the Basement Waterproofing Paint, Contact HydroHelp911

Choosing between interior and exterior waterproofing for your basement walls depends on a number of factors. You can contact us to schedule a free consultation. Our trained staff will inspect your home to advise you on the best solution and walk you through the steps for each so you can make an informed decision.

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