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What Does It Cost to Repair Rotten or Damaged Wood in a Crawl Space?

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Rotten or damaged wood in a crawl space is an all too common problem in homes in the Charlotte area. Our hot, humid climate and the fact that many homes have an open vent crawl space is a recipe for moisture under the home. This moisture leads to mold growth and insects, specifically termites, causing rot and damage. Though rotten, damaged wood is a serious issue, it is one that fortunately is repairable.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Rotten or Termite Damaged Wood in a Crawl Space?

Determining a cost for the repairs is highly dependent on a number of factors. We have a lot of experience in repairing damaged wood, so we can give an average based on the jobs we have performed in the past.


  1. How much wood is damaged and what is the extent of the damage? If only a small section of wood is damaged, or if the damage is not severe, the cost could be relatively low for repairs. For example, if you inspect your crawl space regularly, you could catch the start of mold growth or termite activity before it causes too much damage, and the repairs could be minor. If the wood rot or damage is severe and extends through the majority of the crawl space, the costs for repair will increase significantly
  2. What is the height of your crawl space? The less time we spend in your crawl space, the less we charge. If your crawl space is tall enough for us to stand in, we can work more quickly and efficiently, which will be reflected in the price. A lot of crawl spaces in the Charlotte area live up to their name, and our crews have to crawl around to work, which will take more time. If your space is really tight and we are unable to perform repairs from underneath, we will have to access the space from inside your home. This means removing trim, flooring and subflooring so we can get to the damaged joists or beams below. The cost of replacing the subfloor and flooring, as well as the trim and paint touch up will all contribute to the overall price.
  3. Do you need permitting or a structural engineer sign off? In some counties, you are required to pull permits for structural repair. The costs of permits can vary depending on the county, and they will need to be factored in to the cost of the repair. In addition, if the wood damage is severe, you may need a structural engineer to assess the situation and provide guidance for the repairs, which is an additional cost.
  4. What type of wood needs repair? The flooring system under your home (in your crawl space) is a complex system with many parts working together to provide maximum strength. Some of these pieces are more critical than others when it comes to repair. For example, if a load bearing beam needs repair or replacement, the cost will be significantly higher than if the damaged piece is non load bearing.
  5. The cost for us to repair rotten or damaged wood in a crawl space has ranged in the past from less than $1,148 to more than $101,789. Factors such as the extent of the damage, the amount of area that is damaged, the height of the crawl space and the square footage of the area that needs repair all come into play. In 2022, the cost of crawl space wood repair from all of our jobs averaged out to around $9,500.

In order to get an accurate estimate for your home, based on all of the factors mentioned above, contact us for a free in-home inspection. Our trained professionals will thoroughly inspect your crawl space and provide you with a written estimate that same day.

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