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Importance of Concrete Foundation & Structural Repairs

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Structural repairs by HydroHelp911 are extremely crucial because they keep your home safe and sound. HydroHelp911 structural repairs may be required for various reasons, ranging from safety concerns due to age or lack of maintenance to preventing unintended damage that could cost you even more in the long term.

Many people turn to structural repair professionals in Huntersville, NC, who have expertise with this type of work when deciding which ones need to be done explicitly; however, if you don’t know how these structural repairs work, when it comes to doing the structural repair work at your own house (or would like to educate yourself so that you’re made aware), here’s a comprehensive list on some standard structural repair options by HydroHelp911:

Sealant and Masonry Patches

Repairing cracks and patches of a foundation structure in Huntersville, NC, by structural repair experts, HydroHelp911 involves fixing the crack and covering it with a waterproof masonry sealant. Because our foundation supports the entire house, detecting and repairing cracks early on is critical.

Hydraulic cement, vinyl concrete, epoxy, silicone, and polyurethane are prevalent sealants for minor cracks. The intensity of the crack will determine the concoction used by the structural repair team of HydroHelp911. This is an essential method of house foundation repair in Huntersville, NC.

Minor or insignificant cracks can be treated with masonry patches or sealants, but regular maintenance is advised.

Chipping the crack and applying masonry patches with sealers is only recommended for minor cracks by HydroHelp911. It is advisable to diagnose the issues early on and fix them to avoid water infiltration and further foundation damage.

  • Piering or Piling

In the piering or piling technique by HydroHelp911, to reinstate the foundation in Huntersville, NC, a steel or concrete pier is used. There is a slight difference between the piering and piling house foundation repair methods by HydroHelp911 in Huntersville, NC. Piering can be accomplished by excavating earth strata, whereas piling can be achieved by driving piles into the ground.

Piling used for house foundation repairs in Huntersville, NC, includes concrete piers, steel pressed piling, and bell-bottom piers. These methods are the long-term foundation and structural repair solutions provided by HydroHelp911 that restore your home’s foundation to its original level better than slab jacking.

  • Slabjacking

To lift the concrete foundation using the slab jacking method, two holes are drilled through the concrete foundation and into the hollow spaces below by the structural repair team at HydroHelp911. Next, a natural element solution (soil, cement, etc.) is injected through the hole to fill the void. Finally, the fallen slab is raised back into place as the solution expands.

The Benefits of Slabjacking

  • The cost of slab jacking is low when compared to the cost of replacing the entire structure.
  • The slab jacking location can be used in about an hour from the completion of the repair work.
  • This method is appropriate for any weather condition.
  • As the new concrete mixture spread beneath the old slab layer, there was no color change in the structure.
  • There is no need to clean up the area because this method never tampers the area.

Soil Modification

Soil modification, also known as soil stabilization, makes soil stiffer and more stable than before. Some chemicals are used here to fill voids within the soil layers. The procedure is similar to slab jacking. Often users do not recommend this method because it requires more knowledge and a well-trained guide. Work and maintenance costs are also high. Instead, hire a professional structural repair and foundation stabilization team like HydroHelp911 in Huntersville, NC.

Common Signs of Structural Damage by HydroHelp911:

Even if you purchase a new home or notice something out of the ordinary in your current home, structural damage should be a significant concern. Things that appear to be minor issues can quickly escalate into substantial, potentially dangerous problems that necessitate costly repairs:

  1. Wall and ceiling have cracks or are bulging
  2. Soil Detachment from House Walls
  3. Chimney Cracks
  4. Uneven Window and Door Gaps
  5. Floor sagging, sloping, or cracking
  6. Roof Sagging and Leaks
  7. Wet Subfloor
  8. Cracked Concrete/Brick

Suppose you notice any of these signs of structural damage in your Huntersville, NC home. In that case, you should contact a licensed structural repair professional like HydroHelp911 to conduct an in-depth free home inspection and recommend the best approach to correct the problem.

Contact HydroHelp911

If your foundation is cracked, buckling, or has other damage, our experts can repair it and make your home safe and functional.

Foundation issues in Huntersville, NC, can impact your home’s safety, appearance, and value. The first step in repairing your home’s foundation is determining the source of the issue. Fixing your foundation problem before it becomes a significant issue is the most cost-effective and efficient solution provided by structural repair contractor, HydroHelp911.

All of our foundation repair solutions are tailored to your specific needs. We install foundation products that come with a warranty and are installed by our team of trained contractors as a foundation and structural repair contractor in Huntersville, NC.

Check Basement Waterproofing in Lincolnton, NC | Interior Drain System | Interior Pressure Relief System by HydroHelp911 done to keep your home’s foundation structure safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking is a concrete repair technique used to lift uneven or sinking concrete. Slab jacking, concrete lifting, and slab leveling describe this process. This method is best suited for small jobs like raising porches, steps, decks, walkways, garage floors, and driveways.

When the soil beneath the slab foundation shifts or collapses, leaving empty spaces below, the foundation sinks or tilts. Structural repair professionals at HydroHelp911 have the necessary tools and knowledge of local soil properties to repair a sinking home foundation structure in Huntersville, NC.

How does slab jacking on smaller slabs work?

Slabjacking is the most common method of correcting smaller slabs of sunken concrete, such as residential slabs, driveways, sidewalks, swimming pool decks, and so on.

Pumping cement grout through small, strategically placed holes in the concrete slab is how slab jacking is done. Once in place, the grout hardens into a dense, substantial mass that serves as a stable foundation for the concrete slab.

If a soil-cement-lime sealant is used, the lime content of the mixture will provide lime stabilization advantages to the base or sub-base. This combination therapy for structural repair by HydroHelp911 revitalizes the slab to proper rank and stabilizes the subsoil to prevent the foundation structure problem from recurring.

How does poor drainage affect the home's structure?

Water is unquestionably the lifeline of any home. However, excessive amounts of it in the wrong place is harmful. Poor drainage is a source of concern for all of the building’s residents, pets, and greenery. Water clogging is a common issue for city folks. The problem could be clogged drains or a lack of a proper sewage disposal system. Some red flags include clogged drains, overflowing gutters, water stains in the basement, bubbling, soil saturation, deposits on walls, wet lawns, mildew in the basement or crawl space, and undirected water in the downspout.

Various homes have different drainage systems, but the problems are frequently the same. Drainage issues must be addressed instantaneously. Gutter cleaning and inspection for problems must be done regularly. It is an excellent method to have both the internal and external drainage systems working in unison.

It is necessary that the ground slopes away from the house in a well-designed structure. Though numerous options are available, such as dry wells, corrugated tubes, grassy sinkholes, and more, it takes a professional to select the best one for a particular home.

Watch this Video: This Is Why Gutters Are Important To Your Foundation!

What causes structural damage to a home or a building?

Water is the primary cause of the vast majority of the damage. Variants in moisture cause soil components to swell or shrink, resulting in movement beneath your foundation.

  • If your home is constructed on the expansive clay type, it might be more prone to foundation damage.
  • It was built on fill soils that had been improperly compacted.
  • The drainage around the foundation is poor.
  • You live in an area with high seasonal fluctuations.
  • You discovered a plumbing leak beneath your house.
  • Tree roots are encroaching on your property.
  • The structure was weakened by an earthquake, flood, or drought.

Different drainage systems are used in various types of homes. Drainage problems must be addressed immediately because they can become foundation-level issues that affect the entire structure. Gutter cleaning and inspection for problems must be done regularly. It is best to have both internal and external drainage systems fixed.

What problems will arise due to structural damage or foundation settlement?

The following problems can arise as a result of foundation settlement or structural damage:

  • The structure has been damaged.
  • The real estate value may decline
  • Hazards for tripping
  • Unappealing cracks
  • Malfunction of equipment

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