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Sump Pump Installation Services in Hickory, NC

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Waking up to a wet and flooded house is never a good start to the day. So, to keep yourself away from these kinds of mornings, it is always a good idea to install sump pumps in the basement.

Our home basements, due to their location, are prone to flooding easily. When water seeps into the cellars, there is no way for it to go back. Hence there will be an accumulation of water in your basements. Sump pumps will help you avoid these issues of water saturating in your house.

Sump pumps installations by HydroHelp911 can be considered your line of defense, which will protect your home from a flooded basement.

A sump pump is a curated pump to fit in the pit, which will do the job of throwing water away from your house somewhere elsewhere. A sump pump cannot prevent the water from coming inside the house, but it will help divert it from home.

Different types of sump pumps

Depending on the condition and the requirements of the problem, HydroHelp911 will suggest the appropriate option of sump pump installation in the basement of your home, which will help you get rid of your water flooding problems.

Following are the different types of sump pumps available in the market:

Pedestal Sump Pumps

In contradiction to submersible sump pumps, in pedestal sump pumps the pump motor is raised above the sump pump. The water is accessed and filtered out through the extension shaft into the sump pit. It is easier to access the pedestal sump pumps for repairs, etc., because it is above the ground. You can expect the life expectancy to double that of submersible sump pumps, which would be around 25 years.

Submersible Sump Pumps

The pumps are entirely submerged in the sump pit. These pumps have an added benefit of filtering out debris. The main advantage of this is that there are significantly fewer chances of clogging. However, it might not be a feasible option for owners who have less budget. Since the submersible sump pumps have high power, they can draw maximum water at once. Hence this is a good option for houses in areas that experience heavy rainfalls.

Combination Sump Pumps

The pumps use a combination of battery backup and your leading electricity for functioning. These pumps use battery backups when the main power is cut off. The combination sump pumps are cost-effective and provide maximum power like submersible sump pumps.

Water-Powered Sump Pumps

The pumps of these categories run entirely on electricity and will stop working when the power goes off. However, when there is a power cut, the pump will continue working on water pressure. The extra water is driven away by the vacuum created by the water pressure. Therefore, the only concern for a water-powered sump pump is its excellent option for city municipal connections because of its water pressure.

Battery-Backup Sump pumps

A battery is included in a battery-backup sump pump. It runs on the similar concept of water-powered sump pumps. However, like water-powered sump pumps, these pumps are also not dependent on electricity. Hence the battery-backup, sump pumps are a lifesaver for those who experience frequent power cuts in their area.

Location of installing a sump pump

The location of the sump pump installation is an integral part of your entire design. It is necessary to select a suitable place for a sump pump, and the pump must be easily accessible so that you can carry out the general maintenance with much ease. The pump, lid of the pump, and any connected incoming drainage pipe should be in your reach so that you can carry out the replacement procedure with convenience.

Things to keep in mind for the sump pump location:

  • It should be near the basement wall.
  • There should be no underground pipes, ducts, or cables around.
  • The site must be near to where the water is evacuated or discharged.
  • Easily accessible for maintenance.
  • The most important one is that the site must be at the lowest point of the area.

Sump pump troubleshooting

Your sump pump is going to protect you from water flooding in the basement. It will prevent water saturation by sending water away from your home, thus avoiding basement flooding and damage. High water levels in the surrounding area will instigate the sump pump to divert the water. If you realize that your sump pump has stopped working, you must immediately contact a professional pump installation, repair, and service provider like HydroHelp911.

Signs indicating your sump pump needs maintenance:

  • Loud Noise
  • Water not running through the pump
  • Mold and musty smell
  • The float switch is stuck

HydroHelp911 will help you with all types of basement sump pump installation, repairs, replacement, and maintenance in Hickory, NC.

What kind of homes will require sump pumps?

The layout and the design of your home will tell whether you need an installation of the sump pump. Sump pumps are a good option if your home is in a low-lying area or if you stay in a place that receives heavy snow as the water accumulates in the basement when the snow melts. It is highly recommended to install a sump pump in houses more prone to heavy rainfall and floods. The sump pumps will solve the problem of water gathering in your basement, thus preventing any damages to your home structure due to water. As there will be no water saturation or accumulation, your house will automatically eliminate issues such as dampness, fungus, molds, mildew, bacteria, etc. If you face problems such as water flooding in your basement frequently, you must opt to install sump pumps. HydroHelp911 will help you with basement sump pump installation in Hickory, NC.

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Pointers house owners should know about sump pumps:

The sump pumps shall be installed at the lowest level in your basement.

The sump pumps must preferably be installed in the basement, crawl spaces, or areas more prone to flooding in the house.

In the areas where power outages are more frequent, it is an excellent option to install battery-backup sump pumps. The pumps will still operate in the event of the power failure.

Why choose HydroHelp911 for sump pump installation services in Hickory, NC

We are 100% committed to our customers. Our team will give you advice about the best solutions to keep your basement dry according to the intensity of the problem and see that you do not face water leak and flooding issues in the future.

Our team at HydroHelp911 has vast experience in the waterproofing field and has successfully executed several waterproofing applications like sump pump installations in the basement in Hickory, NC.

Many kinds of sump pumps are available in the market. HydroHelp911 will inspect your home and suggest an appropriate option that will suit your condition and solve your flooding problems.

At HydroHelp911, we carry out all types of basement waterproofing, sump pump installations, maintenance, and repairs in Hickory, NC. We will provide cost-effective solutions to your problems and get your basement issues cleared with less hassle.

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Q. Which sump pump is better, Submersible or Pedestal?

Submersible sump pumps are considered the best option since the sump pump will be able to remove maximum volumes of water. In addition, submersible pumps emit less noise than pedestal sump pumps as they are placed inside the ground covered with a pit and container.

But in the case of durability and accessibility, pedestal pumps are a better option since the pedestal pumps are placed above the ground. Therefore, they are easily accessible for repairing or any other purpose. Also, since the submersible pumps are constantly placed underwater, they are highly likely to get damaged easily; hence, pedestal pumps are more durable.

Q. What are the advantages of introducing a battery backup sump pump in the basement?

Sump pumps will help to keep water away from your home basement. Unfortunately, there are occasions when the pumps fail due to power outages, especially during bad weather conditions. A battery backup sump pump is beneficial for:

  • Protection your home
  • Backup pumping and
  • Aids primary pump

Q. Why is my sump pump not working?

Some of the common factors that contribute to the sump pump not working are:

  • Power outage
  • Float switch
  • Clogged intake
  • Faults in the discharge line
  • Tired equipment

Q. Is it an excellent option to install combination sump pumps?

A combination sump pump is an ideal option for homeowners looking for maximum protection. Although this can be little on the higher price, the pumps will provide protection when the power is on or off.

Q. Will a sump pump require maintenance?

Your sump pump is going to need annual attention, at a minimum. This is because the sump pumps require maintenance more than once a year at places where it is being used regularly. The care will help you get rid of debris, stones, gravel, dirt, etc., that will cause clogging in the pump, thus enabling it to run smoothly.

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