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Importance Of Your Crawl Space Cleanup For Gastonia, NC

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What Is a Crawl Space?

Not all homes have a crawl space. They are typically found in homes that don’t have a basement or a solid cement foundation.

Access to these enclosed areas is typically found on the exterior of your home, near the base, and is situated underneath the house’s floor. The name “crawl” refers to the small size of these entrances.

The crawl space is a space beneath the house that lies between the foundation and the ground. Plumbing, gas connector, ventilation, and electrical components are all located beneath. The intention is for everyone to be capable of accessing them.

Mold can affect the air that your family breathes in if ductwork under the house and mold is growing. In addition, if pests or rodents have made nests in your home, the air quality for your family will suffer as a result. There will also be a lot of junk and debris.

Crawl spaces were created to help elevate a home off the ground to avoid flooding problems. The area is tiny, so cleanliness is essential. However, it can also be highly uncomfortable. So, it is better to hire a professional crawl space cleaning contractor if you live in Gastonia, NC.

Crawl Space Cleaning Process

  • Debris Removal – The crawl space cleaning team begins by clearing the debris in the crawl space before cleaning. This entails removing all of the trash from beneath the house, which includes:
  • Damaged vapor barriers – must be repaired to prevent surface moisture, mold, and fungus growth.
  • Old wood or paperboard – This can rot or be a source of mold growth and should be eliminated.
  • Cracked pipes – you may notice these in the crawl space and will need to hire a professional waterproofing contractor to determine if they have a cracked water pipe in the home. It’ll be hard to decide whether or not it is a water pipe from the floor underground or a water pipe that leads to the wall.
  • Getting Rid of Mold and Pests After a Crawl Space Cleanup – When you see white or black mold, you must eliminate it. This is potentially hazardous, and a crawl space cleaning expert can help you remove it. In addition, during a home inspection, an inspector will examine the crawl space. If mold is discovered, the crawl space cleaning team of Gastonia, NC, will make a note of it. Again, this is related to safety because it can impact the support beams and the safety of the occupants, so if you plan to sell your house, you should consult what to do next with your realtor.
  • Fixing the Water Leaks – Because dirt and moisture are inextricably linked, you should seal off all water, air, and sewage leaks. Air and water can enter through the ground, walls, open vents, and leaking pipes. An inspection is performed to determine whether or not there is a leak. The crawl space cleaning crew will seal the vents and cracks to prevent water, air, or dirt entering.
  • Repairing Defects – The last thing you need is water pouring into your house. Next, analyze the foundation, any settling floors, cracks in the walls, and any damage to the insulation.
  • Vacuum Cleaning – Crawl space cleaning staff will use a special vacuum to vacuum up dust and other particles; care is taken not to stir up dust since that could cause cross-contamination in the home.
  • Installation of a Vapor Barrier – After the crawl space debris has been cleaned up and the mold and fungus have been removed, a vapor barrier should be installed. This is a plastic protective cover placed on the ground to keep moisture from entering and growing. It is completely sealed from all sides and the floor.
  • Waterproofing of Crawl Spaces – This may also be required, and it entails ensuring that the water drains away from the house. If you don’t have gutters or downspouts, you’ll need to have them installed on the house to ensure that water drains away from home. A crawl space encapsulation professional can tell you if you require a sump pump or a drainage system.
  • Fix Leaking Pipes – If there were a sewage spill under the house, you’d want to ensure it’s cleaned and the source is identified. This may necessitate another plumbing inspection, especially for those who live in an older home where the pipes deteriorate over time.

Things to Remember When Crawl Space Cleaning


Because of rain and groundwater, water naturally collects in crawl spaces. But that doesn’t imply you should neglect it. If you have standing water, get cleared right away. A sound drainage system will assist you in managing the water that enters your crawl space. Look for one with a dehumidifier and a sump pump that is qualified for the task.

Watch our video to learn more – Crawl Space Drainage System In Conover, NC


Isn’t it true that the more vents you have, the more moisture can escape? False! A multitude of vents can start drawing in humidity. By creating a moist environment for mold to thrive, it will cause more harm than good. Furthermore, you are simply providing more possibilities for rodents and other pests to move in. Your crawl space is an attractive place to live because it allows for protection from the elements and predators.

When it comes to crawling space vents, adhere to the standard of one vent every 10 feet and within three feet from every corner.

See why Powered Vent Fans in a Crawl Space Are Not The Answer!

Hiring a Crawl Space Cleaning Company

Hiring a crawl space cleaning professional is a good investment of your time, money, and health. To eliminate pests and rodents, a pest control inspection can be performed. The professional will inspect your crawl space for live insects or rodents, exit gaps, shelter tubes, symbols of wood damage, and relics of pest excrement and nesting.

Contact HydroHelp911 for a Free Inspection

If you need assistance inspecting or cleaning your crawl space, contact the specialist at HydroHelp911 for crawl space services in Gastonia, NC. The cleaning team can tell you what is wrong with your crawl space and how to fix it.

Crawl spaces must be kept clean for your family’s air to be healthy. The last thing you want is for animals to build nests under your house or for mold to grow. During our free inspections in Gastonia, NC, we will inspect your crawl space.

Do you need crawl space cleaning or repairs? Contact us today!



Your floor joists are the system that supports your home’s floor. Some people believe that putting up vapor barriers will help protect the wood supports from moisture. During the summer, however, condensation from your crawl space creeps in between these vapor barriers and your floor joists, causing a problem. When this occurs, the risk of mold or wood rot rises.

Avoiding condensation should always be your top priority in your crawl space. The more you can cut it down, the better.


Include your crawl space in your spring-cleaning checklist. The extra rain that spring brings can easily find its way into your home. Examine the area for leaks, dampness, and musty odors. It’s also advised to check for critters right before winter or when the temperature begins to drop.

During these times (every six months) or if there has been some bad weather, inspect your crawl space.


The following are some of the most common issues with a poorly maintained crawl space:

  • Fungus and mold are cropping up.
  • Animals and other pests are housed here.
  • Housing hantavirus (a rodent-borne pathogen)
  • Creating a pool of standing water or sewage
  • Energy is being wasted as a result of poor insulation.
  • Wiring that is faulty or damaged
  • Wear and tear or damage to the structure causes structural collapse.
  • Asbestos was noticed in old insulation.


The most important advantage of a clean crawl space is improved health. But unfortunately, a filthy crawl space can become a breeding ground for a variety of allergens.

  1. Structural Strength – Maintaining this space clean will prevent water and pests from causing chaos in the house’s structure.
  2. Energy-Efficiency – Intact insulation and a clean HVAC unit and ductwork will retain your systems from running smoothly and efficiently, saving you money.
  3. Moisture Control – Regular cleaning will prevent the accumulation of extra moisture and the problems with it.
  4. Keep Pests Away – By keeping moisture and other debris out, you can prevent pests from seeping into your crawl space and making it their home.

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