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HydroHelp911 Explains the Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation Hickory, NC Region

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As you might expect, any gaps or spaces in your home will cause moisture problems and allow hot air to pass. This will be highly inefficient! Regretfully, if a crawl space is not ventilated, it is highly likely to develop damp conditions and the risk of standing water. As a result, you must be effective in addressing these areas.

Crawl space encapsulation by HydroHelp911 is a process that creates a barrier to prevent vapor and moisture from entering. It is where you can prevent water buildup or install waterproofing beneath your house in the crawl space. If you do not keep moisture out of your crawl spaces, they will become damp and moldy over time.

The HydroHelp911 crawl space waterproofing service in Hickory, NC, is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your property and avoid future crawl space repairs. By keeping your crawl space dry, you can protect your wood from mold and rot, as well as odors and allergenic mold spores, while it also enhances the crawl space insulation.

A dry crawl space will also be uninviting to tiny household pests that require a lot of moisture to survive. The plastic vapor barrier also deters rats and mice.

The Concept of Crawl Space Encapsulation by HydroHelp911:

The basic standard process of crawl space encapsulation by the basement waterproofing company HydroHelp911 involves lining the crawl space of the homes or property with a waterproofing vapor barrier which is commonly made of polyethylene. The floors and even crawl space ceilings are sealed with this waterproofing sheet to protect the area from moisture.

The crawl space encapsulation process of HydroHelp911 also includes the installation of sump pumps and dehumidifiers to avoid water accumulation and keep the crawl space dry.

The Benefit of Crawl Space Encapsulation by HydroHelp911:

The crawl space encapsulation procedure followed by the waterproofing specialists of HydroHelp911 gives an advantage of a dry crawl space in the house, and it also is responsible to benefit plentifully. In this article, let’s look at how the HydroHelp911 crawl space encapsulation helps the house’s structure and the owner.

The house’s air quality is healthier- Crawl space encapsulation encourages clean air to circulate throughout your home, creating a more beneficial area for your friends and family to breathe. Moisture thrives in unprotected crawl spaces. Humid air is no longer moving around your home once water is removed.

Prevention of Insect or Rot Infestations- Moisture is required for the survival of insects, including termites. Crawl space encapsulation excludes the possibility of enticing pests such as termites. By addressing your crawl space needs with a professional crawl space encapsulation service provider like HydroHelp911, you can avoid the threat of insect infestation, substantial damage, and the hassle the pest cause.

Improves living conditions- Enclosing a home’s crawl space makes it a healthier place to live and breathe. No person will like to fall ill due to the unhealthy living conditions in the house.

Allows increased energy efficiency- When your heating and cooling unit does not need to fight the damp air created by a moist crawl space, it uses less energy, lowering your monthly utility bills. It is worth noting that crawl space encapsulation pays for itself in the long run due to the rise in energy efficiency it provides your home.

Prevention of molds and mildew growth and development- Mildew and mold grow in moist environments, so if you want to keep them at bay, you must keep your environment dry and free of moisture. Decay can quickly spread throughout the house if it grows in the crawl space. It not only leaves mildew streaks everywhere, but it also rots wood, which can be challenging to remove. Termites, which are attracted to damp wood, can also cause havoc. With HydroHelp911 crawl space encapsulation, you can keep moisture out, as well as mold and pests that come with it. Unwanted moisture problems are avoided when water is removed from beneath your home, which is the crawl space. Furthermore, no musty, wet odors will come into your home from your heating and cooling unit.

Excess moisture prevention – Another advantage of HydroHelp911 crawl space encapsulation is that it prevents excess moisture from accumulating. While condensation is unavoidable during construction, excessive humidity can aggravate existing problems and generate new problems. This is especially true in homes with roof cracks or leaks or other areas prone to humidity buildup. Sealing off the crawl spaces keeps excess moisture from accumulating, resulting in a safe environment at your home.

Prevents structural damage- Preventing moisture accumulation in your crawl space is critical for the long-term stability of your home’s foundation. When you keep dampness out of your crawl space, you keep it away from the dirt seeping inside that surrounds your home’s foundation. Drains keep water apart from the foundation of your home, but a moist crawl space beneath your home can cause problems. Crawl space encapsulation prevents moisture retention and increases the stability of your foundation over time.

It makes your floors more comfortable-The temperature of your home’s hardwood and tile floors will be easier to walk on after crawl space encapsulation.

An encapsulated crawl space also provides you with additional storage space beneath your home, allowing you to declutter other cluttered storage areas such as your closets or garage. As a result, encapsulating the crawl space is becoming more popular, and it can even increase the resale value of your home. Furthermore, some state and local governments provide tax breaks for home improvement projects such as crawl space encapsulation.

Preventative maintenance is less expensive now than extensive repair later –The cost of crawl space encapsulation is determined by waterproofing expert HydroHelp911 in Hickory, NC, depending on the size of your house’s crawl space, whether it has previously been encapsulated, and the severity of any existing mold or other damage. If you’d like to get a crawl space encapsulation quote or need a crawl space replacement, please call HydroHelp911 for a free estimate in Hickory, NC.

Why hire HydroHelp911 crawl space encapsulation experts?

HydroHelp911, a waterproofing company, has represented the best crawl space encapsulation companies in the Hickory, NC, areas for an extended period. We consider giving the highest level of customer service with a professional team of waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation experts in Hickory, NC. We can support you with an all-size project. Contact us for a free crawl space inspection and learn why HydroHelp911 is always the right call.


Q. What issues arise due to the moisture presence and poor air quality in the crawl space?

A. The main issue with a speck of dirt or vented concrete crawl space is that warm air rises into your home and brings perspective from beneath your floorboards with it. This air will be moist and frequently carry mold, rot spores, and other nasty bacteria and microbes. These issues provide unhealthy conditions for the people living in the home.

Q. What is included in HydroHelp911 crawl space encapsulation?

A. The crawl space encapsulation professionals at HydroHelp911 begin by assessing your home’s requirements and determining whether or not your crawl space is appropriate for the encapsulation to be done. The HydroHelp911 crawl space encapsulation includes the following:

  • Raking the soil beneath the house to ensure that it is flat and smooth.
  • Debris Removal
  • All block walls will receive 2.5 inches of foam insulation.
  • Putting up a 20-mm liner on the walls and the floor
  • Installing humidifiers and, if necessary, a drain pipe
  • removing all outdated, unnecessary, or damaged insulation
  • Mold and mildew treatment is done using spray foam insulation to wrap steel wool around the pipes entering into the house.
  • Putting in new insulation

Q. Can crawl space encapsulation make my life easier?

A. Crawl space encapsulation by HydroHelp911 can improve your home’s comfort. You will be able to help your HVAC system run more efficiently if you encapsulate your crawl space. Your rooms will remain at a more comfortable and favorable temperature because your heating or air conditioning will no longer send controlled atmospheric air to your crawl space. After your crawl space procedure is completed, you may notice that your energy bills are lower throughout the seasons.

Q. What exactly are vapor barriers?

A. A vapor barrier is installed to seal a crawl space or other underfloor space from the earth and outside air, thereby improving humidity levels in your home.

Q. How much does encapsulation of crawl space cost?

A. Several factors may determine the cost, including:

  • The size of your crawl space
  • The state of its condition
  • The materials you use
  • The contractor you employ

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