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What Are Foundation Jacks and How Are They Used?

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Crawl space jacks, also popularly known as foundation jacks or smart jacks in the foundation repair industry, are used to rectify the house’s bowing, bouncy or uneven floors.

The foundation repair team at HydroHelp911 uses foundation jacks in crawl spaces of the homes facing an issue of raised foundation structure.

What are Foundation Jacks?

Depending on various factors like the age of the home, weather conditions in your area, or the design of your home, you may start noticing a sink in the foundation structure of the crawl space. The foundation jacks by HydroHelp911 are used to stabilize the crawl space when the foundation structure in the crawl space starts to sink. Unfortunately, many instances contribute to the foundation sink, which indicates that you must contact a foundation repair expert – HydroHelp911, located in Hickory, NC.

Keep reading this article to know what the HydroHelp911 expert has to say about foundation jacks.

Foundations jacks are used in crawls spaces where a significant amount of weight needs to be lifted.

HydroHelp911 Foundation Jacks are Comprised of 4 Essential Parts:

  • Top Plate – which is attached to girder beam through nails or screws
  • Spindle – This has a threaded metal rod that is kept in the 3.5″ Pipe
  • Pipe – The threaded rod is held in this pipe
  • Bottom Plate – The plate is installed securely on the post

The top plate is either lowered or raised through a nut that is welded to the spindle. The nut is manually turned until the desired height is attained.

The Foundation Jack Installation Process

Step 1:

The foundation jack installation team of HydroHelp911 will clear the crawl space area of your home to get rid of the debris in the room. Almost a clearance of up to 2 feet is a must to make skillful movements during the installation procedure.

Step 2:

The pad base for the foundation jack is prepared by digging a hole

Step 3:

The excavated area is filled with gravel, and it is then leveled so that the pad can fit appropriately beneath the girder beam.

The gravel is used as a filling agent here because it evenly distributes the weight into the soil. If gravel is not used, the structure’s weight will be concentrated only around the pad, about a square foot in size.

Step 4:

A pipe of a size that can fit between the precast pad and girder beam is cut.

Step 5:

Now, all the components of the HydroHelp911 foundation jack are assembled and placed on the pad securely.

Step 6:

Before the lift is done, the foundation jack installation team of HydroHelp911 will insert the foundation jacks. The jacks are placed at a distance of 6 feet apart at grinder beam joints. It is necessary to provide support to the major joints so that the sides of the girder beam have equal support and are at a consistent level which is they are neither a step up or down.

Step 7:

During the lifting process, it is made sure that no single jack ends up bearing the load of the lift.

Step 8:

The last step of HydroHelp911 foundation jack installation is the crawl space encapsulation.

The crawl space encapsulation by HydroHelp911 involves:

  • Sealing the crawl space.
  • Installing vents.
  • Lining the floors and walls of the crawl space with waterproof and durable liners.

The main aim of the crawl space encapsulation procedure is to keep the area moist free, dry, and clean.

It is crucial for every homeowner to know that the digging and setup process of the foundation jack installation procedure by HydroHelp911 in Hickory, NC, alone takes up to more than 70% of the time. That is because crawl spaces in the houses are cramped, and there is very little space to make movements. Therefore, additional time is required for digging, transferring equipment, and leveling the area.

At times, the HydroHelp911 foundation jack installation team may require push piers or helical piers to address foundation structure settlement before installing jacks. Also, in a few cases, parts of the girder beam which are rotten need to be replaced.

Crawl space or foundation support jacks work by shifting the load of the house’s structure from the beams and transferring it downwards into the soils beneath the foundation structure.

The HydroHelp911 foundation jacks are more robust and faster to install than the concrete beams, and they’re fully compatible and support the crawl space encapsulation system.

The HydroHelp911 crawl space encapsulation procedure includes taking drainage measures like installing interior drains and a sump pump. In addition, the encapsulation process stops moisture-related damage and associated structural problems that occur.


What Not to Do if You Face Issues in the Crawl Space Structure

The following crawl space fixes are the ones which HydroHelp911 will NOT propose to the owner, as they are short term fixes that do not deliver efficient results:

  • Concrete Columns: Crawl space beams are supported by columns that are made from concrete blocks. After the column is built, the extra space between the league, which is at the top and the floor girder, is filled with shims or wooden spacers. It is a prolonged and time-consuming process that gives a not adjustable column, meaning it will need additional shimming to install.
  • Additional Shimming: This option is a less expensive solution for repairing crawl space floors that have sagged because of the settlement in the concrete columns. Here, temporary jacks are used to lift the girder, and wooden shims are inserted between the space of the existing column and the floor girder, then the jacks are removed. Additional shimming is a temporary fix. The concrete columns will continue to settle in the ground, which will require additional shimming and maintenance in the future.
  • Light-Duty Jack Posts: Thin, lightweight jack posts are available at most hardware stores or home centers. The adjustable steel post is installed on top of a concrete block that lays on the ground of the crawl space. Unfortunately, since these jack posts have poor stability and can bear very little weight, they are also difficult to adjust.

Check this video by HydroHelp911 to know what to keep in mind before approaching any professional crawl encapsulation contractor.

HydroHelp911 will offer a free inspection for foundation jack installation and crawl space encapsulation services in Hickory, NC.

Our foundation jack installation and repair team at HydroHelp911 will provide complete assistance if you face problems like sagging or sinking in the crawl space. In addition, we offer free crawl space repair inspection in our serviceable areas.



The following signals indicate damages to your crawl space foundation structure:

  • Cracking of walls or ceilings
  • Cracks in foundation
  • Uneven or sagging floors
  • Doors or windows don’t open and shut
  • Gaps around the chimney
  • Cracked, leaning, or bowing basement walls

If you see any of those problems, you must consider contacting a foundation repair expert, HydroHelp911, today!


Crawl spaces are often built on homes that do not have basements. Instead, a crawl space foundation is elevated a few feet off the ground. It gives you proper access to the crawl space. Your crawl space is part of your home’s interior. Due to its location in the lowest part of the house, the crawl space directly contacts the ground or surrounding soil.


The air in your house is lifted from the lowest bottom of the place, the crawl space. Moisture presence in the crawl space gives rise to molds, mildew, and other bacteria that affect the people living in the house. Also, water saturation will damage the foundation of your home. 


  • Resistant to corrosion
  • It has a support load capacity of more than 60,000lbs
  • Can be installed in areas that have limited access
  • HydroHelp911’s foundation jack addresses problem soils.

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