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Everything You Need to Know About Foundation Stabilization

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Amongst the most crucial aspects of your home is the foundation. The structural integrity of your house is conditional on the foundation. Unfortunately, it’s not like all houses are built the same way. The bearing capacity of soil beneath your foundation has a significant impact on its performance. Over time, soil that was not adequately compacted during the construction phase will compress and shift. This creates issues. Soil moisture can be another prevalent fault for foundations: contextually, too much and too little moisture can both lead to costly repairs. So, how can you tell if the foundation needs to be repaired?

HydroHelp911, a foundation stabilization company in Huntersville, NC, provides the following stabilization methods to maintain the integrity of your structure:

  • Steel Piers
  • Most structural engineers will advise this foundation repair for your home. Steel piers are the solid and tried-and-tested method of foundation stabilization often used by HydroHelp911 for foundations that have begun to shift or plunge into shaky ground. Large galvanized or epoxy-coated steel pipes are connected in this method. The structural engineer will utilize a hydraulic ram to push the steel piers underground into the stable, load-bearing underlying soil of your home. This foundation repair will elevate and support your home in Huntersville, NC, preventing it from further settlement.

  • Concrete Press Piles
  • These are prefabricated concrete beams inserted into the ground beneath the existing foundation. These are much quicker to insert than the other foundation stabilization methods by HydroHelp911. They are ready to use instantly after setup. They do not require the same time to harden as a poured concrete pier. Nevertheless, unlike steel piers, they are not tied to the house’s foundation. This increases the chances of the concrete piles shifting over time.

  • Helical Piers
  • Helical steel piers are steel pipes with spiral blades at the bottom. A helix (spiral) is attached to the front part of the pipe. This would provide the steel pipes with the required bearing capacity. The piles will be twisted into the ground using a hydraulic torque motor in this type of foundation stabilization repair by HydroHelp911 in Huntersville, NC. Because of the helices on the lower ends of the steel pipes, they do not need to be as deep as the driven piers.

    Know What It Looks Like After Helical Piers Are Installed

  • Concrete Piers
  • Concrete piers are constructed by casting the concrete into holes beneath the home’s existing foundation. In Huntersville, NC, this foundation repair technique is fuzzier and more labor-intensive. To complete a proper installation takes about three weeks. It takes time for the concrete to solidify correctly, and nothing can disrupt this process. After the concrete piers have hardened, the house is reduced onto them. This method makes determining when these piers have attained the load-bearing ground beneath the foundation increasingly hard.

  • Mudjacking
  • This type of repair is commonly used to raise small concrete layouts. It is used to increase the height of sidewalks, garages, and occasionally basement floors. This is accomplished by making holes into the current concrete slab and putting a concrete mixture beneath it to provide additional stabilization. This is not a method for repairing a house foundation. If a foundation repair expert mentions this as a cheap fix, you should hire someone else. While this method works exceptionally well for small concrete layouts, it is not suggested for foundation repair on your home.

    More Foundation Stabilization Methods by HydroHelp911:

  • Pier and Beam Foundation Stabilization
  • According to a structural repair expert in Huntersville, NC, HydroHelp911, foundation repair may be required more frequently in pier and beam homes. There are two stages to repairing a pier and beam foundation. Installing piers to assist the concrete perimeter beam is one phase. (The shaft is what holds up your house’s exterior walls.) The second stage entails tweaking the shallow piers that support the home’s interior. When adjusting interior piers, maintenance to wooden beams, joists, and subflooring are made. Even though interior piers are shallow, they move depending on the season and require adjustments regularly.

    Pouring concrete into shafts drilled in the ground creates drilled piers. Steel is used to reinforce the concrete. Drilled piers are the best alternative for foundations that are fragile or light.

    Push piers provide a firm platform for lifting and supporting the perimeter beam by being driven deep into supporting soils.

  • Concrete Slab Foundation Stabilization
  • Repairs are more complicated if your home is built on a concrete slab. Depending on the issues with your foundation, several methods can be used.

    Steel pressed pilings are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to stabilization. This innovation transformed the industry and is still in use presently.

    Concrete cylinders are used to make concrete pressed pilings. However, concrete piers are not suitable for all types of soil.

    Concrete piers have typically been used in constructing homes and thus continue to stay a top choice among engineers. However, they can be expensive to install.

    Masonry patches and sealants can be used when cracks in the foundation are visible, but no structural damage has occurred. These cracks are filled with epoxy, which both fills and seals them.

    High-density polyurethane foam is used to lift the interiors of buildings quickly. It does have a few disadvantages, especially if it enters the pipe, but it still commonly remains a popular foundation repair method.

    Contact professional foundation stabilization company, HydroHelp911 in Huntersville, NC.

    There are numerous methods for increasing the stability of your foundation. Every house is unique, with unique problems and, as a result, individual solutions.

    Hire HydroHelp911, a professional foundation stabilization company in Huntersville, NC, who has the knowledge and experience to help you understand which method is best. Contact HydroHelp911, Huntersville, NC Foundation Repair specialists today for a free evaluation.

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    What are the typical symptoms of foundation repair?

    Unfortunately, because foundations are located beneath the soil’s surface, determining whether or not your foundation requires repairs can be extremely difficult. You can get assistance from an experienced foundation inspection professional. Whenever you schedule a visit, here are a few red flags you should be aware of:

    • Doors that aren’t square and either won’t shut properly or remain closed
    • Windows that become picky and therefore do not slide easily or fail to close completely
    • Cracks either in the tile, the walls, or the ceilings
    • Uneven floor surfaces

    What effect does soil swell have on current homes?

    Soil swell, also called “shrink soil,” can result in many foundation issues. Interior and exterior wall shifts can occur as the foundation soil expands or heaves. Furthermore, during periods of low soil moisture, the expansive soil can “collapse,” causing the foundation to shift, crack, or damage.

    Swelling soil has also caused erosion around the foundation of an existing home. Whether you’ve just noticed problems with your foundation or want to weather-proof the soil around your home’s foundation before issues arise, the foundation stabilization experts at HydroHelp911 are here to help.

    How can I stabilize the soil beneath an existing foundation?

    Even when you have lived in your house for a long time, swollen soils are a legitimate concern. Expansive soil was not a concern when many of the area’s residential homes were built years ago. Simply put, the construction companies did not know enough about the subject to plan ahead of time. HydroHelp911 comes in to help with foundation stabilization.

    There are options for stabilizing soil beneath an existing foundation. Our soil stabilization products can be applied around the home’s perimeter. We effectively eliminate future movement caused by soil expansion by doing so.

    What does a foundation inspection entail?

    Foundation repair experts HydroHelp911 provides free foundation inspections for residential and commercial properties throughout Huntersville, NC. Because each property is different, our foundation specialists analyze each foundation carried out to ascertain whether or not the property requires repairs. We will investigate your home’s interior and exterior to identify any signs of foundation stress. Depending on the property’s size, inspections can last from an hour to several hours.

    What causes foundation issues?

    Foundation problems are caused primarily by poor soil and water conditions beneath the structure’s surface the most common causes of foundation problems in Huntersville, NC, residential and commercial properties.

    • Soils that are dry as a result of tree root transpiration and evaporation.
    • Materials for uncompacted fill.
    • Soils that are too soft to support the weight of the structure.
    • The settling of a foundation is caused by expanding and contracting clay coils.
    • Soil expansion and foundation are shifting as a result of insufficient foundation drainage.
    • Changes in the weather cause the soil to contract and expand.

    Is it necessary to repair the whole foundation?

    No, not always. Only the areas that require remediation are recommended for repair by HydroHelp911. Sometimes, foundation stabilization and other repairs may be needed to prevent future foundation failure. If our foundation repair specialists identify areas of the foundation prone to movement or neglect, they will notify you and suggest effective repair methods.

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