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Ground Screws for a Solid Foundation by HydroHelp911

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The HydroHelp911 ground screw functions similarly to a concrete post or pier block while outperforming it in every way. With our helical screws, you can quickly and easily lay a solid foundation and start building right away.

Underpinning with ground screw piles and brackets is typically used when conventional underpinning is not feasible. However, a few structures in the US may necessitate deep excavation or may not be viable to use a piling rig, making the HydroHelp911 ground screw piles and brackets method ideal.

Screw piles and shelves are installed by the foundation stabilization and structural repair company in NC, HydroHelp911. Concrete foundations in NC always consider the foundation solution first when planning a garden building. This is an attempted method whose popularity is indisputably justified.

HydroHelp911 ground screws, on the other hand, provide a substitute and groundbreaking solution that has numerous advantages over traditional concrete solutions. According to the foundation repair company, HydroHelp911, ground screws are the foundation of choice for your structures in NC. This segment will explain why we believe ground screws should be used instead of traditional concrete foundations.

Soil surface sealing is avoided in this method. When you use HydroHelp911 ground screws instead of concrete foundations, you are sure to avoid any unnecessary surface sealing of the soil. This is beneficial because the soil ecosystem is not hindered and stays unchanged. Furthermore, rainwater can cascade down underneath the foundations, eradicating the need for independent drainage channels.

  • The screws and the surface area are reusable.

Because of ground screws, the garden space is categorized as a mobile building, which aims to resolve any planning permission issues. Furthermore, it is more significant for HydroHelp911 because it aligns with our green sustainability ideology; the ground where the garden spaces are located can be easily repurposed after the building has been demolished since there is no concrete to be gotten rid of. This means that HydroHelp911 ground screws do not disrupt the soil’s ecosystem.

Ground screws are ahead of the curve whenever it comes to durability. In contrast to concrete foundations, which must be initially separated and discarded at a landfill site after dismantling, ground screws can be unscrewed and recycled. Ground screws, according to foundation repair and stabilization experts, HydroHelp911 are thus an appealing foundation option for both permanent and temporary infrastructure projects.

  • No excavation is necessary.

Extensive excavation and soil relocation work are necessary when constructing concrete foundations. However, it can be chaotic, cause crop damage, and the material that has been eradicated must be disposed of somehow. With HydroHelp911 ground screws, however, all of this is a distant memory! Ground screws are placed into the ground by small but incredibly powerful equipment. This implies that no waste is generated, the surrounding area is relatively untouched, and the soil is unharmed.

  • Installation is completed quickly.

The method we use when installing ground screws is very distinct from the way we use when designing and building concrete foundations. Constructing concrete foundations entails several process steps. Before the concrete can be poured in and secured, the ground must be planned and the foundations laid down and bolstered.

It should also be left to dry for another few days before any load is placed on it. As a result, the installation time with HydroHelp911 ground screw foundation is significantly reduced. Without any significant preparations, the installation can be completed rapidly and effectively. In addition, the foundations can sustain a load immediately after installation, implying that the backyard building construction project will not be delayed.

About HydroHelp911 Ground Screws

One advantage of our ground screws is that they can be removed and reused somewhere else. Our goal at HydroHelp911 is to create a better and more resource-efficient design & construction industry and motivate reuse through our smart foundation repair and stabilization solutions. HydroHelp911 ground screws are an awe-inspiring, sustainable choice that can always be used in construction projects involving temporary installation and building construction.

In conclusion, ground screws are a legitimate, feasible alternative to concrete foundations, with many convincing reasons in this favor, especially when it comes to the issue of sustainable foundation construction.

Here is a brief description of the advantages of using HydroHelp911 ground screws rather than concrete!

  • No concrete waste will be generated because there will be no digging of foundations.
  • There will be no mess or damage to your site or the surrounding area.
  • It is simple to set up.
  • Rapid installation & uninstallation.
  • Loadable right away.
  • Saves money when relative to traditional foundation methods
  • The benefit of being environmentally friendly.
  • There is no impact on the external environment or waterways during or after use.
  • Use can be temporary or permanent.
  • There is no landfill waste or requirement.

Advantages of HydroHelp911 Ground Screws

  • There is no digging required.

Your next construction project with us will require “No Digging.” The foundations for the ground screws are created by our installation experts using highly specialized machinery.

  • Concreting is not needed.

There is no need for concrete to be installed with the ground screws, saving time and effort. Instead, we merely screw them into the ground, which is steady and long-lasting.

  • No need to hire a skip.

During the foundation stage, HydroHelp911 ground screws cause minor damage and mess to the surrounding area, saving the cost in which you would usually hire a skip for concrete waste.

  • It saves time.

Our ground screw installation is typically done in less time and saves you valuable time so you can begin completing your work right away.

  • Installation in any weather condition.

Because of our unique design that can endure extreme temperatures, our ground screws can be assembled all year round, letting you begin your project when you want!

  • You save money.

Ground screws are a less expensive and more cost-effective foundation construction solution. This easy and effective foundation solution leads to high quality at a minimal price.

Meanwhile, please look at What It Looks Like After Helical Piers Are Installed.


Is it more accessible to install ground screws than concrete foundations?

Yes, ground screws are much easier to install than concrete foundations for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • There is no need for back-breaking digging. Yes, screwing them in by hand requires some force, but it pales in comparison to digging holes in the ground.
  • There is no need to mix all the messy concrete manually or with a mixer.
  • Ground screws can often be used more creatively to avoid underground cables or pipes.
  • You don’t have to be worried about pouring concrete and having to wait for it to cure. Instead, install the ground screws, and you’re ready to start building the structure above it.
  • There is no time constraint in quick curing to set posts precisely plumb and level. If the ground screw isn’t in level as it goes in, unwind it, straighten it out, and rewind it.
  • Ground screws are installed 60-70 percent faster than current concrete foundations, illustrating the ease of installation.

What is the function of ground screw foundations as an anchor?

Ground screws, like concrete foundations, are part of the construction structure that is below ground level and transitions loads from the form above to the load-bearing ground below it. Therefore, foundations at various depths are obligated to be an impactful anchor depending on the mass of the built system and the ground conditions.

HydroHelp911 Ground Screws are available in various lengths to accommodate a wide range of applications and project sizes.

Why are ground screws more environmentally friendly than concrete foundations?

Compared to laying concrete, ground screws are the more environmentally friendly option for foundations.

  • Because the ground screw is reusable, it can be unscrewed from the ground after use on one building and reused on another.
  • These steel screws are 100% recyclable and will not remain in a landfill.
  • Steel ground screw manufacturing produces a fraction of the carbon emissions produced by concrete manufacturing.
  • Ground screws do not disrupt your soil ecosystem, and if you eliminate your structure in the future, the site can be restored to its original state much more quickly.
  • There is no waste generated because they are installed without digging out soil in return for concrete.

What are screw piles used for?

The foundation is the most critical part of any structure because it provides resilience and makes the design prepped to withstand any calamity, including earthquakes and tornadoes. The soil is relocated when a screw pile is drilled into the ground. As a result of the diameter ratio, it is protected from all obstacles.

Ground Screw installation can be completed in minutes per ground screw, ensuring maximum stability. HydroHelp911 provides a new and improved solution for laying foundations in various applications.

About HydroHelp911

HydroHelp911 has been helping property owners repair their foundations and solve their moisture problems in North Carolina for many years. The company started as Advanced Ventilation Solutions, which increased crawl space repair and basement waterproofing, but we did minimal ventilation services. This caused our company to re-evaluate the brand to reflect our core services and companies future direction. Thus HydroHelp911 was born and ready to service the residents of beautiful North Carolina!

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