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Foundation Jacks Restoration and Structural Repair Services in Gastonia, NC

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Excess moisture, wood rot, and termite damage can cause structural issues in even the most well-built homes. If these risks occur and structural repairs are not performed, your home will eventually suffer from drywall cracks, protruding doors, and sloping and irregular floors.

Because your crawl space or the basement is built directly beneath your home, your foundation supports are essential to the fundamental integrity of your house. Crawl spaces or basements carry this weight via the foundation walls and foundation support columns.

However, many basements or crawl spaces in Gastonia, NC, are designed with a support system that is either insufficient, rotting, or has soils beneath the support posts that cannot provide load-bearing support.

What are HydroHelp911 foundation jacks?

Foundation structural issues in Gastonia, NC, are common, such as settling columns, sagging beams, and fatigued floor joints. Sinking columns in a crawl space or basement are frequently caused by weak supporting soils beneath that cannot withstand the weight and pressure transferred through the house.

With soil density and moisture content changes, these weak soils can begin to settle and shift over time. The floor above can sag, and the house structure can weaken as the columns and beams move out of place.

Improperly spaced pier columns can also cause sagging floor joists and beams. When these beams are spaced too far apart, they can become overloaded, resulting in flexing and sagging. To eliminate these issues and evenly distribute the structure’s load, foundation jacks by HydroHelp911 are installed in Gastonia, NC.

The foundation stabilizer is a complementary support system that can be adjusted to accommodate sagging crawl spaces.

It can often lift failing floor joists or beams, restoring them to their original position, as well as providing supplemental support to your failing structure.

The HydroHelp911 foundation stabilization jack is available for installation in Gastonia, NC, and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of Foundation Jacks for Structural Repairs

In Gastonia, NC, HydroHelp911 recommends a foundation jack installation. This is because this system addresses the most likely issues causing sinking in your crawl space or basement. Nothing else can permanently lift and stabilize beams in your basement like this.

Consider the following advantages if you’re not sure why you should choose foundation jack installation.


This is a significant advantage of the foundation jack system over other existing alternatives. For example, if your home settles ahead or has increased settling issues, you can adjust the foundation jack system, which the concrete stabilizer does not allow you to do.

The foundation stabilization jack by HydroHelp911 is not only adjustable, but once adjusted, it will remain in that position. Therefore, the foundation jack system will ensure that your home receives the necessary support, even when it remains in its present condition or settles further in the future.


If you want your foundation system in Gastonia, NC, to lift back into place, foundation lifting jacks are essential. If your foundation has recently begun to sink significantly, you need a solution that can raise it high enough to restore it to its original position. Our foundation support system is tested and approved to the required level of quality and has a legal load capacity of more than 24,000 pounds per support jack. You don’t have to fret about whether or not your foundation floor jacks are equal to the challenge with this tremendous capacity.


How about if your foundation is built on shaky ground? Instead of relying on the loose soil you already have, you can replace it with a more robust option. You don’t have to worry about incompatible soil when you can rely on something even better, like foundation jacks with this highly designed fill.

This is significant because other solutions do not address the potential problem of weak soil. If you have a problem with soft soil, your foundation jacks must account for it. You’ll be better prepared to deal with the issue of settling due to poor foundational support if you use a weak soil remedy, HydroHelp911 foundation jack installation service in Gastonia, NC.

Structural Repair Services by HydroHelp911

During your free consultation, we’ll look closely at the structural issues your home is experiencing. Every house is diverse and has its own set of problems, which is why we create a personalized strategy for all of our customers. Here are some of the structural repair services HydroHelp911 offers in Gastonia, NC.


If the structure of your home requires additional support, we may need to double down on the joists, which means we will add sistering joists to the foundation structure. This solution improves the stability of your home and revives structural integrity that has been damaged by moisture.


If the basement or crawl space beams have been severely damaged, you will almost certainly need to replace them entirely to ensure the structure’s stability. You’ll notice floaty or porous floors if your beams are weak from severe damage. Those issues can be quickly resolved by replacing the beams.

Repairing and reinforcing the beams is one option for resolving this structural issue if the damage to the beams is not severe or if the beams can be easily accessed.


Heavily loaded galvanized steel jack posts, such as the HydroHelp911 foundation jacks, are the most durable and corrosion-resistant foundation structural supports available in Gastonia, NC.

The jack can support up to 50,000 pounds of weight and is easily adjustable to reinstate the structure and value. Each support has a base of engineered fill installed beneath it, and they can be installed without the need for supplemental shimming afterward.

Foundation stabilization jacks should ideally be installed in an encapsulated crawl space with a crawl space moisture barrier and dehumidifier.

See how Moisture Barrier Installation In Catawba, NC, is done.

Why Choose HydroHelp911

Because we want each team member to provide the best repair services in the area, we provide extensive training to our team of foundation repair experts.

In Gastonia, NC, HydroHelp911 provides expert structural and foundation repair, crawl space repair, and basement waterproofing services. Our priority is to assist you in maintaining a secure foundation and a safe home, which is why we equip you with the personalized assistance you deserve.

Contact HydroHelp911 for a free inspection in Gastonia, NC.


What Will the Cost of Structural Repair Be?

Several factors will determine the cost of structural or floor joist repair.

  • Repairs or replacements, whether partial or complete
  • What percentage of the structure needs to be repaired?
  • The nature of the repairs required.

We at HydroHelp911 want our clients to be confident in our pricing, which is why we offer no-obligation consultations and free inspection.

What are the advantages of installing HydroHelp911 foundation stabilization jacks?

The following are the advantages of using HydroHelp911 foundation jacks in Gastonia, NC:

  • Rapid, Year-Round installation — The HydroHelp911 foundation jack can be installed year-round and takes about a day to complete. There is no compulsion to wait for the cement to cure!
  • Better foundation support — Unlike traditional concrete repairs, our crawl space support system can withstand vertical loads of up to 50,000 pounds.
  • Installation versatility — Because the foundation jack is portable, it can be installed in even the smallest crawl spaces.
  • Outstanding support — Our support jacks do more than stop your floor from sagging. The HydroHelp911 foundation stabilization jack can also be adjusted to return the surface above to its original position.

How are the foundation jacks installed?

HydroHelp911 foundation jacks are adjustable metal beams that can be quickly and affordably installed in a foundation structure. To install a HydroHelp911 foundation jack, a hole must first be dug, and a solid base of engineered fill must be established beneath the jack’s location.

On top of the fill, a precast concrete base is placed, and the foundation jack is mounted. The system can be tightened and adjusted to secure the support and lift the floor beam above the installation.

Foundation jacks function by transferring a house’s load from the beams and directing it down into the existing soils. As a result, they are more robust, cleaner, and faster to install than concrete beams, and they are entirely compatible with crawl spaces encapsulation systems.

How can I avoid structural issues?

Even the best structural homes can develop structural issues as a result of moisture exposure. If the construction of your house is exposed to moisture, you’re likely to face trouble in the future that will cost you pain and a great deal of money. However, rather than waiting for a major crisis, you can take immediate action now to thwart structural issues.

Moisture can enter your home’s structure in a variety of ways, including:

  • Moisture is derived from humid air.
  • Moisture caused by flooding.
  • Moisture is derived from the earth.

The owner must get rid of these moisture sources first. Contact HydroHelp911 for basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation services in Gastonia, NC.

If you are Buying A House With Water In The Crawl Space? This Could Be A Bigger Issue Than You May Think!

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