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Excellent Crawl Space Jack Repair Solutions by HydroHelp911 for Residents of Charlotte, NC

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In the basement repair industry, crawl space jacks, differently known as Foundations Jacks, are excellent for bowing and bouncy decks.

A floor joist shows signs of condensation due to the pressure of the home – and too few support columns. Likewise, inadequate crawl space maintenance leads to sinking floors, uneven floors, and harm to your house.

Have you been notified of bouncy floors in your residence? If so, there is an excellent opportunity for your crawl space to be undergoing structural problems, letting it sink or sag in the middle. Crawl spaces experience basic sagging for three main reasons: support columns separated too far apart, rot-weakened beams, rafters, and posts, and columns declining due to weak soil or poor foundations.

At HydroHelp911, we concentrate on stabilizing sinking crawl spaces. We can fix the crawl space to ensure that your house is correctly stabilized while also continuing an encapsulation system to prevent mold and rot.


Crawl space jacks are used in homes with elevated foundations. In short, if there is a crawl space, you can use crawl space jacks.

Crawl space jacks are composed of 4 essential sections:

  1. Top plate
  2. Shaft with a threaded alloy rod
  3. Pipe
  4. Bottom plate

The top plate and pressure are lowered or cultivated via a nut joined to the spindle bar. The nut is manually directed with a wrench until the aspired height is accomplished.

If any extra settling/compaction needs to be addressed, these are easily adaptable and could even be fixed by the homeowner a year or two after fitting if any additional settling demands are to be marked. These bad guys can endure 40 thousand pounds each. The weight range is based on the 3.5″-pipe grade. In different words, crawl space jacks are not going to bow, snap or concave.

Crawl space jacks are usually installed with 3-man crews, and the entire process can take 1-2 days.


  1. We remove any loose trash that could hinder our work. We need clearance and clearance. To also take on a crawl space jack installation plan, we need 2 feet of assistance to ensure sufficient room to move.
  2. We serve the padded base by digging 18 inches X 18 inches extended and 12 inches underground.
  3. We load and compact the cavity with gravel and level it to fit the pad right beneath the beam.

The gravel disperses the weight uniformly into the soil. In extension, the pads themselves are one square foot – ergo, would focus the load on one square foot of earth without the stone.

  1. We mark the space between the precast pad and the girder beam and cast the 3.5″ pipe to measurement.
  2. We collectively fit all of the crawl space jack items and place the whole jack securely on the pad.
  3. We install all of the crawl space jacks before the significant lift. The jacks are typically aligned 6 feet independently and at girder beam portions. It’s essential to support important joints to maintain both sides of the girder beam and are level – not a level up or down.
  4. We elevate each jack slightly throughout the lift to ensure no single jack gets the bulk of the lift load. There usually are two workers in the crawl space manually extracting the crawl space jacks while a third craftsman is in the house monitoring floor levels with a zip level.

It’s necessary to note that the digging and fixing alone efficiently estimates 80% of the project time. Crawl spaces are minute and hard to move in. The restricted space adds time to the digging, removal of material, and leveling method.

Occasionally, push piers and helical piers may demand to be employed to address foundation settlement before placing the jacks. In addition, sometimes segments of rotten girder columns need to be replaced.


To be steady, and firm the floor over a crawl space needs solid mid-span support ordinarily provided by a post-and-beam arrangement. But beams are often tiny, and many contractors use temporary posts that can rot, shift and decline. When this appears, floor joists sag, and other structural difficulties transpire. HydroHelp911 has a foundation repair method that provides a permanent solution to these problems. In addition, our crawl space encapsulation system will give you a clean, dry area that won’t give you difficulties in the future.

We provide solid support for declining and undersized columns, restoring steadiness and straightness to sagging floor joists in a crawl space. Once installed in your crawl space, jack support can correct problems such as uneven and overly resilient floors, interior wall cracks, and out-of-level door wreaths. In addition, because of its composition, it can adjust over time to provide further straightening and equalizing procedures if necessary.


When you built your home, the main shaft originally rested on support pillars. Depending on the age of your house, these may be assembled of timber, masonry, steel, or cement. If your ground is sloping towards the core of your home, it symbolizes the beam itself is worsening, or the columns are. If a beam itself is decaying, a steel beam is employed to reconstruct it. If the columns are weak or decaying, steel adjustable floor jackscrews are used in their position.

Something to keep in mind if you possess a more ancestral home: the elements may still be in good shape in some instances, but the columns are aligned too far distant. Those homes weren’t erected when heavier items like pool tables or granite countertops were every day. If this is the situation, extra jacks are introduced to redistribute the weight load.


When a constructor installs floor jacks, they don’t directly raise the beam to its initial position. So while explaining floor joist: you hire a contractor to fix a problem, not produce a distinct one. Also, if the jackscrews are cranked up to the usually desired distance in one go, you are conforming to possess problems.

Strange as it may sound, timber has a memory. Cement is more brittle and cracks when it attempts to flex. But wood has some standard of flexibility: it can bow, twist, warp, or bend. Over time, your flooring formation has slowly narrowed and changed to adapt to the variations in your house. That floor will last being forced back up into an earlier position- and if it is pushed too far too soon, elements of it may crack or break.

Instead of trying to force your floor back into position, the jacks are instead used to lift it gradually. It’s the difference between nudging a shy child towards other children or shoving your brother into the pool. The first encourages something positive, like making a friend; the second is likely to cause significant negative results or even a fight- especially if he had his new cell phone in his pocket.


Wood leads to rot when it’s exposed to humid air and moistened dirt. In addition, it can cause the joists to reduce and shift the support it’s assumed to give to the subfloor. Therefore, you need to know how you built your home and how you’re going to fix the sagging floor joists.


An uneven floor can usually be just the origin of difficulties to occur with your house. However, if the reasons for the concerns with your floor joists are a moist crawl area, then you can demand more troubles to come.

When a crawl space isn’t sealed off correctly and shielded from moisture, it can degrade the floor joists, rot the timber, attract pests and bugs, and grow mold and bacteria.

If you’re contemplating selling your home, then it will hit your hip pocket harder. Dealers must reveal to potential buyers that the foundation of a home is weak, degraded, or has sagging decks. As a result, it can probably drop the value of your house by 20% if you’re looking to sell.

The advantages of our crawl space fundamental support jacks:


  • Carries loads of more than 60,000 lbs.
  • Protected steel for corrosion endurance
  • Installs in limited-access zones

To be well-built, reliable, and level, the floor over a crawl space needs solid mid-span care usually rendered by a post-and-beam adjustment. Sadly, beams are often small, and many constructors use wooden posts that can rot, downshift and decline. When this occurs, floor joists sag, and other fundamental problems arise.

Our decades of foundation crawl space jacks waterproofing knowledge enable us to quickly recognize issues and leak origins and discover precisely what needs to be done. We are a family-owned and administered company and are the recognized basement waterproofing, Crawl Space experts in Charlotte, NC. With the know-how, instruments, tools, and expert skill at our disposal will speedily complete your renovations.

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